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Are you looking to adopt a dog that’s small and adorable? Do you love the Pug and the Poodle, but can’t make up your mind about which to adopt? It’s no wonder if you’re finding it a challenge to choose between these two small adorable dogs! Each one has its own personality and cuteness built in!

But what if we told you it was possible to put these two dog breeds into one? Would you believe it’s possible? Well, we’re happy to let you know it is possible! You may want to consider the Pugapoo! Talk about a small dog wrapped in cuteness!

We’ve put together information about the Pugapoo to help you learn if this is the right dog for you and your family. Let’s get started!

What is a Pugapoo?

The Pugapoo is a hybrid dog breed that’s a mix of a purebred Pug and a purebred Poodle. The dogs are small and have all the cuteness of both dog breeds rolled into one! Because this is a fairly new dog breed, not much is known about its history. Even so, we can learn about these dogs by taking a look at both purebred parents.

Quick Overview of the Pug

The Pug is a small dog that originally came from China. This is an ancient dog breed that dates back to the Han dynasty (206 BC to 200 AD). The dogs were companions to Chinese emperors and nobility and were highly prized.

Pugs are famous for their deep facial wrinkles and dark eyes. They also have flat faces. These adorable dogs are known to be clownish and cute, yet they also have a bit of nobleness around them, too. This is a dog that is very loyal to his family and wants to be near them all the time. The dogs love to be the center of attention and don’t do well when left out of family activities.

These small dogs have a boxy, thick bodies with large, round heads. In China, the Pug was once thought to be a good luck symbol. We’re sure that must be true. Good luck must follow these small dogs wherever they go—they’re so cute!

The Poodle

The other purebred parent of the Pugapoo is the Poodle. This may seem like an unlikely pairing; however, Poodles come in three sizes, including toy (smallest), miniature, and standard (largest). The small Poodles are used to create the Pugapoo.

Poodles are one of the oldest dog breeds that have been developed to hunt waterfowl. The dogs originally came from Germany but were further developed in France. Most people see a Poodle and find it hard to imagine such an aristocratic dog was used for hunting! But this is true.

The Poodle’s curly hair was developed to help the dogs stay warm in the water. It also helped them avoid becoming snagged on anything in the water, including seaweed, branches, and other debris. These dogs are also known for being somewhat silly at times and very playful. The dogs are also highly intelligent.

Poodles are highly trainable, and they excel at all types of dog sports, including obedience, agility, hunting tests, and more.

With parents like these, how can the Pugapoo go wrong?

The Pugapoo usually stands between 8 to 15 inches tall and weighs between 10 to 30 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 12-14 years.

Pugapoo Appearance

The Pugapoo is cute—we have to start out by stating the obvious. These small hybrid dogs have quite a unique appearance. However, there’s no standardized appearance for these canine companions because they are hybrids. Each dog randomly inherits genes from both parents. That means each Pugapoo will look slightly different. Some may more strongly resemble their Poodle parent, while others will look more like their Pug parents. These differences between Pugapoos are even found between puppies of the same litter.

The Pugapoo may have short, smooth fur like their Pug parent. Or he could have long straight hair or longer curly hair like their Poodle parent. They may inherit the longer muzzle of the Poodle parent or the shorter muzzle of the Pug.

The Pugapoo also varies in size, with some of these fur babies staying small and others being more of a medium-sized dog. And they can come in a wide range of colors, including black, gray, tan, cream, white, and fawn. The Pugapoo may also have eyes that are shades of brown or hazel.

We weren’t kidding when we said Pugapoos could vary widely!

Pugapoo Temperament

Pugapoos are highly intelligent dogs that are playful and affectionate. They want to be with their families most of the time and enjoy snuggling quite a bit. This is a dog that will become your Velcro pet! And they’re best for families where someone is home most of the day.

Are Pugapoos Good Family Companions?

Yes, they are excellent family companion dogs! These dogs love kids and they are close to each person in the family.

Do Pugapoos Get Along with Other Pets?

Yes, Pugapoos usually get along with other pets, including cats. The dogs are friendly; however, they should be socialized and trained on how to behave with kids and other pets. Even so, they do tend to get along with everyone in the family!

Pugapoo Food Requirements

Pugapoos are small dogs that need dog food formulated for small dog breeds. They should be fed between 1/3 to ½ cup (or more, depending on their size) a day, divided into two meals.

Experts don’t recommend free-feeding Pugapoos. That’s because the dogs love to eat and have a tendency to overeat. This can lead to weight gain and obesity, along with other health problems.

Pugapoo Exercise

These small dogs don’t require much exercise! And they adapt well to living in smaller homes, such as an apartment. All a Pugapoo needs is a short walk every day and some playtime to keep him in shape. Your fur baby may need about 45 minutes of exercise a day, divided into a couple of walks.


Pugapoo coats can vary greatly depending on which parent they most resemble. So, the dog’s grooming needs will depend on whether he has short or long, curly fur. However, Pugapoos usually don’t need that much grooming. Dogs that have longer, curly fur should be brushed regularly and may need to be trimmed every six weeks or so to keep their fur in good condition. Otherwise, Pugapoos with shorter hair can be brushed about once a week.


The Pugapoo is a highly intelligent hybrid dog and they are usually easy to train. However, they can also sometimes be stubborn. These dogs respond best to positive reinforcement training methods.

Some Pugapoos are quite athletic and enjoy training for agility and other dog sports!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! The Pugapoo is an excellent hybrid dog breed that is a mix of a purebred Pug with a purebred Poodle. These dogs can vary from small to medium size and may resemble their Poodle or Pug parent. The dogs make wonderful family companions and are best for families where someone is one most of the time. They also get along well with other pets!

We’re pretty sure that if you choose to adopt a Pugapoo, you’re in for lots of love and fun with one of these small dogs!

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