Teacup Maltese Owner’s Guide

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Choose the right dog breed for your family can be difficult. There are just so many adorable pups to choose from! But more people are looking into miniature breeds because they are cute and have lower exercise needs. Indeed, one of these breeds is the Teacup Maltese. This is a small and furry companion that can bring fun and love to your household.

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Before you get any dog, you have got to do your homework. This way, you can make sure that your canine is happy and healthy. So, let’s learn more about the Teacup Maltese and everything that they need.

What is a Teacup Maltese Dog?

Of course, the Teacup Maltese is a miniature of the Maltese dog breed from Malta. They are a breed that is popular as companion dogs and while their history is not well known, they are thought to be originated in the 17th and 18th century. They continue to be lapdogs today and common with families.

The Teacup Maltese is a very small and adorable pooch. They only weigh between 4 and 5 pounds and they are around 8 inches tall. This does mean that you will have to be very careful with them around the house. Make sure that you are always gentle with them and make sure you look around for them to avoid accidentally hurting your Teacup Maltese. They can live to around 12 to 15 years when they are happy and healthy.

Do Teacup Maltese Need a lot of Exercise?

As a tiny dog, the Teacup Maltese do not have excessive exercise needs. They do not need to be walked for hours each day or to play fetch for long periods of time to burn energy. Their size does mean that short walks will be all they need to stay healthy. But you should aim to always give your Teacup Maltese daily exercise. This is going to keep them amused and happy during the day. It will also mean that they are calm and relaxed when you are at home.

Your Teacup Maltese will also have to be mentally stimulated during the day. You can do this with games, puzzles and toys. Again, this is a good way to ensure they are calm and burn any excess energy they have. Plus, they love to spend time with you and this is a good time for bonding.

Do Teacup Maltese Like Other Dogs?

Teacup Maltese get along very well with their pack and they love human interaction. They are very affectionate and loving. But there is going to be some work required for socializing with other dogs. Due to their size, they can be very fearful and wary of other furry friends. If this happens a lot to them when they are young, it can mean they are not good with canines as an adult.

Therefore, while socialization when they are puppies is important, this has to be done in a controlled environment. It is best to socialize them with canines that you know in a place that they feel comfortable. Taking them to a dog park or somewhere where there are a lot of canines approaching them is not the best place to start.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

The Teacup Maltese will need some grooming due to having long and fluffy coats. This means that you will need to brush your furry friend every day. This is going to prevent tangling and matting. Plus, it keeps them looking adorable! In addition, this breed is going to benefit from weekly baths. In particular, due to their white coat, they eyes can be prone to staining. It is best to wipe them every day.

Trips to the groomer will also be essential. The coat can be styled in a variety of ways but clipping on a regular basis is going to make their coat more manageable. In addition, a groomer can help with cutting their nails.

Do they Have any Health Issues?

It is best to educate yourself when it comes to health problems associated with certain dog breeds. This way, you can know what to expect and seek treatment early if this is possible. In particular, the Teacup Maltese can be prone to hypoglycemia. This is also known as having low blood sugar. This will mean that a special diet is necessary for your Teacup Maltese. In addition, they can be prone to liver and heart problems. Regular veterinarian check-ups will be necessary and you should be prepared for higher bills. Getting your Teacup Maltese from a reputable breeder may lower the risk of these common health problems.

How Do I get a Teacup Maltese?

You will have to get a Teacup Maltese from a reputable breeder. Due to their popularity, this is not a breed that you will typically find in a local shelter. But you can always look and see if your pooch is there to begin with. It is important to realize that this furry friend will have a high price tag from a breeder. This is because they are a pup that is in demand, as well as the litters being very small. In addition, there is even a risk to the mother’s health. This is all taken into consideration for the cost you can expect. For example, you can expect a Teacup Maltese to cost anywhere from $750 to $2,000.

Of course, because this pooch is popular and people are willing to pay a lot of money for them, this does mean that there are bad breeders out there. The last thing you want is to purchase a pup from them. Not only does this fund the wrong people but it can also mean that your canine is not in the best health they could be. Always make sure that you do your research and look for an experienced and reputable breeder. In addition, ask to see the mother and father, as well as the living conditions before choosing a Teacup Maltese.

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