Norwegian Forest Cat Price Range Cost

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Norwegian Forest Cat Price Range Cost

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Have you ever heard of the Norwegian Forest cat? Are you thinking about adopting one of these stunning cats? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together some information about Norwegian Forest cats, how much it costs to adopt one of these felines, and more. Let’s get started!

What is a Norwegian Forest Cat?

The Norwegian Forest cat is a large, loving cat who make wonderful family companions. Also called “Wegies,” these cats are extremely popular around the world, especially in their home country of Norway (where the cats are called skogkatt).

The cats are huge, calm, and gentle. They’re very affectionate with their pet parents and families. The cats are large and muscular, so they’re the perfect athletes. They have long, shiny coats that are water-resistant, with a dense undercoat that keeps the cats warm.

With a thick coat, you can expect these cats do shed quite a bit, especially in the spring. So, expect to brush your Norwegian Forest cat every day to keep her fur shiny and free of tangles.

The cat’s coat comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including black, blue, red, white, cream, silver, and golden. These cats can also have coats that are solid, tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby patterned. Norwegian Forest cats have eyes of green, gold, or copper. Some cats even have all three shades in their eyes.

We can’t say it enough—Wegies are calm, friendly, gentle cats. They also readily adapt to different families and lifestyles. What’s more, they’re great with kids and other animals.

Norwegian Forests cats are also highly intelligent and alert. And they long for the love of their humans. While they do love attention, these cats will not demand your attention. Instead, they prefer it when you come to them. The cats are also quiet and don’t meow as much as other cat breeds (such as the Siamese). However, when a Wegie does meow, you’ll hear them. They have a high-pitched meow that sounds like chirps, which is surprising coming from such a large cat!

It’s interesting to note that Norwegian Forest cats mature slowly. They don’t reach adulthood until they’re about five years old! So, expect your fur baby to have an extended kittenhood. These kitties love to play!

These cats also have a strong prey drive, so they need lots of toys that mimic mice and other animals. Toys of this kind allow the cat to act in a natural way and burn off excess energy.

Norwegian Forest cats usually stand between 9 to 12 inches tall and weigh between 12-16 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years.

OK, now you have some knowledge about these amazing cats, let’s move on to how much it costs to adopt a Norwegian Forest cat!

How Much Does a Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

The cost of adopting a Norwegian Forest cat isn’t straightforward; there are many factors that determine the price of these cats. For instance, if these cats are in high demand in your area, then they’ll cost more to adopt. In addition, each breeder may charge different prices, and more.

Then there are “pet quality” and “show quality” cats. Pet quality cats can come from reputable breeders. They may have some visual “flaws” that make it impossible to show the cat. Otherwise, the cats are beautiful. So, if you’re not planning to show your fur baby, then a pet-quality cat may be a great option. You’ll have a stunning Norwegian Forest cat from a reputable breeder. She will be healthy and happy.

On the other hand, a show-quality cat visually conforms to the requirements of showing or competing the cat. These cats may also be bred, depending on the breeder. So, expect to pay a much higher price for Norwegian Forest cats of this quality.

A pet-quality Norwegian Forest cat usually costs between $600 to $1,200. A show-quality Norwegian Forest cat may cost over $1,200.

If this is too much for your budget, then you may want to check the local rescues. It is possible to find a Norwegian Forest cat at a shelter. In that case, the adoption fee may cost between $100 to $300. This may seem like a high price; however, remember that rescues are non-profit organizations. They take in pets that need homes and must cover the costs of caring for each pet.

Adopting from an International Breeder

There’s also the option of adopting your cat directly from Norway! However, this is much more expensive. You’ll be buying from a reputable breeder and will need to cover international shipping costs for your Wegie.

The cost to ship a cat internationally can run between $300 to $2,000, or more. In addition, shipping can be quite distressing to the cat. So, you may want to consider adopting from a local breeder, instead.

Other Costs of Adopting a Norwegian Forest Cat

Along with the adoption fees, you’ll need to consider the other costs of adopting your Norwegian Forest cat. Your fur baby will need several things when she first comes home. So, it’s best to purchase these in advance. Then, when your Wegie is brought home, she’ll immediately feel welcomed seeing cat toys, her cat bed, and more in her new place!

Here are some of the costs to consider when bringing your fur baby home:

Here’s what you’ll need for your fur baby:

Summing It Up

Adopting a Norwegian Forest cat is only one of the expenses to consider. Remember, your feline fur baby will need other items, too, to make her feel at home and happy!

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