Samoyed Husky Mix – Owner’s Guide

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Samoyed Husky Mix

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We come across some interesting dog breeds and enjoy sharing them with you here. Today is no exception! We want to tell you about the Samoyed Husky mix!

If you’re looking for a beautiful dog with a friendly personality, you may want to check out this hybrid mix dog breed!

We’ve put together information on the Samoyed Husky dog breed to help you decide whether this could be a good dog for your family! Let’s get started!

What is a Samoyed Husky Dog?

The Samoyed Husky, sometimes call the Samusky, is a hybrid dog breed that is the result of mixing a purebred Samoyed with a purebred Husky! We have to say this is an adorable hybrid dog mix.

Not much is known about the history of the Samusky; however, we can learn something about these dogs by taking a closer look at their purebred parents.

We’ll start with the Husky. The Siberian Husky is a dog that originally came from Siberia, where they were developed by the Chukchi people, who were Siberian nomads. The dogs were used to help transport the people’s belongings and were considered family companions. The dogs even slept with the children and helped keep them warm on long winter nights.

The Siberian Husky was eventually imported to Alaska during the Gold Rush, where they were used as sled dogs. Today, the Husky is a beloved family companion, though some continue to run as sled dogs.

Siberian Huskies are medium-sized working dogs that are strong and have amazing stamina. They’re also highly intelligent and easy to train. Some Huskies are said to look like their wild wolf ancestors; however, they are not the right choice for all families. The dogs are also independent yet are very loving and loyal to their families.

The other parent of the Samsky is the Samoyed. The Samoyed shares a Siberian ancestry with the Husky! They were originally bred in Siberia by the Samoyede people. They used the dogs to herd reindeer, pull sleds, and were beloved family companions. This closeness to humans has led the dogs to be trusting and loyal to their families.

Samoyeds are known for being highly intelligent dogs that love their families. The dogs are happiest when they’re with their people and tend to develop separation anxiety when left alone for long periods.

These dogs are also famous for their thick, white fur. Their shed fur is sometimes used by weavers to create warm, soft wool clothing! However, their coats need constant tending and brushing, otherwise, they’ll become tangled and matted in no time. What about shedding? The dogs lose a large amount of their beautiful, white fur during the shedding season (fall and spring). However, if your fur baby is regularly brushed, it’s possible to control the amounts of shed hair that end up on you and the furniture.

With parents like this, how could a Samusky go wrong?

Samuskies usually stand between 18 to 24 inches tall and weigh between 45-60 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 12 and 15 years.

Samusky Appearance

Being a hybrid dog breed, the Samusky may take after either parent. It depends on the specific genes the dog has inherited from both parents. However, we can say that the Samusky usually has triangular-shaped, erect ears. Their eye color varies but is usually brown, blue, or a mix of both. Samuskies tend to have a sharp nose that’s black. Their tails are usually straight, with a gentle curve outwards near the end. The dogs’ tails also tend to be fluffy and long.

The dogs have a double coat that comes in different colors, including red, gray, white, fawn, agouti, sable, and cream. However, these dogs can also have a coat that’s a combination of any of these colors or even a completely solid color.


Samuskies tend to be very friendly, playful dogs that are highly intelligent. And no wonder, consider the dog’s parents were once working dogs. These fur babies are loving and loyal to their families. And be ready—Samuskies are also filled to overflowing with energy. This dog can easily become bored without plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Unfortunately, Samuskies also have a high prey drive. That means they are not the best choice for families that have cats or other small pets. However, if the dogs have been raised with other pets from a young age and properly socialized, it may be possible for them to live peacefully with other pets. However, it’s not recommended.

Are Samuskies Good with Kids?

The Samoyed Husky mix is gentle and friendly with people, and they’re great with kids. However, they’re really best for families that have older kids.


Samuskies do best with a pet parent who is firm, consistent, and patient with training. They do best with positive reinforcement training methods. Because these are instinctive pack animals, they require a strong leader who is firm. These dogs are not recommended for inexperienced pet parents.

In addition, Samoyed Husky mixes must be socialized and trained from a young age.

Exercise Requirements

As noted earlier, Samuskies have a ton of energy and need at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. These dogs need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they can become bored. If this happens, the dogs can become destructive or develop other unwanted behaviors.

One more note—Samuskies are escape artists, especially if they become bored. They should be kept in a yard with a dog-proof fence. This usually means the fence is high and not climbable and partly goes into the ground to keep dogs from digging out.

Summing It Up

The Samoyed Husky hybrid mixed dog can be a wonderful companion for the right family. These dogs are beautiful and highly intelligent. They do best with pet parents who understand the breed and how to properly train them. In addition, these dogs have a ton of energy and require plenty of daily exercise to keep from becoming bored.

We’re pretty sure that if you decide to adopt a Samusky, you’re going to have a loving, loyal, adventurous companion for years to come!

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