Siamese Cat Price Range Cost

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Siamese Cat Price Range Cost

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Siamese cats are beautiful and amazing! They’re affectionate and talkative fur babies! Are you thinking about adopting a Siamese cat? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll want to know about the adoption price of these cats and what factors can affect the price of a cat.

We’ve put together some information to help you know how much a Siamese kitty will cost. Let’s get started!

What is a Siamese Cat?

Most people are familiar with Siamese cats. That’s because these cats have distinctive colors and markings! For one thing, the cat’s head forms a long triangle with a long, straight nose. The legs are long and slender, and the cats have a tail that is long and tapers to the end. They have bright, blue almond-shaped eyes.

When it comes to their coat, the Siamese has short fur. The cats’ fur is darker colored around the head and ears, which are usually a deep brown. Their tail and feet may be the same or lighter color as the head and ears. The rest of the cat is a tan color, with a cream belly.

These cats are highly intelligent and can be trained to walk on a leash! However, as with other cats, a Siamese knows her own mind and decides on what she does and doesn’t want to do. She may agree with you about something to do, or she may not. If not, that’s how it goes sometimes!

Siamese cats can be very affectionate and need to be with their pet parents most of the day. They also like to “talk” with you! And these cats do have unusually loud voices!

Siamese Adoption Cost: Breeder

When it comes to adopting a Siamese cat, many people choose to adopt from a reputable breeder. The cost of a Siamese kitten can run between $250 to $400. These are kittens that are purebred and have been registered. However, if you’re looking for a cat that fits your budget, you may also adopt an unregistered Siamese purebred kitten. They usually are more affordable.

The cost of adopting an adult Siamese cat from a breeder can run between $250 to $800. This is for an adult cat that is purebred. However, if you’d like a show cat, then these will cost much more.

Siamese Cat Adoption Cost Factors

When it comes to adopting a Siamese cat, there are different factors that can affect the adoption price., including the following:

Siamese Cat Colors

Purebred Siamese can have four different colors, including:

In addition, the shape of a cat’s head, the coat texture, and the tail coloring can also affect the price of a Siamese cat from a breeder.

Here’s a quick table that shows the adoption cost of a Siamese cat with different colors:

Cat Color Price for Kitten or Adult
Seal Point Kitten: $250 to $600

Adult: $250 to $800

Chocolate Point Kitten: $250 to $600

Adult: $250 to $1000

Blue Point Kitten: $250 to $600

Adult: $250 to $1000

Lilac Point Kitten: $250 to $600

Adult: $250 to $1000

Other Color Variations

There are also other color variations that you may find in Siamese cats; however, only the four listed above are the colors recognized as the breed standard. The other colors of Siamese cats include:

The thing to know about these types of color variations is that the Siamese cat is usually not a purebred. Instead, the cat’s parents are one Siamese and another cat breed. So, these are hybrid Siamese cats. In addition, these cats are usually less expensive to adopt.

However, before buying a Siamese cat with these colors, make sure the breeder is reputable and request pedigree information on the cat.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Expensive?

Siamese cats are expensive mostly because they’re highly sought after, and they are unique kitties. What’s more, a cat from a reputable breeder is always more expensive. That’s because the breeder invests much time, effort, knowledge, and medical care into their cats.

In addition, these cats are low-shedding, which can make them a better choice for some pet parents who are allergic to cats. That’s not always the case, of course, as allergies vary from person to person. However, some people with cat allergies say a Siamese is easier for them to be around.

Finally, the appearance of these beautiful cats also makes them expensive. They have beautiful coats and colors combined with those striking blue eyes.

Siamese Adoption Cost: Shelter

If adopting from a breeder is out of your budget, don’t give up! It’s also possible to adopt a purebred Siamese cat from a shelter. These cats need and deserve a home and family that will love and care for them. What’s more, the adoption costs are usually lower for a Shelter.

It can cost between $100 to $300 to adopt a Siamese cat from a shelter. While that may seem expensive, bear in mind that shelters are non-profit organizations that help the cats find a new home. They have many expenses with caring for the cats, including housing, cat food, and medical care (can include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and other types of medical care).

When you adopt from a shelter, you can rest assured the cat has been evaluated first. The shelter ensures the cats are ready for their fur-ever home, have all the vaccinations they need, and more. So, while the adoption fee can be high, it covers all the care the cat receives until they come home with you!

Siamese Cat Costs: Initial Supplies

Before you bring your fur baby home, it’s best to make sure you have everything set up and ready for her. That means buying all the supplies your cat will need. Nothing is worse than adopting a cat and then having to go around to buy everything needed to care for her! So, be ready in advance. This gives your Siamese cat a chance to relax and settle into her new home.

Here’s a list of things you’ll need to have before bringing your Siamese cat home:

Litter box: $20 to $500 (the prices can go up if you buy an electronic box)

Summing It Up

The cost of adopting a Siamese cat varies, depending on several factors. However, no matter where you adopt your cat from, we’re sure the two of you will have many happy years together!

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