Yellow Golden Dog Breeds

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Yellow Golden Dog Breeds

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Yellow Golden dogs are very popular, with some of the most popular being Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labrador Retrievers. However, there are even more yellow golden dogs that you may want to consider if you’re preparing to adopt a dog!

We’ve put together a list of yellow golden dog breeds that you may want to consider. Each of these dog breeds is beautiful and unique in their own way. Will you find your next fur baby on this list? Maybe! Let’s get started so you can learn about these beautiful yellow golden dog breeds!

1. Jindo

The Jindo is the first dog on our list of yellow golden dog breeds! This is a dog that originally came from Korea. No one’s sure when the dogs were first developed; however, they’ve been around for centuries. The dogs were originally used for hunting medium and large prey animals.

These dogs come in different colors, including white, fawn, red, red, brindle, grey, black, and black & tan. However, you can also find them in gold and yellow colors.

Jindos are famous for being brave and loyal dogs. However, they’re also highly intelligent and want to be with their families most of the time. The dogs can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. They can be stubborn, which makes them a bit challenging to train. However, if you have plenty of patience and spend time with the dogs.

This is a dog that’s highly energetic and is best suited for families active families. They love to be outside; however, you’ll need a tall fence that’s at least 6-8 ft tall. These dogs can jump!

2. Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is another beautiful yellow gold dog that’s a hybrid. These dogs are a mix of a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Poodle. The result is adorable!

These dogs are very gentle and loving. They make great family companions; however, they’re also used as working dogs. They make great guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and more. The dogs are friendly and get along with everybody. However, they don’t make great watchdogs for this reason.

Goldendoodles are easy to train and are a great choice for first-time pet parents. They’re not usually aggressive; however, they do benefit from proper training and socialization. And they want to be with their families all the time. Otherwise, Goldendoodles may develop separation anxiety.

3. Boerboel

Next on our list of yellow golden dogs is the Boerboel. The Boerboel is a dog breed that was developed by Dutch settlers in South Africa. The dogs were bred to protect the homestead and family from dangerous wildlife. These are large, golden yellow dogs that are very strong and devoted to their families. The dogs are still used as watchdogs today, and they excel at dog sports and competitions.

These large yellow golden dogs can weigh between 110 and 200 lbs and stand between 22 to 28 inches tall. They’re also very muscular. So, we’re not exaggerating when we say these are large dogs.

The Boerboel is a beautiful dog that can be territorial. They need proper training and socialization to keep them from becoming aggressive with strangers and other dogs. These dogs are also very energetic and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Boerboels are very loving and protective of kids and make great guardians. However, they can sometimes be too protective.

4. Brussels Griffon

The next dog on our list of yellow golden dog breeds is the Brussels Griffon. This is a small dog breed that was originally from Belgium. They were bred to go after rodents and other pests. However, today, these dogs are bred to be family companions.

These small dogs are sometimes said to have a “monkey face,” as their faces sometimes do resemble cute monkeys! The dogs are highly intelligent and bright. They can also be very sensitive and a bit moody. Some pet parents also describe their Brussels Griffon as being moody and high-strung. And they can be demanding when they want your attention.

Brussels Griffon tends to get along well with other dogs and pets. And they love to snuggle, though they usually have a favorite person in the family. These small dogs adapt well to living in an apartment, though they can sometimes be barkier than other dog breeds.

5. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a beautiful yellow gold dog. These dogs are an ancient dog breed that originally comes from China, where they were bred to guard their pet parents and belongings. The dogs look like noble lions or sweet teddy bears. This is a dog that can be aloof and dignified.

While these yellow gold dogs don’t like to snuggle, they are wonderful companion dogs. They usually bond with a favorite person in the family and are loyal to the entire family. They’re also good with older kids.

These yellow gold dogs also have another distinctive feature—they have black tongues! It looks as if the dog has lapped up a bottle of blank ink!

6. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are small yellow gold dogs that originally came from a region called Pomerania, located between Germany and Poland. These pretty dogs are part of the Spitz family of canines and are the smallest dogs in this family.

Pomeranians are adorable with their long, yellow golden hair. The dogs look like small lions! They have large personalities that can be feisty; however, they are very loyal to their families. The dogs are also highly intelligent. What’s more, Pomeranians are bold, independent small dogs that do have minds of their own. They’re constantly on the alert and are quite curious about the world around them.

It’s best to adopt a Pomeranian that has been properly trained and socialized from a young age. These dogs will get along with other pets and animals. They’ll also be better behaved!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! This is our list of yellow gold dogs! We hope you’ve been able to find your fur baby on this list. Each dog is unique and has its own personality. While some of these dog breeds may not be as popular as other yellow gold dogs, they can make wonderful companions for the right family!

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