Yorkie Mixed Breeds

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Yorkie Mixed Breeds

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Did you know there are different Yorkie mixed breed dogs? It’s true! Most people are familiar with Yorkshire Terriers; however, there are also Yorkie mixes that are quite adorable. We’ve put together some information about these Yorkie mixes! But first, we’ll take a look at the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed before heading into the various mixes available.

What is a Yorkie?

A Yorkie, also called a Yorkshire Terrier, is one of those dog breeds that most people can recognize right away! Yorkies are small dogs that have large personalities! They were originally bred in Yorkshire, England, and are thought to be the result of crossing a Clydesdale Terrier (a larger terrier) with other types of terriers, such as the English Black & Tan Toy Terrier and the Skye Terrier.

The very first recognized Yorkie dates back to about 1865, and from there, the small dogs have become beloved companions!

These small dogs are famous for their long, silky hair and topknots. Their hair usually is steel-blue and tan. The dogs are truly beautiful and very proud, too.

Yorkies are very affectionate with their pet parents, but they can be wary of strangers. They will bark at strange sounds and intruders, too. Some say these small dogs are a bit on the yappy side, so it’s essential to teach the dogs when to bark or not.

Yorkshire Terriers are not always friendly with other dogs. And they tend to chase small animals due to the dogs’ terrier ancestry. Even so, this dog breed also is very loving. They need lots of attention and don’t do well when left alone for long hours. They can develop separation anxiety and become destructive.

Because of their small size, pet parents have a tendency to overprotect their Yorkies. This is not healthy for the dogs. They may become fearful and neurotic over time.

However, the dogs can do well with older kids. Any kids who are around a Yorkie must be taught how to properly treat the dog and respect them. Yorkies are known to become snappy if they’re teased or startled.

Yorkies can do well with other pets and animals if they’ve been raised together. If a new pet is brought home, a Yorkie may become extremely protective of their pet parent. The dogs may challenge the “intruder.” If a fight breaks out, terriers are known to fight to the death. So, be careful and cautious when introducing a Yorkie to a new pet.

Something else to know about Yorkies is that they can have a sensitive digestive system. For this reason, some of the dogs become picky eaters. In addition, Yorkies may develop eating issues if they have teeth or gum problems. So, if a Yorkshire Terrier shows symptoms that indicate they’re uncomfortable when eating, it’s imperative to take them to the vet right away.

These dogs may be small, but they’re very active! Yorkies need about 45 minutes of daily activity. This can be divided between walks, playtime, running in the park, and more.

Yorkies are small dogs that stand between 8 to 9 inches tall and weigh between 4 to 6 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 12 to 15 years.

So, there you have it! That’s a Yorkshire Terrier! Now, let’s take a look at Yorkie mixes—they’re sure to be just as adorable as the Yorkie!

What is a Yorkie Mix?

A Yorkie mix is a hybrid dog, also called a designer dog, that’s a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and another purebred dog breed. No one’s sure when Yorkies were first mixed with other dog breeds; however, it may have been in the 1990s. During that time, many breeders were experimenting with designer dogs. Some were trying to develop new dog breeds, while other breeders wanted to create new breeds that were healthier than the purebred parents.

Hybrid dogs are not an exact 50/50 mix of their parents. Instead, hybrid dogs randomly inherit genes from their purebred parents. Each puppy in a litter may be different from their siblings for this reason. Siblings in the same litter will have slightly different genes, meaning they may all look a little bit different. You never really know what you’re getting when you adopt a hybrid dog.

The puppies’ characteristics and personalities will be slightly different from one another. However, if a breeder has used acceptable breeding practices, the puppies will have great personalities and be super cute!

Now, we’re ready to get on with our list of Yorkie mixes!

1. Yorkillon

That’s a name that might sound more like a Godzilla-type monster, but it’s not! A Yorkillon is an adorable mix between a Papillon and a Yorkshire Terrier.

The Yorkillon is a happy dog that loves it’s family. They’re adorable; we can’t say that enough! These small dogs are happiest when with their family. And they are very curious and happy small dogs. They make wonderful family companions!

Despite their small size, the Yorkillon will defend their family and home! These small dogs are highly alert and suspicious. It’s important that this small dog is socialized and trained from a young age. This makes the dogs well-rounded and confident little guys.

2. Torkie

The Torkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Toy Fox Terrier. Can you imagine anything cuter? This hybrid dog is very adaptable to different climates and living situations. They are energetic yet also love to snuggle. So, the Torkie is the best of both!

Torkies tend to bond with one favorite person. However, if you take time to ensure the dog spends a good amount of time with everyone in the family, the dog will be friendly and affectionate with everyone.

These dogs are usually best as single pets. They can be very possessive and jealous of other people, things, and pets.

