50 Legend Inspired Dog Names

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If you’re struggling to find just the right dog name, then why not consider choosing a name based on legends, myths, and folklore? These are rich sources for names. For instance, think of all the characters in Greek and Roman mythology!

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Dog names that are based on myths, legends, and folklore have a tales to tell. The names are filled with unique meanings and sometimes even represent the very relationship between humans and dogs.

Mythical Dog Names

Here are some dog names that come straight from mythology!

1). Pegasus: was a white stallion who had wings and could fly. He was able to help some great heroes as they quested against monsters. This might be a great name for a large white dog and/or a dog who loves to run like the wind!

2). Notus: is the name of the South wind that brings rain in late summer and early Fall. This character comes from Ethiopia.

3). Kratos: comes from Greek mythology, where he is the brother of Bia, Zelos and Nike. He is the god of power, sovereign rule and strength. In the stories, Kratos works entirely for Zeus; he is obedient and carries out his tasks without question.

4). Sirius: also known as the Dog Star is a dog companion of Orion, said to be the “most beautiful of the Earthborn,” as well as the greatest hunter. Sirius went hunting with Orion and is considered the most famous dog in all of Greek mythology.

5). Argos: this is the name of another dog who was the companion of Odysseus. When Odysseus leaves on his travels he bids Argos to stay home and protect Odysseus’ wife and family. After returning from his journeys, Odysseus comes home to find his wife surrounded by numerous suitors and know one recognizes him, except for his faithful companion Argos.

6). Danu: is the Irish name of a mother goddess whose stories were recorded in medieval tales. Today no stories or myths survive, but she is still an important figure in Irish mythology.

7). Brigid: comes from Irish mythology, where she is the patroness of poetry, medicine, arts & crafts, smithing, cattle & livestock, sacred wells, serpents, and with the season of Spring. After Christianity arrived in Ireland, a woman with this name became a nun who was eventually given sainthood.

8). Aumakua: comes from Hawaiian mythology and is said to be a family god. These often appeared to a family as animals. When an aumakua appeared, it was said they brought some omen with them for good or ill. There are many Hawaiian tales that tell about aumakua saving their descendants from harm. Aumakua could also be people, rocks, or even places. These beings are a part of the family and develop spiritual relationships with their descendants.

9). Hina: is the Hawaiian (and Polynesian) goddess of the moon. She was also the goddess of fishermen and reef life.

10). Laka: is the Hawaiian goddess of hula, fertility, reproduction, love and beauty. She is also wife to the god named Lono.

11). Perun: in Slavic mythology, he was the god of the sky, thunder and war.

12). Hununpa: comes from Lakota (Native American people) mythology. He was the bear who was the Spirit of Wisdom, and he walked on two legs.

13). Ite: is the Lakota name for the wife of the wind Spirit Tate.

14). Wi: is the Lakota name for the solar spirit of bison. He is also the Spirit of bravery, constancy, endurance, fortitude, honesty, reliance, and contests. And he is the color red.

15). Yanpa: in Lakota mythology, this s the name of the East wind.

16). Angerona: in Roman mythology, she was the goddess who help relieve people of pain and sorrow.

17). Cupid: was the Roman god of love, and the son of Venus.

18). Diana: was the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, virginity, and childbirth. You could even shorten this name to “Di.”

19). Fides: was the Roman personification of loyalty. What a fitting name for a dog!

20). Nerio: was the Roman goddess of war, and also the personification of valor. This would be a great name for gentle giant who is known for their bravery.

Mystical Dog Names

Here are some mystical names for dogs!

21). Aikido: comes from Japan and means “harmony energy way.” This is a form of martial arts. This could be a great name for a dog who is very active and has lots of energy.

22). Chakra: is a Sanskrit term that refers to the center of energy for humans. There are 7 major chakras which govern our health and wellbeing.

23). Charism: is a Christian term for spiritual gifts. This would be the perfect name for a dog who has a healing way of being and doing, or one who seems to be in tune with your spirit.

24). Grace: is a gift of divine mercy to those who are undeserving. What a beautiful name for a dog who shows unconditional love!

25). Tiki: is a Polynesian carving of a spirit, which is worn as a pendant or kept in the home. This might be a cute name for a small dog.

Arthurian Legend Dog Names

Now we have some dog names taken straight out of the tales of King Arthur and his knights!

26). Arthur: this is an obvious name, but one that fits a dog who has a noble bearing just like King Arthur.

27). Merlin: is the name of the wizard who was a trusted advisor of Arthur. He was one of the king’s closest friends. He was the most powerful enchanter/wizard.

28). Cavall: is the name of King Arthur’s favorite hunting dog. Cavall is credited with slaying a great beat known as Yskithyrwin, which was a wild boar. This would be a great name for a hunting dog!

