The Argument for Buying Purebred Dogs

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The Argument for Buying Purebred Dogs

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If you’re considering a puppy for your family, you have several choices. Some families visit shelters, while others choose breeders. If your family wants cute lab puppies with or without the “Best in Show” title, breeders offer several benefits. 

You’ll know your puppy’s family history

When you adopt a puppy from a breeder, you get to meet the parents. Breeders select parents because they have a clean bill of health, so they pass those exceptional traits to their puppies. Purebred puppies have a lineage that breeders can prove, so you can also ask to see the puppy’s grandparents and ancestors further down the line. 

Paying extra up-front for a healthy puppy will save money in the long run as you won’t have to worry about congenital issues like eye or hip problems. 

Your puppy will have a predictable temperament

Mixed-breed dogs have unpredictable behaviors as no one knows what lineage becomes dominant. With a purebred puppy, you know what the temperament will be. Breeders choose parents with standard behaviors, so they will have puppies with similar traits. 

When you choose your puppy, you’ll see how the litter behaves. Some will be playful or aggressive. Others might be calm and quiet. These are standards within purebred show breeds, and you’ll be able to choose the puppy that fits your family. 

You’ll be able to see how the parents interact with people, and you’ll know that your dog will do the same. Because of the predictable temperament, you’ll have to spend less on training, saving money in the long run. 

Purebred puppies meet the breed standard

Purchasing a purebred puppy means you won’t have to worry about any surprises concerning its appearance and behavior later in life. For example, when you adopt a purebred labrador retriever puppy, you can trust that it will grow to look like a lab. It will resemble its parents, who resemble their parents. 

The puppy has been cared for from birth

Good breeders take care of their litters. You’ll receive a veterinarian’s report with a list of the shots received. You can also trust the puppy has been fed well and received the necessary care from its mother. It won’t have attachment issues from being taken from its mother and littermates too soon. 

Puppies purchased from breeders have already been socialized because they’ve spent their time around their littermates, their parents, and the breeder’s family. Breeders often crate-train them, and they aren’t afraid of vacuums and loud noises. This is a substantial benefit for families that want a playful and fun puppy, not a scared and anxious one. 

You’ll receive a health guarantee

Because breeders stand behind their dogs, reputable breeders offer health guarantees. If your puppy develops a health problem that isn’t covered in the guarantee, the breeder will take back the puppy or refund your money. Some breeders help pay for the puppy’s care, because they know families become attached to their puppies. 

Breeders often take back dogs if something happens to the adoptive parents

Sometimes, families end up in situations where they can no longer keep their adopted puppy. Reputable breeders always help in these situations. Rather than bringing the dog to a shelter, the breeders take them back and help you find a new home for the dog. 

Wrap up

Purebred dogs have higher price tags than shelter dogs. But those price tags come with exceptional benefits. When you choose a purebred dog, you get the benefits of knowing the dog’s health history and breed standard. You also get the lifetime support of a breeder who loves and cares about every puppy they sell. 

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