Decor Ideas for Bearded Dragon

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Decor Ideas for Bearded Dragon

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Are you considering adopting a bearded dragon? If so, then you’ll need to consider the type of habitat he lives in. It will also be necessary and fun to come up with some great ideas for the décor of your beardie’s home!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the importance of adding some décor to your bearded dragon’s tank, as well as provide some ideas on safe items to use in the enclosure. Let’s get started!

Bearded Dragon’s Décor & Style

When it comes to décor and style, each person has their own ideas on what’s attractive or not. The same applies to a bearded dragon’s tank. Some people may prefer to have a more natural environment, while others want something to match their home’s décor. Each person is different, and that’s OK.

Even so, there are still several things to keep in mind when decorating your beardie’s tank:

Decorations will make your beardie’s home more attractive, but they should also be geared to your dragon’s wellbeing. This means decorations should also provide mental stimulation and exercise, both of which will keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy.

This is one area that eludes many people. Do lizards really need toys and enrichment to be happy and healthy? The simple answer is yes.

Environmental Enrichment for Beardies is Essential

Enriching your beardie’s environment is just as essential as giving him the right environment and food every day. Reptiles are different than other animals in this respect, yet many people believe lizards are just dumb animals. That’s just not the case.

Zoos, in recent years, have come to understand the need to provide enriching décor and activities for the animals in their care, including reptiles.

Enrichment means your beardie will have something to do, more choice of where to go, and more. Not only will he be more active, but he’ll also have enough space to behave as he would in his natural environment. This means lounging on rocks, climbing branches, and more.

Studies have shown that enrichment also helps reduce stress levels and anxiety in reptiles. They can cope better, for instance, when they have comfortable places to hide or climb. Not only that, but enrichment décor has also been shown to improve a reptile’s immunity.

These are the reasons to carefully choose what décor to choose for your bearded dragon’s environment. The décor should be more geared to his needs rather than your tastes. However, in most cases, you can satisfy both without too much trouble.

Décor Ideas for Your Beardie!

In this section, we’ll go over a few ideas on what to include in your bearded dragon’s tank! Let’s get started!

1). Basking Log or Rock

This is something you’ll have to have in order to have a happy and healthy beardie! They love to bask somewhere in the tank.

You might try these basking logs and rocks:

Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge: this is a resin ledge and cave that could be a great addition to your beardie’s home. It offers a place to hide, climb, and bask—all in one piece! What’s more, this ledge comes in different sizes, so you can get the right size for your reptile baby.

Aqua KT Reptile Corner Branch Terrarium Plant Decoration: this is a resin branch decorated with fake plants, which suction cups to the enclosure’s glass wall. The branch looks quite real and provides a place to bask and climb.

2). Hiding Place

Your beardie will probably love a place to get away from it all. This could be a cave or a burrow. Make sure to choose a cave or den that’s large enough to fit your bearded dragon comfortably. Here are a couple of ideas that may work for your beardie:

Exo Terra Gecko Cave for Reptiles: here’s a cave den that comes in three different sizes. It’s a great place for your bearded dragon to get away when he wants to. Not only that, but he can also bask on top of the den when he’s happy to be out!

Popetop Reptile Hide: here’s another option to consider—it’s a reptile den where your beardie can feel comfortable. It can easily be used for bearded dragons, and it’s easy to clean. Your beardie can also use it for basking.

3). Hammocks for Lizards

Here’s something unique for lizards—a hammock! Bearded dragons somehow seem to love hammocks! These can be placed higher in the tank, which means your beardie will get some exercise when before he can rest in the hammock. They’re also a great place for bearded dragons to hang out and cool off if they become too warm.

Here’s a hammock you may want to consider:

Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock Reptile Lounger: this hammock is made of seaweed, which is very soft and yet sturdy. The woven hammock has a rough texture, which is perfect for when beardies need to scratch. The hammock includes suction cups, which easily adhere to the tank’s glass walls.

Other Décor Ideas

Here are some other ideas on décor items you might consider for your beardie’s tank!

Flagstone: this is a natural rock that can be used to create basking spots, caves, and more in the tank. The rough texture of these stones is great for keeping a beardie’s nails from growing too long. However, be careful with flagstones. They’re heavy, and if they fall over, they can crush your beardie.

Live plants: this is another option that’s great for decorating your bearded dragon’s tank. Live plants may try to eat green things, so be sure to only use plants that are safe for them. These include:

Note: if you’re not certain a plant is safe for your bearded dragon, then check with the breeder or the vet. Avoid anything that is toxic to your beardie.

So, there you have it. We hope these ideas will inspire you with ways to decorate your bearded dragon’s tank! Remember to include those items which can act as both décor and a source of enrichment. Then you’ll have a very happy and healthy beardie!

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