29). Morien: was one of the knights of the Round Table, and it is said he had very black skin. This would be a great name for a dog that has very black fur.

30). Guinevere: was Arthur’s great love. You could even shorten this name to “Gwen.”

Rock Legend Dog Names

Our dog names don’t just come from ancient myths—here are some of the names of greats from Rock & Roll!

31). Bowie: this name comes from David Bowie, who was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. His work was extremely innovative and sometimes controversial, but he is remembered as a highly gifted musician. He sold over 100 million records during this lifetime.

32). Elvis: this name comes from the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. He’s another icon from the 20th century. One of his famous songs was “Hound Dog.”

33). Mercury: comes from the famous musician Freddie Mercury, who was the lead singer for the rock band Queen. He’s thought to be one of the greatest singers ever in rock music. Freddie had a 4-octave vocal range, combined with his very flamboyant on-stage persona, making him one of the all-times greats.

34). Ringo: this name comes from a member of the iconic rock group called the Beatles. His true name is Sir Richard Starkey, but his professional name is Ringo Starr. He was the drummer for the Beatles, as well as a singer, songwriter, and more.

35). Janis: this name comes from Janis Joplin, who was a rock, soul and blues singer, songwriter. She was one of the most famous stars during her lifetime.

36). Patti: comes from the singer of punk Patti Smith. Shew as famous for her protopunk sound and was the role model for many punk bands in the 70s, as well as alternative groups.

37). Minnie: this name comes from the famous Memphis Minnie, who was a singer and guitarist who performed mostly in the 1920s to 1950s. It was said she could pick the guitar as well as any guy!

38). Gwen: is inspired by the name of Gwen Stefani, who started out as a lead singer for the band No Doubt. After leaving the band, Stefani started on her solo career, where she made it big. She’s sold more than 30 million albums around the world.

39). Alanis: this name comes from Alanis Morisette, who is famous for her mezzo-soprano voice. She’s sold over 75 million records worldwide.

Irish Legend Dog Names

Finally, here are some names for dogs that are inspired by Irish legends!

40). Abellio: is the name of a god who was in charge of apple trees. If your dog loves apples, then here’s the perfect name for them!

41). Nodens: is the name of the Celtic god of the sea, who was also in charge of hunting and dogs! If your fur baby loves water and hunter, then here’s a great name for him!

42). Caber: was the Celtic god of speed. If you have a dog who loves to run and runs fast, then this would be a great name for them.

43). Robor: is the Celtic name of the god who was in charge of oak trees. Dogs love trees, so there you go!

44). Gelert: was the name of a hunting dog who belonged to Llywelyn the Great.

45). Acionna: is the name of an Irish river goddess. Does your canine companion love water?

46). Coventina: is the name of the goddess who was in charge of wells and springs.

47). Damona: her name is sometimes translated as meaning “divine cow.” This might be a great name for a dog who herds cattle.

48). Nemetona: is a Celtic goddess who was in charge of sacred groves.

49). Litavis: is a Celtic Earth goddess.

50). Seununa: is the name of a Celtic goddess who may have been a goddess of rivers.

The Importance of Myths Today

People wonder why myths are still taught and read today. After all, we’re living in the 21st century. What value can myths and legends have for us in this modern era? Aren’t these stories just fantasy and fictional stories?

The answer is yes, but…in ancient times, myths were more than just a way to stay entertained. Stories with legendary characters were a way to explain the environment in which ancient men lived. They didn’t have the scientific knowledge that’s available today, so they developed myths, stories, and legends to explain what was happening in their world and in their lives.

Each and every culture has its own myths, and most of them not only share amazing stories, but also share wisdom and knowledge. The stories were an excellent way to pass on the knowledge and wisdom gained by ancestors. Legends and myths were a way to teach and learn, as much as was about hearing a great story. If you carefully read these stories today, you’ll still learn some valuable lessons. It’s all about taking action and then dealing with the consequences—either good or bad.

Did know that myths and legends are still evident today? We’re not just referring to all the ancient legends and myths that have come down to us. In today’s world, we have myths and legends on a grand scale. Consider the stories found in comic books, which have been made into movies. Or stories such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more. These are all modern myths, which we can relate to in a big way. These stories deal with good and evil, heroes and villains, love, the consequences of actions, and more.

To tie this all back into dog names, when you choose a mythical name for your dog, consider the story. Look for characters that may have some things in common with your dog. Find a name that resonates with you and your family, because your dog and your family will have to live with the consequences of the name you choose. For that reason, try to find a positive namesake when looking to myths and legends for your dog’s name. Think of the message your dog’s name will carry for his entire life.

There you have it! We hope you’ve had fun reading the article, and that you’ve found a great name for your dog!

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