Miniature Golden Retriever Owner’s Guide

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Have you always loved Golden Retrievers but wished they were a smaller pooch? Well, there have been many people that have felt this way. Indeed, there are a lot of hybrid and altered dog breeds out there. The Miniature Golden Retriever is one of them!

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Before you think about bringing this adorable pooch into your family, it is best to find out more about their personality. This way, you can ensure they are the best canine for your lifestyle. So, let’s learn more about this beloved companion.

What Does the Miniature Golden Retriever Look Like?

First of all, let’s take a look at how the Miniature Golden Retriever was created. It all started by mixing the Golden Retriever with a smaller pooch. Often, this is with a Cocker Spaniel or a Miniature Poodle. This had made them a popular breed with families up and down the country. They are often referred to as a designer dog. They mostly look like a Golden Retriever with their long fur but they appear smaller in size. They can measure up to 15 inches in height and weigh around 20 to 55 pounds. This is all going to depend on the breeder of your Miniature Golden Retriever, many also breed another Golden Retriever mix.

Do They Have a Good Temperament?

Generally, no matter what breeds are combined, the Miniature Golden Retriever will have a good temperament for a family. They are friendly and loving, showing affection and loyalty to their pack. They are also easy going and intelligent, which means that they can be good to train and teach commands. When you choose a Miniature Golden Retriever, you are going to enjoy having a friend for life.

In addition, the Miniature Golden Retriever is generally going to be sociable and good with other dogs. Check out Breed Expert for more information. But this does not mean that you should take this for granted. Instead, you should make sure that you socialize your pooch from a young age. This is going to ensure that they are happy and confident around other dogs. For example, they can go to doggy daycare and have fun at the dog park.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

No matter whether the Golden Retriever is mixed with the Cocker Spaniel or Poodle, they are going to have high energy and look for a lot of exercise during the day. In particular, you can expect Cocker Spaniel crosses to be on the go from the start of the day until the end. This means that you will have to think about your lifestyle and whether this is going to work for you. This furry friend is going to be best for those that enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures regularly. From hiking and running to trips to the park, you will have a great companion in the Miniature Golden Retriever.

One thing to know is that the Miniature Golden Retriever can have a high hunting drive. This does mean that they might chase an animal if they see one. You will have to work on off-leash training and recall commands before letting your Miniature Golden Retriever on their own. This is going to ensure that you do not lose your pup and they do not catch any prey.

Do They Require a lot of Grooming?

There is going to be some grooming to be expected with the Miniature Golden Retriever. Their fur can grow quite long and this means that you will have to brush it on a regular basis. This is going to keep the coat shiny and healthy, as well as avoiding tangling and matting that can look bad and be uncomfortable for your furry friend. The coat can be curled, wavy or smooth depending on the combination of breeds. Their coat might also need trimmed and baths monthly are recommended.

You can expect the coat of your Miniature Golden Retriever to shed seasonally. This does mean that there will be some fur left in your home that you need to vacuum. There are some Miniature Golden Retrievers that might be hypoallergenic depending on the crossbreed. You will have to ask the breeder to ensure that this is the case. Otherwise, they have a lot of fur that can aggravate allergies.

How Do I Find a Miniature Golden Retriever?

If you have decided that you want to adopt a Miniature Golden Retriever, you will want to know where you can find this pooch. First of all, check out your local animal shelters to see if they have any Miniature Golden Retrievers that you can adopt. There are lots of canines that are looking for their forever home. The advantage of going down this route is that you can have a pup that is already housebroken, socialized and knows some basic commands. Plus, you can help every dog find the home that they deserve.

Another option is to research charities and rescue centers online. They may be able to find you a Miniature Golden Retriever. There could be owners that are trying to get their pooch re-homed. You may have to travel across the country for your furry friend, but this is another rewarding way to find yourself a dog.

The last option that you have is to contact a breeder that offers Miniature Golden Retrievers. You will be able to get a puppy and train them from when they are young. But it is not as easy as you think. You are going to have to do a lot of research to ensure that you choose the right breeder. One of the most important things to look into when you are buying a Miniature Golden Retriever from a breeder is their health testing. This is going to make sure that your furry friend is healthy and happy, without any underlying conditions or problems that you need to be aware of. Always ask for full health tests prior to buying a Miniature Golden Retriever. You need to know if there is a family history of any diseases that you should be aware of.

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