Costs to Consider Before Welcoming a Pet Into Your Home

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We’re a nation of animal lovers, so it makes sense for many people in housing situations with pets permitted to consider adopting a new furry friend. You have something to love who will love you unconditionally in return, and you can enjoy having them excited to see you after a long day at work.

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Despite all the perks associated with pet ownership, there are also a few costs to be aware of outside of their adoption fee or purchase price and food. Learning about pet expenses can ensure you make a well-informed decision about whether now is the right time to welcome a pet into your family.

Costs to Consider Before Welcoming a Pet Into Your Home

Vet Bills

Vet bills can be expensive, whether you’re taking your pet for a checkup, vaccinations, or a health concern. You can also face vet bills costing thousands of dollars if your pet is severely unwell or injured.

These potential costs are something to keep in mind when you adopt or buy a new puppy or kitten. Fortunately, you might be able to limit their financial impact by purchasing a pet insurance policy. You can visit comparison sites like to learn more about all the available policy providers to ensure you get the best deal.


Some new pet owners have the time, patience, and knowledge to train their dogs by themselves. Before long, their freshly adopted puppy can sit, stay, and come when called and is well-socialized to ensure a well-rounded temperament.

However, dog training is not something every new pet parent is comfortable or confident doing on their own. As a result, a dog training business can be a cost you must account for. Puppy training schools can cost several hundred dollars, depending on how long they run for and how highly regarded the facility is.

Professional training is undoubtedly worth the cost, but it’s important to factor it into your budget if you plan to welcome a new puppy into your home.

Toys and Enrichment

Toys and enrichment activities might seem like a waste of money when you plan on spending a great deal of time with your new pet. If you’ve adopted a dog, you can take them swimming, walking, hiking, and for rides in the car to exciting destinations.

If you have a cat, you might think they’re content with roaming the neighborhood and sleeping. However, toys and enrichment activities can be important for pets. Dogs can learn to be independent with toys while developing new skills like playing, exploring, and foraging.

Even cats can benefit from something fun to play with. Studies have found that food puzzles can have health and behavioral benefits. Consider factoring toys and enrichment activities into your budget when you decide to welcome a pet into your home. Fortunately, many toys and activities are reasonably affordable for most pet owners.


Traveling with pets can be tricky. Many accommodation providers don’t welcome cats and dogs with open arms. Some pets also don’t travel well. In such situations, booking your pets into kennels and catteries or hiring a pet sitter can be crucial. You can then go on vacation with peace of mind, knowing your pets are in safe hands.

However, both pet sitters and boarding facilities can cost money. Consider how much you travel and how often you’ll need to rely on these services. You’ll then have a rough idea of how much pet ownership can cost on top of their everyday needs.

Bedding and Shelter

Shelter is one of the necessities of life for pets. Both indoor and outdoor dogs need somewhere to escape from the elements. Having comfortable and warm bedding is also a plus. Make sure you factor these costs into your pet ownership budget. You might like to purchase your dog a kennel and a run for outside use or a crate for inside use. Blankets and bedding for both cats and dogs can also be required.


While many breeds don’t require regular grooming to look at their best, some cats and dogs do. Long-haired breeds often require frequent trimming to ensure better hygiene, reduce the risk of fleas and ear infections, and remove matts.

Grooming by professionals can often be something pet parents have to factor into their everyday budget, especially as this is an ongoing, regular expense.

There’s more to pet ownership than food and their initial purchase cost. There can often be many extra costs to consider. By being aware of those above, you might find it much easier to plan your finances before welcoming a new cat or dog into your family.

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