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Sharp Eagle

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Are you familiar with the Shape Eagle dog breed? If not, you’re definitely not alone! This was a new one for us, too!

We’ve done some research into this dog breed and included the information you need to decide whether this dog would be a good fit for you and your family!

What is a Sharp Eagle Dog?

The Sharp Eagle dog breed is a hybrid dog breed and is the result of mixing a purebred Shar-Pei and a purebred Beagle. What an unusual combination! The Shape Eagle dog loves to play and is easygoing; however, they can also be a little stubborn.

The Sharp Eagle dog is a relatively new dog breed, and we don’t know much about their history. However, we can take a look at both purebred parents to learn something about the Sharp Eagle’s background.

The Shar-Pei is a dog breed that originally comes from China, where they were bred to be hunters, herders, guardians, and more. Experts believe the Shar-Pei is an ancient dog breed, though there’s no evidence to support this. Even so, records of the dogs do date back to 200 BC and the Han Dynasty.

The Shar-Pei’s name is also interesting in that it means “sand skin.” The name refers to the dog’s bristly coat. The dogs are famous for their wrinkled faces and bodies; you’d think the dog was wearing a fur coat that’s several times too big for him! The dogs are calm and somewhat aloof.

The Sharp Eagle’s other parent is the Beagle! These dogs are famous for their dark brown eyes and soulful expression. They’re also quite famous for their amazing sense of smell! The Beagle is a scent hound, which means the dogs primarily hunt by smell rather than sight. Beagles have such a strong sense of smell that they’re often used to track drugs, food, and more!

Beagles tend to be friendly, small, cute dogs. And while they’re used for other jobs, the Beagle is first and foremost a hunting dog. However, because of their gentle natures and small size, Beagles also make great family companions!

With two purebred parents like these, how could a Sharp Eagle dog go wrong!

The Sharp Eagle dog usually stands between 15 to 18 inches tall and weighs between 30 to 45 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 10 to 15 years.

Sharp Eagle Appearance

The Sharp Eagle is a dog that’s small- to medium-sized, with a sturdy build. The dogs have a shortened skull, similar to the Shar-Pei, or may have a longer skull like their Beagle parent. It’s possible one of these dogs’ skulls could fall in between the Shar-Pei and the Beagle. They do tend to have broad, square muzzles.

Sharp Eagles that take after their Shar-Pei parent usually have broader muzzles than those that more strongly resemble the Beagle parent. They also tend to have looser, more wrinkly skin than the Beagle.

This hybrid dog breed also tends to have small, almond-shaped eyes that may have heavy wrinkles. Some have the shorter ears of their Shar-Pei parent, while others have the longer, dropped ears of their Beagle parent.

When it comes to their fur, the coat length usually varies between short and medium. A Sharp Eagle can come in a wide range of colors, including sable, brown, blue, red, Isabella, white, and black. These dogs can have beautiful hazel or brown eyes.

Sharp Eagle Temperament

When it comes to their temperament, the Sharp Eagle is usually somewhat aloof and sometimes aggressive. However, they also retain the curiosity of their Beagle parent. The dogs are highly intelligent but can also have a stubborn streak that makes them challenging to train.

Are Sharp Eagles Good for Families?

Sharp Eagles can be good for families; however, they must be properly trained and socialized from a young age. These dogs also take a while to warm up to people, so expect the dog to be somewhat aloof at first.

However, once the Sharp Eagle has settled into his new home, he will become loving and protective of his family and his property.

Do Sharp Eagles Get Along with Other Pets?

The Sharp Eagle comes from a mix of two dog breeds that were bred to hunt. For this reason, the dogs have a high prey drive.

While they can be trained to get along with other dogs, it’s not a good idea to have a Sharp Eagle if you have small pets such as cats, mice, or others. These hybrid dogs are prone to aggressive chase these animals and possibly even try to kill them.

Food & Diet Requirements

Sharp Eagles are small- to medium-sized dogs that usually do well with about two cups of dry kibble dog food daily, divided between two meals a day.

They do best on a high-quality dog food formulated with plenty of protein (meat should be the first ingredient on the label).


The Sharp Eagle hybrid dog breed needs at least an hour of exercise a day, though more is better. They love to take walks or go to the dog park for fun! However, it’s essential to ensure your dog has been properly trained and socialized before taking him to the dog park.

These dogs are also laid back and enjoy being lazy on occasion. They do well with pet parents who may have limited time for exercise but can make time to spend with this beautiful fur baby.


The Sharp Eagle is an intelligent dog; however, they can be challenging to train. The dogs get a bit of stubbornness from their Shar-Pei parent. The dogs do best with pet parents who understand how to manage this hybrid dog breed. What’s more, the dogs respond best to positive reinforcement training methods.

In addition, Sharp Eagles also require consistent socialization to make them well-rounded, happy dogs.


You’ll be happy to learn that Sharp Eagles require only a little grooming to maintain their healthy coat! What’s more, the dogs don’t shed as much as other dog breeds.

These hybrid dogs should not be bathed too often as they have sensitive skin. What’s more, if their wrinkles are not thoroughly dried, the dogs are prone to developing skin infections and skin conditions.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! The Sharp Eagle is a unique, wrinkly crossbred dog that comes from mixing the Shar-Pei and the Beagle! These small- to medium-sized dogs are really cute; however, they can be somewhat difficult to train and aloof to new humans. Over time, these dogs warm up to their new families and love their new families to bits!

But remember that Sharp Eagles have a high prey drive, making them an unsuitable choice for families that have cats and other small pets.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and have found a new fur baby for your family!

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