Pug Mixed Breeds

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Pug Mixed Breeds

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There’s no dog breed that’s more adorable than a Pug! These small dogs are silly, comical, and cute! The dogs are a favorite of pet parents all around the world and are famous for their smushed faces and wrinkles.

Pugs are extremely affectionate and have very large personalities. They’re also very devoted to their parents and generally want a ton of attention, and these cute dogs love to cuddle! What could be sweeter than a Pug?

Well, maybe a hybrid Pug mix could be just as sweet and adorable as a Pug! We’ve put together a list of Pug mixed breeds that are sure to charm you with their cuteness!

Pug Mixed Breeds

There are many Pug hybrids available; some are more common than others. We’ve created a list of seven different Pug mixed breed dogs, including those that are the most loved and the ones that are the rarest! We’ve also included a couple of different combinations for you to review!

1. Hug

The Hug is a hybrid mix of a purebred Husky and a Pug. This is probably one of the most expected of the mixes we have on our list!

Hugs are a great mix of the Husky and the Pug. For one thing, the Husky parent helps to balance out the sweetness of the Pug. The Hug also lets you know when it’s time to play. We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to help yourself but play with these adorable hybrid dogs when they look at you with those big, brown eyes!

When it comes to training, the Hug can be a little stubborn, like their Husky parent. However, with proper training and socializing, these dogs will be well behaved. And you’ll love the dog’s happy, intelligent personality!

2. Chug

What is a Chug? A Chug is the result of mixing a purebred Chihuahua and a Pug! The parents of the Chug are well known in the world of small dogs. However, while the Chug is small, he is also very vocal, lively, and full of life! Like their Chi parents, Chugs may believe they’re much larger than they really are.

The Chug is known for being loyal and protective. They don’t get along well with new people and dogs. For this reason, it’s imperative that these little cuties are properly trained and socialized from a young age.

Chugs are also protective and make great watchdogs! However, they will bark a lot when they believe something is amiss!

3. Bugg

The Bugg’s definitely not an insect! However, this is another cutie on our list of Pug mixed breed dogs! The Bugg is a hybrid dog that comes from mixing a Boston Terrier with a Pug! What an unexpected combination of dogs!

The Bugg’s parents are both small dogs who have short muzzles, wrinkly faces ,and very expressive eyes. The coloring of these dogs may vary because the parent dogs come in a wide range of colors.

The Bugg is a very devoted dog to their families and wants nothing more than to be with their pet parents. These hybrid dogs are also highly intelligent that are easy to train. They’re also easy to socialize with, making them great dogs for young kids and other pets.

4. Pugland

The Pugland is another Pug mixed breed. This hybrid canine is a mix of the West Highland White Terrier (also called Westies), and the Pug. This is a highly uncommon hybrid dog. These dogs are always up for a great adventure, and they stay small. Even so, the Pugland is filled with energy that must be burned off with plenty of exercise and playtime.

These hybrid dogs are great for families; however, they don’t like to be around rowdy kids. For this reason, the Pugland is usually better with older kids. They’re not always patient; however, they can be taught to play nicely with everyone. So, be sure to train and socialize the Pugland from a young age to have a well-rounded and well-behaved dog.

5. Puggat

Here’s another unexpected Pug mixed breed dog called the Puggat! The Puggat is a mix between a Rat Terrier and a Pug. These small dogs are very lively and athletic. They have tons of energy, too! The Rat Terrier parent has a strong prey drive and will sniff out small animals; however, the Pub has a mellowing effect on the Rat Terrier side of the Puggat!

Puggats are very outgoing and charming dogs who are friendly with almost everyone. However, it’s essential to supervise these adorable dogs around kids and small pets. Puggats require plenty of training and socialization from a young age.

In addition, these dogs don’t need that much exercise. Even so, it’s important to play with them and ensure they have a walk to wear off energy and keep boredom at bay.

6. Pugador

Can you guess the purebred parents of the Pugador? Wait a moment…did it come to you? If not, that’s OK! We’ll let you know that the Pugador is a hybrid mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Pug! This mix may be somewhat unexpected; however, the combination can work!

The Pugador is extremely loving and loyal like their Lab and Pug parents. The dogs are also relaxed, mellow, and gentle. However, these dogs are a bit on the needy side, like their Pug parent. So, expect a Pugador to be your shadow! They also tend to develop separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

These dogs are larger than a Pug, so your fur baby will need a good amount of exercise every day. These dogs love to swim and more. They also have long legs and need a fenced backyard to play in.

7. Pomapug

The Pomapug may be another surprising Pug mixed breed dog! Can you guess what a Pomapug is? The Pomapug is a hybrid mix between a Pomeranian and a Pug! As you can imagine, these dogs love to be the center of attention and do almost anything to gain the attention they seek! In addition, these dogs also are prone to separation anxiety when left along for too long.

These dogs are highly alert and make wonderful watchdogs. However, they’re small and may not discourage an intruder. What’s more, the Pomapug doesn’t require much in the way of daily exercise. However, they do need some exercise each day.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are some great Pug mixed breed dogs, each one is a little different from the others!

No matter which Pug mixed breed  you choose, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a loving, small companion for years to come!

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