Wrinkly Dog Breeds

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Wrinkly Dog Breeds

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Wrinkly dog breeds are some of the cutest around! But do you know of many wrinkly dog breeds? Are you looking for a wrinkly dog to adopt? No matter if you know about wrinkly dog breeds or not, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a list of wrinkly dog breeds and have included some information about each wrinkly dog breed! Let’s get started!

1. Shar Pei

The first wrinkly dog breed on our list is the Shar Pei, also called the Chinese Shar Pei. These are one of the most wrinkly dogs around! Shar Peis have wrinkles from their faces all the way to their tails! We have to say they have adorable faces, with their thick, wide muzzles. The dogs have short, coarse fur. Did you know that the name “Shar Pei” literally translates as “sandpaper skin?”

Shar Peis can be somewhat dominating and independent. And they don’t do well with other people or dogs, unless the Shar Pei has been trained and socialized from a young age. These are crucial when you have one of these amazing dogs!

These dogs originally came from the southern parts of China, where they were bred to be hunters, herders, guardians, and fighters. Some experts believe this dog breed is ancient. It’s thought the dog date back to the Han Dynasty in 200 BC.

Shar Peis can comfortably live in apartments and small homes. Because they’re somewhat independent and aloof, they make great watchdogs. These dogs need a pet parent who can be a positive leader, who uses kindness and respect when training the dog.

One note—Shar Peis are prone to skin problems because of their wrinkly skin. So, they require extra care to avoid skin irritation and skin infections.

Shar Peis usually stand between 18 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 55 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 8 to 12 years.

2. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is another very popular wrinkly dog breed! These small dogs are sometimes called “Frenchies,” which we think is just adorable! The French Bulldog was originally developed in England, but they were later taken to lacemakers who traveled from England to France. Thankfully they brought their small dogs with them!

From there, the dogs became popular all over Europe. Frenchies eventually were brought to the US and other parts of the world.

These adorable, bat-eared dogs were bred to be toy bulldogs. They have the same muscular, sturdy body and square head of the bulldog; however, the Frenchie is more playful and easygoing. These dogs love to play and can be quite mischievous!

French Bulldogs are highly intelligent dogs, so training them is easy. They love it when a pet parent makes the training time fun and something of a game. These dogs are free thinkers, so they’re not well-suited to dog competitions such as obedience or agility. The dogs can also be somewhat stubborn. If they have decided they’re not going to do something, nothing will change their minds.

Frenchies make loving companions and need plenty of human attention. They’re also great with kids; however, they can be territorial and possessive of their favorite person, especially if another dog is around. So, training and socialization are necessary for French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs stand between 11 to 12 inches tall and weigh between 16 to 28 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 11 to 14 years.

3. English Bulldog

Next on our list of wrinkly dogs is the English Bulldog! The English Bulldog comes originally from England, where they were used for bear- and bull-baiting. Thankfully, these activities were outlawed in about 1835. However, after that, the dogs were bred to fight. However, today, English Bulldogs are no longer aggressive and make wonderful family companions!

The English Bulldog is thought to have originally come from fighting mastiffs that were brought to Britain by the Romans. Today, the dogs look a little bit like their ancestors. While they may look ferocious, the dogs are just sweet and calm these days.

These are medium-sized dogs with wrinkly skin. They’re short and low to the ground, yet they’re also wide and muscular! They look like rectangular blocks on legs. The dogs have broad heads with cheeks that sag and are a bit wrinkly. And they have deep wrinkles on their foreheads. Bulldogs are also famous for their lower teeth sticking out; this is caused by their lower jaw sticking out farther than the upper teeth.

English Bulldogs, while no longer aggressive, still carry the same courage and tenacity that drove their ancestors. Even so, these dogs don’t go looking for a fight. Instead, they are calm and somewhat dignified. They’re also friendly and playful at times! However, they can be stubborn and will protect their families.

English Bulldogs stand between 12 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 50 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 8 to 12 years.

4. Pug

Pugs are another wrinkly dog breed that originally came from China. They are thought to date back to the Han Dynasty (about 200 BC). Some experts believe the dogs are related to the Tibetan Mastiff. Whether that’s true or not, Pugs were favored and loved by Emperors. The dogs lived in luxury and were sometimes guarded by soldiers.

Pugs have cute faces that have deep wrinkles around their large, dark eyes and flat, round face. When you see one of these dogs, you can help but smile! They’re adorable! Pet parents of these fur babies say the dogs are clowns and can be mischievous. However, they also tend to love their humans and want plenty of attention. They are very sad if they’re ignored. Who could ignore one of these cuties?

These dogs have a square, thick body and usually weigh no more than 20 lbs. They have large heads with large, round eyes. The wrinkles on the dog’s face are very deep and give the breed a distinctive appearance.

Pugs tend to be happy dogs who are very affectionate, loyal little charmers. They’re also very intelligent and can be stubborn, which means training a Pug can be challenging.

They can make great watchdogs; however, these dogs can also be quite yappy. Training and socialization are essential for these dogs. Even so, they’re usually quiet and can live very comfortably in an apartment.

