Persian Cat Price Range Cost

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Persian Cat Price Range Cost

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Persian cats are extremely elegant and beautiful. Have you thought about adopting one of these amazing cats? If so, then you’ll need to know how much it can cost to adopt a Persian cat.

We’ve put together some information on how much it can cost to adopt a Persian cat and the factors that can determine the adoption cost. Let’s get started!

What is a Persian Cat?

The Persian cat is an ancient cat breed. These longhaired fur babies originally came from Mesopotamia, which was later known as Persia. Today, Persia is the modern country of Iran. The cats’ longhair is thought to be a natural mutation, which gives the cats their elegant, regal look.

Persian cats are one of the more docile cat breeds. They have quiet and sweet personalities. This is a cat who loves to be petted by those who understand her. The cats are also great with kids! The Persian cat loves to have her hair brushed, too, unlike some other cat breeds!

These are cats that appreciate some quiet and solitude when they want it. They have large, expressive eyes and a soft voice. This is a cat that will let you know what she wants, but usually in a nice way.

What’s more, this is a cat that usually doesn’t climb the drapes, scratch furniture to bits, and more. They’re very quiet and love to sit in a chair and watch everything in their domain.

Persian Cat Adoption Cost: Reputable Breeder

If you choose to adopt a Persian cat from a reputable breeder, it will cost you. These cats cost usually cost between $500 to $5,000. And there are several factors that can determine the adoption price of these beautiful cats, including:


Location has a huge impact on the adoption costs of these and other cats. People living in cities tend to adopt Persian cats more, which drives up the prices in those areas.

However, Persian cats are usually cheaper to adopt from smaller towns and rural areas.


Persian cats that have excellent pedigrees also tend to be more expensive. That’s because these cats have certified parentage (bloodlines, predecessors).

What’s more, if the cat’s parents have won competitions and shows, then their subsequent kittens can cost more, too.


There are two types of Persian cats—one is show cats, and the other is pet cats. Show cats are those that meet the breed standard in all ways. These Persian cats are allowed to compete in shows and other events.

On the other hand, Persian pet cats are those that are meant to be petted. These cats may not meet the breed standard and/or have good bloodlines. Even so, there’s nothing low-quality about these fur babies. They’re beautiful and make wonderful companions. They tend to be more affordable, too.

Color & Coat Quality

Another determining factor in the Persian cat’s adoption cost is the cat’s color and coat quality. Here, again, these are cats that meet the breed standards. They may also have excellent bloodlines and/or be show cats.

Cats that don’t meet these breed standards are usually considered pet quality cats. As noted earlier, these cats are not substandard in any way. If you’re not planning on showing or competing with the cat, then you’ll enjoy a loving companion and one that has a lower adoption fee.


Gender is another factor that has some bearing on a cat’s adoption cost. For example, a male or female that’s been “fixed” will cost less than a non-spayed female Persian cat.

Persian Cat Adoption Costs: Shelter

If adopting a Persian cat is too much for your finances, don’t worry! There’s another way to adopt a Persian cat and that’s through a shelter.

Adopting a Persian cat from the shelter can run between $100 and $300. While that may seem expensive, remember that a shelter is a non-profit organization.

A shelter takes in cats (and other animals) and has to care for them. That costs a ton of money. The shelter must pay for housing, cat food, medical care (including deworming, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and more), and other costs.

When you adopt your fur baby from a shelter, you help the organization recoup their costs. They then have the money to turn around and help other cats in need. What could be better than that?

In addition, a Persian cat adopted from a shelter has also been evaluated. The shelter ensures the cat is ready to be adopted into her new home!

Persian Cat: Initial Supplies

Now that you know how much a Persian cat may cost to adopt, it’s important to remember the other essentials for your cat. She will need supplies and other items in her new home! Nothing is worse than bringing home a new cat, and you’re unprepared. It’s stressful for you and the cat.

Instead, work to purchase everything your fur baby needs before you bring her home! Your cat may need the following:

As you can see, the costs of supplying a cat aren’t cheap! However, it’s possible to buy cat supplies on sale or with special online discounts and more.

Summing It Up

There’s no getting away from the fact that Persian cats can be expensive when adopted from a reputable breeder. However, the costs go down significantly when you adopt a cat from the shelter.

No matter what, we’re sure you and your fur baby will joy for many years to come!

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