Top 10 Best Rat Cages

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Are you going to adopt a domesticated rat? Then you’ll need to make sure to have the best house for him! If you’re not sure what type of housing a rat needs, then you’ve come to the right place.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the cage requirements for a rat, and then we’ll share a list of the best rat cages around! Let’s get started!

What’s the Best Type of Cage for a Rat?

Rats make wonderful, fun pets! They’re easy to tame and play with, and they also have their personalities, much like dogs and cats do. And when it comes to taking care of a rat, they’re usually easier than taking care of larger pets.

Before bringing your rat home, it’s essential to have his cage all set up ready for him to move in. So, the first thing to understand about a rat is that they need plenty of space. They need large cages. This way, they have enough space to climb, dig, run, sleep, and even forage for their food. These are all normal rat behaviors, which your rat will want to do in his new cage.

The minimum size cage for one or two rats is 29” x 15” x 18”. Keep in mind this is the minimum size required. Your rat will be far happier in a larger cage, especially if they’re living with a roomie.

Another consideration is how easy the cage is to clean. It’s necessary to clean out your rat’s cage at least once a week. So, you’ll need to find a cage that has large doors, so you can easily clean inside and reach all areas of the cage.

And be sure to avoid wooden cages. The reason is that rats’ teeth are constantly growing, which means they have to chew in order to keep their teeth from getting too long. Rats will chew through almost anything you can imagine, including wood. So, avoid wooden rat cages to keep your rats safe.

Be sure to stay away from cages that are glass or plastic. The problem with these cages is that they don’t allow enough ventilation for the rats and easily overheat. The best cages are made of metal bars. However, a glass or plastic tank with a metal wire topper may provide enough ventilation for the rat.

Top 10 Best Cages for Rats

Now, let’s get on with our list of the best cages for rats!

1). Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Size: 36” x 24” x 63”

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage is a large cage that provides three floors for your rat to roam! The cage comes with two pans, two adjustable shelves, and three plastic ramps with covers. The cage sits on four casters, which make it easy to move.

Another nice feature of this cage is that it can be one large cage or can be divided easily into two separate cages. This way, if you have a couple of rats that begin fighting, it’s easy to safely separate them.

The large size of this cage also makes it easy to add fun things such as a hammock and other toys for your rat.

2). Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

While this is a cage meant for ferrets, it will also work very well for rats. This is a large cage that offers a rat plenty of room to have fun! It offers three different levels for your rat to play on. You’ll be able to provide plenty of enrichment activities with a cage of this size.

The Prevue cage comes with a hammock and three sturdy ramps, and a plastic tray. Everything’s easy to reach and clean. What’s more, this cage sits on casters so you can easily move it around.

3). Midwest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Nation Cages

The Midwest Homes cage is another great fit for a rat. It offers four different levels and can even be divided into two separate cages if needed. You’ll be able to fix this cage up with all types of toys and activities to keep your rat happy.

This cage is 32” x 25” x 62.5”. It’s easy to build and doesn’t require tools! Just use your bare hands to put this cage together.

4). Prevue Rat & Chinchilla Cage Earthtone Dusted Rose

This is another large cage—it measures 31” x 20.5” x 40” and is perfect for rats. It provides three separate levels for a rat to enjoy. The cage includes ramps that are easy for rats to safely manage, with a large door that makes cleaning easy and fast.

Like the other cages on the list, this cage sits on four casters, which make it easy to move. You may need to move the cage, for instance, to clean droppings and bedding that fall to the floor.

This is a cage your rat will be happy to call home!

5). Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

This is another cage from Midwest, though it is a little smaller than the other cage from this company. This cage is 36” x 23” and stands about 5’4” tall. It offers two layers for a rat to enjoy. While it is a little smaller, the cage still provides plenty of space for toys and for your rat to move around.

The Midwest Deluxe cage also has casters that make it easy to move around. And it’s one that will surely last for years due to its high-quality build and materials.

6). Kaytee My First Home Deluxe

The Kaytee My First Home Deluxe cage provides four layers for your rat to play on. It also comes fitted out with a spiral slide and a hammock. The cage measure 24” x 24” x 41.5”. Your fur baby will have plenty of room to roam in this cage.

What’s more, the base of this cage is removable, which makes cleaning even easier and faster. The cage also features a wire-based locking system, which means your rat won’t easily escape.

7). Kaytee My First Home Habitat

The Kaytee My First Home Habitat is a smaller cage, coming in at 30.5” x 18” x 30”. It’s a bit on the small size. Your rat won’t have that much room to play or move around. It will also be difficult to add toys for your rat to play with.

However, as a first home, this may be a good choice for a young rat that’s not yet reached their adult size. This cage includes a large plastic bottom, which is easy to remove and clean.

This cage is also a little cheaper than the others. However, we really recommend a larger cage for adult rats.

8). Go2Buy Metal 3 Door Rats Cage

Here’s another affordable, all-metal cage that provides a lot of room for a rat. However, the bars are about 1.5” apart, which means this should only house adult rats rather than babies or juveniles. That’s because the smaller rats could easily escape through the bars.

This cage comes in at 25.2” x 17.2” x 52”. Along with the space, this cage also offers six different levels, and there’s plenty of room to add all kinds of toys.

9). PawHut 50” 4 Tier Steel Plastic Small Pet Cage

The PawHut cage measures 31.5” x 20.5” x 50.5” and will give your rat a lot of space to have fun! The cage provides five different levels, with ramps that make it easy for the rat to go from level to level. This rat cage also includes several doors, so you’ll have easy access to your rat. You’ll also be able to easily clean the entire cage. And the base is removable for easy cleaning.

10). Yaheetch Rolling 2-Story Small Animal Cage

Here’s a great cage for your rat! The Yaheetch cage features removable ramps and platforms, which are easy to remove, change around, and more. What’s more, the ramps are covered with fabric to make it easy and more comfortable for your rat to climb. Your rat will have four different levels to enjoy.

The cage also features doors that are difficult for rats to open. It measures 31” x 20” x 41.5”. The large doors make it easy to access your pet, as well as clean the entire cage.

So, there you have it! These are all great cages for rats; however, we must recommend the larger cages. Rats do love to climb and run around. So, they will enjoy the extra space of a larger home!

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