How to Pick the Best Dog Car Hammock for Your Pet?

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dog car hammock

Every dog owner with a car has at least once considered buying a dog hammock car seat cover. But finding the best among thousands market offers is not an easy task! Different prices, sizes, designs… How can you understand which one to choose?

In this article we will tell you what features of a dog hammock you should pay great attention to, and how to choose the best dog seat cover among highly rated brands.

What to Look Out for in a Dog Car Hammock

Sellers highlight many attractive features of their product that can easily shift your focus. But there are a few really important things that define a high quality dog car hammock that won’t disappoint. So let’s look into them!

Point 1. Safety of use

Whether you drive an Audi, Tesla or Toyota, safety always comes first. And the best dog seat cover must keep your pet 100% safe on the road.

First of all, make sure that the cover fits your car seats (it shouldn’t be too large or too small) and has special holes for attaching a car seat belt. If there are no holes and you can’t secure your dog with a safety belt, this car seat cover dog hammock is simply dangerous to use!

Don’t be fooled by sellers that their auto pet cover will keep your dog secured even without a seat belt. Also, some sellers recommend simply attaching a belt or leash to your seat headrest. It doesn’t work – they’re just trying to sell you an unsafe, poorly made dog hammock.

Then pay attention to the fastening straps and furniture. Based on experience and crash test results, the best material for straps is nylon, and the most durable hardware is metal. These details may be overlooked when you’re choosing a car seat cover dog hammock, but are really important to your pet‘s safety.

Another feature that is worth your attention will be a non-slip layer on the back. It additionally fixes your dog hammock to the seat to avoid slipping and shifting while in transport. Especially useful for leather car seats.

Point 2. Real protection level

The best back seat dog cover protects your car interior from dirt, scratches, and dog hair. But does the cover you’re interested in really have a good protection level?

To choose a durable, protective dog hammock, consider the fabrics and layers. The best material for dog seat covers is nylon or 600D Oxford cloth. Oxford fabric also has a less density – 210D or 420D – but we recommend choosing the highest density. Then your dog car hammock will have better waterproof properties, dirt and damage resistance.

A good pet cover has at least three layers, but the best dog seat cover is five to six layers, like this dog seat cover from Owleys. Single- and double-layer dog hammocks, even if they are called premium, cannot be 100% waterproof and tear-resistant. Especially if you have an active dog or a growing puppy.

Also, take into account if the dog hammock car seat cover has side walls to protect your car doors. Many dogs like to stand in front of the window on their hind legs – so it’s good if the side walls are extra thickened.

Point 3. Ease of use

No matter how pretty and durable a dog hammock is, it still needs to be set up in your car and then cleaned after a few rides. And you will be the one to deal with it all! So keep in mind that the very best dog car seat cover is simple and convenient to use – from how to install it to how to wash it.

Pay attention to the washing method suitable for this dog hammock car seat cover. It is convenient if it’s suitable for machine washing and drying. And it’s even more convenient, this dog hammock can be washed directly in the car with just a damp cloth and a portable vacuum cleaner (or a lint roller). Believe us, this will save you a lot of time!

Check the installation manual or video instruction. You don’t want to suffer for half an hour, trying to figure out the instructions and straps, don’t you? The simpler the setup process, the better this pet cover is.

Best Rated Dog Car Hammock Buying Guide

When looking for a dog hammock based on user reviews, it’s easy to get deceived and end up buying a poor-quality rag. There are many well-rated car accessories brands as well as highly advertised sellers, but how do you know which one to choose?

Taking into account all the points listed in the article, we have compiled them into a short, yet useful buying guide that will help you choose the best back seat dog cover among highly rated ones.

Keep in mind these 10 key questions when choosing a car seat cover dog hammock:

  1. Does this pet cover fit my car seats?
  2. Does it have holes to secure my dog with a safety belt?
  3. What material are the fastening straps made from?
  4. What material is the hardware made from?
  5. Does it have a non-slip bottom layer?
  6. What main fabric was used for this dog hammock?
  7. How many layers does this dog hammock have?
  8. Does it have protective side walls?
  9. How do I wash this dog hammock?
  10. How do I install this dog hammock?

So, to choose the best dog hammock, pay attention to the following important points: safety for on the road, materials used, layer design, ease of installation and cleaning. It’s great if the hammock also has a non-slip bottom and side walls to protect car doors. Don’t let the seller fool you into buying a seat cover that is simply dangerous to use. Don’t believe all the positive reviews – stick to our guide to properly check all the features. And then you can easily get the best dog car hammock that will give you and your doggie many happy trips!

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