Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners This Christmas

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Alright, so hanging out with your furry buddy is the ultimate treat. And throwing in a few fun gifts for your buddy doesn’t hurt, right? Obviously, how can you even resist those furry little legs and not get something for your pup? But let’s be real, shopping for pups can be a head-scratcher. I mean, they don’t exactly give you a wish list, do they? It is hard to interpret their tails wagging or wolf-like howling right? It’s all about considering the type of dog, their age, and their personality, just like you would do for a human.

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Well, are they all hyper? Maybe a toy or chew that keeps them occupied is the way to go. Or if they’re a bit older and mellow, a treat puzzle could be the ticket to keeping their brain engaged. So, to ace the challenge of finding the perfect doggie gift, we did some digging and found the coolest new gift ideas for your puppy or dog parents.

Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners This Christmas

Moreover, Christmas is right around the corner and we certainly cannot have a Christmas present opening without our canine family members too. Other than your own family, it is important to consider other dog parents that you know, and they would surely appreciate your gesture.

Now, let’s talk about some cool stuff for dogs and for their parents that they actually deserve. Let us dig in!

1. Furbo 360 Dog Camera

You know that feeling when you leave your pup at home and you’re both missing each other? This Furbo dog camera is the only solution. It’s got two-way audio and can even toss treats with your fur ball. This camera be placed both indoors and outdoors. And with its built-in motion sensor, you can see where your dog is at any given time. All you need is a good and stable internet connection at home like Optimum to connect the camera to wi-fi, and you can see your pup’s movement at any time. It offers high-speed internet. So if you are a Spanish customer, call numero de Optimum atencion al cliente to get more information about its pocket-friendly plans. 

Moreover, if you are at work, traveling, shopping, or away for a longer period, or even if you leave your dog with a dog-sitter, you can be at peace that you can monitor your pup’s every move. Therefore, stay connected with Furbo 360 no matter where you are.

2. Bark Box Subscription Box

You have probably heard about Bark Box, and let me tell you, it’s worth the hype. You can grab a single box for $35 or go big with a subscription for 6 or 12 months to save some bucks. Well, each box comes loaded with two unique toys, a couple of drool-worthy treat bags, and a chew. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, especially with those holiday-themed goodies.

3. Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed

Imagine sinking into a memory foam bed that hugs your body. Well, your pup might love it too. This Pet Fusion bed supports their joints and even comes with a snuggle-worthy cushion. With a zip-off cover that can be machine-washed on the outside and a waterproof liner inside, cleaning is a breeze.

Trust me, it’s been Luna-approved for a year of sharp claws and lots of snuggles. This is the perfect gift option for the dog and dog lover.

4. House Dogge Boo Boo Binky Toy

If your dog likes to tote their toys or play gentle tug, this wool-and-rope toy is a winner. Just a heads-up, it’s not for super-aggressive chewers. But it is for the pup who treats toys like their best buds, the Boo Boo Binky from House Dogge is perfect. The cotton rope is great for toss-and-tug games, and the thick merino wool is tough and easy to clean.

5. Soda Pup eMat Enrichment Lick Mat

Sometimes you want your pup to lick back. Fill this BPA-free rubber lick mat with peanut butter, fruit mush, or other gooey treats, and let them go to town. These mats have cute shapes for extra fun, and they’re a win-win for both pups and owners.

In addition, dogs get a tasty challenge and you get a little breather. Plus, they’re handy for slowing down fast eaters and keeping pups distracted during grooming.

Bottom Line

Besides the delicious treats, what dogs really crave is some quality playtime with their favorite human. So, getting a gift that amps up the play is always a win. According to Graham, stuff like tug toys, balls, and those squeaky toys you can chuck around are top-notch choices for a joint play session.

Remember the dog’s age, breed, and temperament when picking out interactive toys. But what’s more important is that anything that keeps you and your pup active is a win for their physical and emotional well-being. A snuggly bed or a cozy blanket turns naptime into a five-star experience.

So, let’s give a big shout-out to our four-legged buddies with some brand-new toys, gourmet treats, and cuddly gear. Above-mentioned you’ll find the ultimate gifts for dogs who truly deserve the royal treatment.

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