How to Choose Natural Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats for Your Pet’s Oral Health

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Cleaning your canine’s teeth might not be the first thing you think. But their oral health is equally important to ours, right? Fortunately, we can brush our teeth daily, but they can’t. Many pet pooches suffer from teeth and gum issues. Around 80% of them. Even if you thoroughly examine your dog’s teeth, you might notice some plaque buildup.
How to Choose Natural Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats for Your Pet's Oral Health

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Ignoring their dirty teeth can result in serious oral health issues you’ll want to avoid. Understandably, canines don’t welcome toothbrushes every time, so why not utilize some dog teeth cleaning treats? Here are some natural ways you can clean your dog’s teeth.

Bones Are Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats

Bones will clean your dog’s teeth just like a nice toy. Large, uncooked bones are the best to offer your canine. A cooked or small bone will likely break or splinter, become lodged in your dog’s mouth, or be attempted to be swallowed whole. When your dog is chewing on a bone, keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn’t break off any pieces. Raw bones are an excellent option to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Even if you don’t want to offer your dog a raw bone, you can consider offering your pet dog teeth cleaning bones. These bones are made with teeth cleaning ingredients.

Serve Fruits and Vegetables as Snacks

Fresh fruits and vegetables also work as dog teeth cleaning treats. You might not have offered your dog some, but most dogs like carrots, apples, chunks of squash, or pumpkin, and the greatest part is that these foods won’t stick to your dog’s teeth. Apples, carrots, and celery are examples of crisp fruits and raw vegetables that help to clean plaque from teeth and improve breath. Antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C, which are abundant in many fruits and vegetables, help shield gums and other tissues from bacterial infection and cell deterioration. Ensure to give these dog teeth cleaning treats in a limit to control your pet’s calorie intake.

Add Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a delicious and all-natural toothpaste that you can use to brush your dog’s teeth because it is packed with antimicrobial characteristics. Coconut oil can be used to battle gum disease, prevent tooth decay, and whiten teeth. With its numerous antimicrobial characteristics, apple cider vinegar is another excellent option. Apple cider vinegar, like coconut oil, assists in eradicating bacteria and preventing plaque. It balances your dog’s entire oral health with its rich mixture of nutrients and minerals. You can add a few drops of coconut oil or vinegar to your dog’s drinking water to improve their oral health.

Get Your Dog Some Natural Chews 

Natural chews are another good approach to cleaning your dog’s teeth, similar to raw bones. Chews like trachea, tendons, and dehydrated beef bully sticks are excellent ways to give your dog tasty natural dog teeth cleaning treats while keeping their teeth clean. These natural treats work to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth as they chew since they are tough and sturdy. These chews that have been dehydrated not only taste great and clean your dog’s teeth but are also loaded with health advantages. These dog teeth cleaning treats are the ideal all-around snacks for your pet because they are high in protein, low in chemicals, and simple to digest.

How to Choose Natural Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats for Your Pet's Oral Health

Chicken Feet 

Chicken’s feet are air-dried, making them completely safe for our canine friends and suitable for dogs of all types and sizes. Chicken feet can be served regularly to help keep those teeth looking white and dazzling. They’re great for maintaining good gum health and removing plaque particles as they munch and crunch their way through these delectable morsels. These sturdy chews are wonderful for removing plaque from teeth, and the thin points work similarly to dental floss to clean in between the gums, making them the ideal natural dog teeth cleaning treats for dogs who want a meaty snack. Chicken feet are great for both kibble and raw-fed dogs.

How to Get Rid Of Plaque and Tartar? 

Preventive measures are the greatest way to ensure your pet’s oral health. Similarly, it’s also important to take measures once the plaque and tartar are formed. Each of the natural dog teeth cleaning treats mentioned above is a great approach to avoiding and getting rid of plaque. Frequent brushing with coconut oil or doggy toothpaste also helps remove plaque. On the other hand, tartar is more difficult. However, if you regularly remove plaque from your dog’s teeth, tartar formation is avoidable. If you’re still too late, you should visit a professional veterinarian to examine your dog’s oral conditions.


These were the natural ways to maintain the oral health of your dog. But there’s much more to learn, such as their nutrient requirements, behavioral development, good canine manners, and many more. Things may become overwhelming for new pet parents. So, need some guidance? Visit the website of Helping Fido; we work to help pet parents build strong connections with their dogs. The information we provide can help you keep your dog with complete love and affection.

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