3. Morkie

So, what’s a Morkie? The Morkie is a cross between a Maltese and Yorkie! What could be cuter than that? Well, all the dogs on this list are cute! Still, the Morkie is cute in its own way.

This hybrid dog breed is a small, very energetic dog. They are perfect for anyone living in an apartment or in the city. These dogs do well in small spaces when living with their pet parents.

However, these dogs are not very kid-friendly. Morkies are afraid of kids and other dogs. So, if you’d like a Morkie, be sure that the pup has been properly trained and socialized from a young age.

Another thing to bear in mind about the Morkie is that they have a long, silky coat that needs regular grooming to keep it soft and healthy.

4. Yorkiepoo

You may have some idea of what a Yorkiepoo is. Let’s see if you’re right! A Yorkiepoo is a mix between a Yorkie and a Toy or Miniature Poodle! These small dogs also make great companions and can live in smaller places. However, be aware these diminutive dogs are full of energy!

Yorkiepoos require about 45 minutes of exercise every day. This can be divided into two daily walks, playtime, and running in the dog park. Other times, you may find your Yorkiepoo happy to sleep in your lap.

These dogs are also highly intelligent, gentle, and loving. And they’ll lap up all the attention you can give them! Yorkipoos do well with kids. And if the Yorkipoo has been properly socialized, they will also go well with other dogs.

5. Borkie

Can you guess what a Borkie is? A Borkie is a cross between a Yorkie and a Beagle! These dogs are a little bit larger than other Yorkie mixes and have a ton of energy.

These dogs usually weigh up to 25 lbs, and they even love to hunt! They also tend to be yappy, so it will be imperative to train your dog not to bark at the wrong times.

Borkies may also be wary of strangers, so it’s essential these dogs are socialized from a young age.

6. Shorkie

The Shorkie is an adorable mix between a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu. Shorkies are said to be a lot of fun and tend to be highly intelligent dogs. They do best in a one-person household. Shorkies are loyal and want nothing more than to be with you as much as possible.

However, like other Yorkie mixed breeds, Shorkies can also be quite yappy. Even so, they can comfortably live in an apartment. Be sure to give your Shorkie plenty of exercise, training, and socialization to make him a better dog for the neighbors.

One more note about the Shorkie, they don’t do well left alone for long periods. They may develop separation anxiety.

7. Chorkie

The Chorkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua. So, you can imagine these little guys have large personalities in their small bodies! Even so, Chorkies are great dogs, even for first-time pet parents. They can also live easily in an apartment if they get plenty of exercise.

Chorkies don’t have extremely short hair, but it is shorter than a Yorkie’s. So, they’re easier to groom and care for. They’re also not usually more than 10 lbs, making this an easy dog to carry around if needed. And they make excellent guard dogs. You’re sure to know if there’s an intruder nearby.

This is a Yorkie mix that’s very sensitive to their surroundings, and they don’t do well left alone for long hours. They can develop separation anxiety, which may cause them to yowl quite a bit and loudly.

These little dogs can suffer from some health conditions, such as patellar luxation, skin problems, and allergies.

8. Yorkie Pin

The Yorkie Pin is simply delightful and adorable! These small dogs are a cross between a Yorkie and a Miniature Pinscher. Yorkie Pins are known for their athletic prowess, confidence, independence, and bravery. These are dogs that don’t realize they’re small!

Yorkie Pins usually weigh no more than about 10 lbs, and they’re extremely adaptable and portable. These small dogs are full of spirit and up for almost any adventure. They will keep you entertained! They’re also great with kids.

However, these tiny dogs can be mischievous. So, keep that in mind if you’d like to adopt one of these adorable little dogs!

9. Snorkie

This Yorkie mix may be easy to figure out. A Snorkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Miniature Schnauzer! You can imagine the cuteness factor in these small dogs! They have floppy ears and long, silky hair. They’re very pretty dogs.

The Snorkie usually has the body of the Schnauzer and the face of a Yorkie. What’s more, they’re eager to please, which makes them very trainable.

Snorkies are great with kids and as family companions. However, they don’t do well, left alone for long hours. They can develop separation anxiety that may cause them to bark or become destructive (as in chewing up everything in sight).

Snorkies are extremely playful and full of energy, so they need plenty of exercise in order to be happy, healthy dogs. Plus, with enough exercise, your Snorkie will be happy to snuggle up with you later!

10. Corkie

Can you guess what a Corkie is? We were surprised by this mix, which is a cross between a Yorkie and a Cocker Spaniel! Talk about adorable! These dogs are larger than others on our list. Corkies are classified as medium-sized dogs.

Consider the background of the parents—both are very active. So, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Corkie is also very active and full of energy.

These medium-sized dogs are happy and loyal. They are adaptable and easy to train. For these reasons, Corkies are great for first-time pet parents. The dogs also do well with kids of all ages.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of adorable, energetic Yorkie mixes and that you’ve found a dog that will be a great companion for you and your family!

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