Pugs usually stand between 10 to 14 inches tall and weigh between 14 to 18 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 12 to 15 years.

5. Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is another wrinkly dog breed, though not many people think of the dog’s wrinkles when they think of a Mastiff. These dogs have been around for over 5000 years. It’s though the first Mastiffs were bred in Tibet. There, they were used to guard and in battle. Being large dogs built like tanks, they were very suitable for this work.

Eventually, the dogs that were to become the Neapolitan Mastiff were bred in southern Italy in Naples. Breeders wanted to create a dog that was huge, heavy, with loose skin. They wanted loose skin to protect the dogs from attack. The breeders also wanted to develop dogs that were loyal and loving to their families.

Today, the Neapolitan Mastiff is still a large dog breed that has wrinkly, loose skin and wrinkles on their faces. These dogs are massive and huge! While they do look intimidating, you’ll be happy to learn that the Neapolitan Mastiff is a loving, large lap dog! They are very protective and wary of strangers, but they don’t pick fights. However, they will defend their families with plenty of aggression, if needed.

These dogs are active when young but settle down as they mature into adults. They prefer lying around the house or the yard. These dogs are very large, so they’re not the best choice for pet parents who live in apartments or small homes. These dogs need plenty of room to stretch out.

Neapolitan Mastiffs usually stand between 24 to 31 inches tall and weigh between 120 to 200 lbs! These large dogs have a life expectancy between 8 to 10 years.

6. Bloodhound

The Bloodhound is another wrinkly dog breed on our list! These dogs have been around for thousands of years and hunt by scent. That’s why they’re called scent hounds. While the breed is ancient, the first recorded reference to a Bloodhound was found in a poem by Sir Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, titled William of Palerne. The poem dates from 1350.

Today, Bloodhounds are excellent scent hounds on the trail. However, if they’re trailing a human, chances are the dogs will lick the person to death! They’re very friendly and don’t attack. The dogs are famous for their wrinkled heads. Bloodhounds are loving dogs and enjoy getting some exercise. However, once they’re done exercise, these dogs will love nothing better than lying in a sunny spot on the porch.

Bloodhounds were originally bred to trail boar and deer; today, however, the dogs are used to trail criminals for police and also help with search and rescue operations. The dogs are so skillful that their “testimony” is admissible to a court a law!

Bloodhounds usually stand between 23 to 27 inches tall and weigh between 80 to 110 bls. They have a life expectancy between 11 to 15 years.

7. Dogue de Bordeaux

Next on our wrinkly dog breed list, we have the Dogue de Bordeaux! Not everyone if familiar with this dog breed. They originally come from France and are an ancient dog breed. It’s thought these dogs are descended from the Molossus of Rome.

The dogs were bred to hunt pigs, boar, wolves, and bears. During the middle ages, they were also used to drive cattle. This dog breed was also used in wars and to guard flocks.

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a large, broad, round head with lots of wrinkles. They have strong, muscular necks and a body with a deep chest. The dog breed has a short coat that’s pretty soft. The coat can come in mahogany, golden, fawn, or red/brown and may have some slight white markings.

These dogs are fearless and strong. However, they’re also very devoted and affectionate with their families. They really are docile and sweet dogs. However, they can also be arrogant and stubborn. This dog needs an experienced pet parent who understands how to manage the breed. The dogs need plenty of training and socialization from a young age. Otherwise, they can be aggressive toward strangers and other dogs.

The Dogue de Bordeaux usually stands between 23 to 27 inches tall and weighs over 100 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 8 to 12 years.

8. Serrano Bulldog

The Serrano Bulldog is a strong, muscular dog that may look aggressive; however, the dogs are pretty calm and intelligent. They are excellent guard dogs and don’t show unnecessary aggression. These dogs are agile and athletic, filled with energy! They’re also very brave. These working dogs are best for herding and moving cattle.

The Serrano Bulldog originally came from southern Brazil. They were bred with other breeds brought to this country in the 1800s. By the 1900s, the dogs were used in slaughterhouses to subdue cattle.

These dogs are energetic and need to have about two walks a day. They also benefit from plenty of playtime in a fenced yard. They also enjoy dog puzzles and interactive dog dogs. And they love to have a job to do—their favorite job is herding cattle.

Serrano Bulldogs come in various colors, including black, fawn, white, brown, and tan. They usually stand between 19 to 22 inches tall and weigh between 55 to 88 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 10 to 12 years.

Summing It Up

You may have been surprised by some of the dogs on our wrinkly dog breed list! However, each of these dogs breeds is exceptionally unique and wrinkly!

Keep in mind that wrinkly dog breeds require special skin care. Their wrinkles can trap bacteria, oil, and dirt, which can lead to skin irritation and skin infections. For this reason, it’s necessary to clean their wrinkles with a warm, damp washcloth each day. Clean out all of the wrinkles, and then dry these areas thoroughly.

There’s no doubt about it! Wrinkly dogs will surely steal your heart with their adorableness! Just remember to take care of their wrinkles, and you’ll have a happy, healthy, wrinkly dog of your own!

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