5-Month-Old Pitbull – Find Yours!

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5-Month-Old Pitbull

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Nothing is more adorable than a Pitbull puppy! These wonderful dogs make for a loving, loyal, protective companion!

If you’re not sure where to find a Pitbull puppy, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we share information on where to find Pitbull puppies that are five months old and what you can expect from a puppy of this age! Let’s get started!

What is a Pitbull?

The Pitbull dog is a combination of different dog breeds, including various bulldog and terrier breeds. Their ancestry goes all the way back to England, Scotland, and Ireland, where they were originally used to fight large animals. This practice has long been banned, fortunately!

The AKC has not recognized this dog breed; however, Pitbulls are recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club) and the American Dog Breeders Association. But to people who love these dogs, it really doesn’t matter if their breed is recognized or not. Pet parents who love their Pitties enjoy all the characteristics that come with the breed.

Who Makes the Best Pet Parent for a Pitbull?

Pitbull dogs make lovely companions and family dogs. They are known to be good with kids and enjoy being part of an active family. However, these dogs are very energetic and need plenty of exercise to get rid of excess energy. They also require training and socialization from a young age.

These dogs are not the best for first-time pet parents who don’t understand how to handle this type of dog.

Where to Buy a Pitbull Puppy

Next, you’ll want to know where you can find your Pitbull puppy! There are two ways to go—you can either adopt a puppy directly from a reputable breeder or choose to adopt your puppy from a rescue.

Fining a Reputable Pitbull Breeder

It’s essential to do your research to find a reputable Pitbull breeder. There are so many breeders that run puppy mills, and these need to be avoided. Breeders of this type don’t really care about their dogs. The dogs are usually not in good health or have been bred using poor breeding practices and more. So, watch out for anyone selling Pitbull puppies without papers and/or selling the puppies for low prices.

One of the best ways to find a reputable breeder is to ask family, friends, and colleagues. They may know of a good Pitbull puppy breeder known for selling healthy, beautiful puppies. You can also find breeders through the AKC’s site who follow strict practices. The AKC filters the breeders featured on their site.

How Much Does a Pitbull Puppy Cost?

A Pitbull puppy bought from a reputable breeder may cost between $2100 and $21,000. These are puppies that come from established pedigreed lines. You may also find Pitbull puppies between $810 and $1,100.

The puppies are very expensive for a number of reasons. For example, female dogs are usually more expensive because they may be bred to raise puppies. Male dogs that are marked for being studs will also cost more.

In addition, the physical characteristics of the dogs may have some bearing on the cost. For instance, a Rednose Pitbull will cost more, as they are rare. And puppies tend to cost less than adults. What’s more, if you want papers, that will also cost more. Reputable breeders also make sure their puppies have received all necessary vaccinations and medical care.

All of this means a breeder will charge more. However, you can definitely find Pitbull puppies at a rescue, too! These dogs need to find their fur-ever homes and deserve to have a loving family! However, keep in mind that you may not know much about the puppy’s background or whether he may develop health issues common to the breed later in life. Still, these dogs and puppies need loving care and pet parents. They can also make wonderful companion dogs!

How to Care for a Five-Month-Old Pitbull Puppy

Your Pitbull puppy will need to be trained and socialized from a young age. If you adopted your fur baby from a breeder, they would have probably started the process. However, it’s imperative to keep the training going forward. It must also be consistent. Puppis of this age are very receptive to learning commands and training.

Pitbull puppies thrive under the positive reinforcement method of training. Never use negative training methods with your puppy. These dogs are very sensitive and require proper handling and training methods. You don’t want your Pittie to develop negative feelings towards you.

Pittie Puppies Require Plenty of Exercise

Your Pittie puppy will need a ton of exercise. This is because they’re filled to overflowing with energy! With a puppy, however, you want to avoid giving him too much exercise. Too much of the wrong exercise could damage the puppies’ growing muscles and ligaments. For this age, experts recommend walking the puppy twice a day. You can also let them run in open spaces, such as your backyard. Your fur baby will love learning how to play fetch and other games, too!

Feeding Your Pitbull Puppy

Experts recommend feeding the five-month-old Pitbull puppy about five small meals a day. Each serving should be about half a cup of dog food. They also recommend using puppy food made especially for large breed puppies. Look for meat as the first ingredient on the label.

Dry kibble is highly recommended for these dogs, as it keeps their breath & teeth clean, helps prevent gum disease, plaque buildup, and tooth decay.

Avoid leaving your puppy’s food out all the time. This can lead to overeating and the puppy becoming obese. What’s more, the food may sit and attract bugs, and more. It’s also essential to keep track of how much your puppy is eating at each meal. You can track his weight, too, to make sure he’s getting plenty to eat.

If you’re not sure which dog food is best for your puppy, then reach out to the breeder or your vet. They will have the best guidance on how to feed your fur baby best!

Summing It Up

Deciding to adopt a Pitbull puppy means a lot of research into the breed and finding the right place to adopt your fur baby. It’s possible to find puppies from a reputable breeder or a rescue!

The main thing to keep in mind with your Pitbull puppy is that he needs plenty of love. He also needs the right food, exercise, and consistent, positive training. Your puppy will develop into a beautiful, healthy, socialized adult Pitbull companion with all of this care!


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