5-Month-Old Great Dane – Find yours!

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5-Month-Old Great Dane

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Are you considering adopting a five-month-old Great Dane but aren’t sure where to look? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some information about this dog breed and where you can adopt the perfect puppy for your family!

What is a Great Dane?

Most people are familiar with Great Danes! These are one of the largest dog breeds around. You can even say they are giants among canines! Despite their huge size, Great Danes are loving, sweet dogs who are very gentle. They’re also highly intelligent dogs.

Not many people realize that Great Danes were originally bred to be working dogs. They were bred as hunting companions and later as guard dogs. Great Danes were originally bred from Mastiff-type dogs. Through breeding, this dog breed is more sleek and elegant than their Mastiff ancestors. They’re very athletic and muscular.

Because of their large size, Great Danes require a large home and a large fenced backyard. Think of a dog this size in a small home or apartment. One wag of his tail sends everything flying in all directions! What’s more, they can be great watchdogs because of their large size and very large bark!

Great Danes are gentle and loving; they make wonderful companions for kids. However, these dogs still require positive reinforcement training and socialization from a young age. They do very well with obedience training, which also provides them with plenty of mental stimulation.

A male adult Great Dane may stand between 30 to 34 inches tall and weigh between 110 and 200 lbs when it comes to size. On the other hand, a female may stand between 28 to 32 inches tall and weigh between 100 to 130 lbs. These dogs are large!

Where to Adopt a Great Dane Five-Month-Old Puppy?

When it comes to adopting your Great Dane puppy, there are a couple of options. First, you can adopt your puppy directly from a breeder. Another option is to adopt your puppy from a shelter.

If you choose to adopt from a breeder, there are some things to keep in mind. It’s best to find a reputable breeder rather than getting your dog from a puppy mill. Dogs raised in puppy mills tend to have shorter lives and many health problems. The dogs are usually kept in dirty, crowded cages and are not provided with the proper training or socialization.

On the other hand, a reputable breeder truly loves their dogs. The breeder will choose the best parents to breed, resulting in healthy, happy puppies. Moreover, breeders also ensure their puppies and dogs receive the medical care they may need, along with all their vaccinations. Puppies are also trained and socialized from a young age, making them better fur babies for families.

You can also adopt your Great Dane puppy from a shelter or rescue. If possible, look for rescues that are devoted to the Great Dane breed. If that’s not possible, then find a shelter that provides a clean place for the puppies to live, plenty of attention and socialization, and all the medical care that may be necessary.

How Much Does a Great Dane Puppy Cost?

The cost of adopting a Great Dane Puppy varies depending on where you adopt them. For instance, if you adopt from a breeder, the puppy may cost between $600 to $3000. This cost may increase if you’re buying a pedigreed puppy. And if you want a show dog, then expect to pay quite a bit more.

When it comes to adopting from a rescue, your Great Dane puppy may cost anywhere from $100 or more. The price varies depending on where you live.

What to Expect from a Five-Month-Old Great Dane?

Great Dane puppies take quite a bit of care. They require plenty of supervision, consistent training and do better on a routine.

Great Dane puppies also need a lot of exercise. While they’re not as active as a herding dog breed, they still need exercise to stay healthy and strong. Your puppy should not have strenuous exercise. This is a time of great growth when too much exercise could put too much pressure on growing bones, muscles, and ligaments. Puppies of this age do best with a couple of 20-30 minute walks a day. They also benefit from gentle playtimes, which also provide the mental stimulation they need.

As your puppy grows up, he will require more exercise. However, it’s best to keep him from rough playing or jumping. Dogs of this age are also not suited for agility training.

Training Great Dane Puppies

You may want to consider enrolling you and your Great Dane puppy into obedience training classes. Not only will your fur baby learn commands, but he will also learn how to socialize with other humans and dogs.

Great Danes are sensitive dogs who respond best to positive reinforcement training and lots of praise!

Grooming a Great Dane Puppy

Your Great Dane puppy will require regular brushing to maintain his coat. And when it comes to bathing, you may want to consider taking your fur baby to a professional groomer.

The groomer should have experience with Great Danes and understand how to handle the dogs.

What to Feed a Great Dane Puppy?

A Great Dane puppy who is five months old will be weaned already. You’ll need to find a dog food that’s high in protein and made especially for large breed puppies. Also, the puppy will need a dog food that’s high in protein. So, look for dog food labels that list meat as the first ingredient.

Puppies also require large amounts of calcium. Great Danes’ bones grow fast at this age and require plenty of calcium for proper bone formation.

Great Dane puppies do well on dry kibble or wet food. Another option is to mix kibble with wet food to provide your puppy with more variety.

If you’re not sure which food is best for your puppy, contact the breeder or vet. They will have the best guidance and recommendations on the right dog food for your fur baby!

Summing It Up

Great Danes can make wonderful companions! There are various places to find a Great Dane puppy, such as a reputable breeder or a dog rescue specializing in Great Danes.

No matter where your puppy comes from, we’re sure you will have a loving, gentle giant companion for several years!

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