Wire Haired Dog Breeds

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Wire Haired Dog Breeds

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Wire haired dog breeds don’t have the luxurious, long, silky coats of some dog breeds. Instead, wire haired dogs have wiry hair that’s rough and coarse. This type of hair was developed to withstand cold, harsh climates.

What’s more, dogs that have wiry hair usually don’t shed very much and may not trigger allergies in people who are allergic to dogs! However, even wired haired dog breeds can cause allergies in some people. That’s because they, like all dog breeds, carry specific proteins that can cause allergies.

But no matter what, wired haired dog breeds are cute! We’ve put together a list of wired haired dog breeds for you to review. Maybe you’ll find your next fur baby on this list!

Wire Haired Dog Breeds

Here’s our list of dog breeds with wiry hair!

1. Wirehaired Fox Terrier

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier is an adorable dog that was bred to have a wiry coat. The dogs were originally developed as fox hunters. During this work, the dogs had to run through thick bushes to get the foxes out.

The wiry, rough coats on these dogs protected them from thorns, branches, and more as they went after the foxes.

2. Airedale Terrier

Next on our list of wire haired dogs breeds is the Airedale Terrier. These dogs are sometimes referred to as the “King of Terriers” because they’re the largest of the terrier dog breeds. These dogs have a wiry coat that’s quite distinctive.

The dogs are also highly intelligent, independent, full of energy, and quite versatile. They’re also full of character! Airedales are also loyal and playful with their loved ones but are wary of strangers. They can also be strong-willed and usually have a strong prey drive.

3. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are another popular wire haired dog breed. These dogs are very distinctive with their black coloring and wiry hair. These little dogs are completely adorable! The dogs were developed in Aberdeen, Scotland, and feature cute beards on their faces.

Scotties are extremely loyal and loving with their families. However, they can be strong-willed and independent dogs. Some Scottish Terriers don’t get along well with other dogs. However, with early socialization and training, a Scottie can learn how to behave properly with other dogs.

When a Scottie’s fur is not trimmed regularly, the wiry hair forms a hard outer coat. The dogs also come in other colors, such as brindle and wheaten.

4. Otterhound

The Otterhound originally comes from England. These large dogs have wiry, rough coat and are not very common these days. They were originally bred to hunt otter; the dogs’ double coat is thick and rough, with a wooly undercoat. The wiry fur was developed to keep the dog warm and dry when in the water.

These dogs are loving and kind and require regular brushing to keep their wiry fur from becoming matted.

5. Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier, from County Kerry in Ireland, was originally developed for hunting rodents and herding sheep and cattle. These dogs have a stunning blue-grey coat. The color and their great ability to hunt led people to calling these dogs “Blue Devils.”

The dogs’ coat requires plenty of care. Most pet parents choose to take their Kerry Blue Terriers to the groomer to keep the dog’s fur trimmed and clean.

6. German Wired Haired Pointer

The German Wire Haired Pointer is a highly intelligent dog that has plenty of energy. They need a lot of exercise, too. These are excellent working dogs. The dogs were originally developed to be hunters.

The dogs are very loving and friendly with their families; however, they can be wary of strangers. They’re also very protective of their loved ones. The dogs’ protective nature can be intimidating to some people.

The wiry double coat of the German Pointer protects these dogs from very harsh weather conditions. Their fur coat becomes a lot thicker in the winter months to keep these fur babies warm. In the summer, the undercoat is usually thin and fine.

German Wire Haired Pointers usually have bushy eyebrows and a beard. Their facial hair also offers protection.

7. Border Terrier

Next up on our wired haired dog breed list is the Border Terrier. These dogs are known for being highly intelligent, spunk, affectionate, and more. The dogs originally come from Scotland, where they were used for hunting foxes along the border between England and Scotland.

Border Terriers have a ton of energy and lots of character. These dogs are always up for an adventure and love being outside! The dogs also have a strong prey drive, which makes them want to run after cats and other small pets.

8. Jack Russel Terrier

The Jack Russel Terrier is another wire haired dog breed; however, some of these dogs have a smooth coat rather than a rough coat! Even so, the dogs are all the same breed and purebred.

Jack Russels are very strong and durable dogs, even though they’re smaller dogs. They are charged with energy, so be forewarned! These dogs can take an entire day of adventure, often leaving you trailing behind!

These dogs were developed in England about 200 years ago to hunt foxes. These little dogs need plenty of exercise and consistent, firm training and socialization. But if you can work with these dogs, you’ll be happy at how easily the Jack Russell learns how to do tricks, run agility competitions, and more!

9. Brussels Griffon

The next dog on our wire haired dog breed list is the Brussels Griffon. These small dogs were originally developed in Belgium to hunt and kill rats. These dogs are sometimes said to have a “monkey face,” due to their cute faces resembling a monkey!

The Brussels Griffon is a highly intelligent, lively small dog. Over time, these dogs went from being rat and mouse hunters to become family companions. The dogs are sensitive, moody, and can be high-strung and demanding.

These dogs usually get along with other dogs and pets. They’re very affectionate and usually bond with one person. And they love to snuggle with their favorite person!

Summing It Up

As you can see, wire haired dogs usually were developed with a special job in mind. Many of them were hunters, where their wiry hair protected them from brambles, kept them warm, provided them with a water-resistant coat, and more!

We’re pretty sure that most of the dogs on our wire haired dog breed list will make a wonderful family companion for the right family!

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