5-Month-Old German Shepherd – Find yours!

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5-Month-Old German Shepherd

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Are you considering adopting a German Shepherd puppy, but you aren’t sure where to look? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some information on the best place to buy a German Shepherd puppy and some of what you can expect as your puppy grows. Let’s get started!

What is a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd dog breed, also known as the Alsatian, is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. These dogs have been working dogs, with some still working today. German Shepherds have been used as guide dogs for the blind, used in police & military work, for visiting the sick, and even as shepherds for herding cattle! While they were originally bred to be working dogs, some German Shepherds are raised to be companion dogs.

These are high-energy dogs who need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Without these things, German Shepherds tend to become bored and frustrated easily. If this happens, a German Shepherd may relieve his boredom by barking too much and chewing everything in sight!

Because they tend to have a suspicious nature, German Shepherds are great watchdogs. However, if properly socialized, these dogs can be friendly with their human friends and relatives!

Where Can You Find a Five-Month-Old German Shepherd Puppy?

One of the best places to adopt a German Shepherd puppy is directly from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder, first of all, is a person who truly has a passion and love for his dogs and the breed. A breeder will care for their dogs’ health and temperament, especially if the puppies are raised to be companion dogs.

When you find a breeder, there are some things to consider. First, avoid any breeder who seems more concerned about their dogs’ size, rarity, or color. These may not be reputable breeders. Next, expect the breeder to ask you a ton of questions!

Because they care so much about their dogs, a reputable breeder will ask questions about you, your family, your home, and more. You can also be ready to ask questions from the breeder. We’ve put together a list of questions you should consider asking:

Be sure to use your gut when visiting a breeder. Look out for anything that doesn’t seem right; the place is a mess, the dogs are in poor condition, and more. If anything doesn’t seem right, then leave right away.

If you’re not looking to adopt a puppy from a breeder, then you may want to consider getting your puppy from a pet rescue. Keep in mind that you may not know the age of your puppy for certain. It’s also not always possible to determine a puppy’s health issues until they appear later. Even so, these little darlings deserve a fur-ever home, just like any dog! They can make wonderful companions for you and your family.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

If buying from a breeder, expect your German Shepherd puppy to be expensive. They can cost anywhere from $800 (without papers) all the way up to $3,000 for pedigreed dogs.

One note, if you find a breeder who can’t offer papers, then you may want to reconsider getting that puppy. The reason is that the puppy may be from a puppy mill and could develop some severe health issues in the future.

What to Feed a German Shepherd Puppy?

Between 4-6 months of age, a German Shepherd puppy may require about 3 cups of food a day. Look for commercially prepared puppy food that’s specially made for large breed puppies. These foods contain the high levels of protein large, active breed puppies require.

You can choose to feed your puppy dried kibble or wet food. And remember always to leave plenty of fresh water for your fur baby to drink!

If you’re not sure how much to feed your German Shepherd puppy, it’s a good idea to call the breeder or the vet. Either of them will be qualified to tell you how much and what foods your puppy needs to grow strong and healthy!

What to Expect of a Five-Month-Old German Shepherd Puppy

At this age, your German Shepherd puppy will be growing and very active! They’re extremely curious about their surroundings and love to explore. For this reason, your puppy will need obedience training to help them learn how to behave.

German Shepherd puppies at this stage are learning to become more independent. They are also developing stronger personalities at this age. In addition, the puppy may become pushier with other dogs. Finally, as they enter puberty, you’ll see behavioral changes related to their sex hormones.

This is why the puppies need consistent, positive reinforcement training. The key is to be consistent and positive. What’s more, it’s essential to meet your puppy’s exercise needs. Exercise may include a combination of walking, running, and playing. But always remember to make your fur baby behave.

Your puppy will also be teething at this time and exploring his new world—through his mouth! So, be sure to give your puppy plenty of chew toys, or he may just go after your favorite shoes, pillows, blankets, and even the woodwork!

Summing It Up

German Shepherd puppies are one of the cutest around! With the right care and diet, you’re sure to have a healthy, happy little pup! You’ll have a wonderful companion for many years to come!

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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