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Greybull Pit

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Have you heard of the Greybull Pit mixed dog breed? If not, then you may want to read this! We’ve put together information about this dog breed to help you see if one of these beautiful dogs could make a wonderful companion for you and your family!

What is a Greybull Pit Mix?

The Greybull Pit mix is a hybrid dog. The breed is a mix of two dogs, a Pitbull and a Greyhound. These hybrid dogs are also sometimes referred to as “designer dogs” because they are not purebred dogs. The Greybull Pit mix is an unusual hybrid dog breed!

As hybrid dogs, the Greybull Pit mix will have characteristics from each of their parents. Each puppy is a unique creation to their inherited genetics. Puppies from the same litter can have different characteristics from their siblings! This is because each puppy has his own genetics. Some of the puppies will most resemble their Pitbull parent, while the other puppies may strongly resemble their Italian Greyhound parent. It just depends on how the genes combine in each puppy.

So, while hybrid dogs can be healthier than the original purebred parents, there’s a high level of unpredictability when it comes to their characteristics. You just never know for sure how the resulting puppies may turn out. This applies to both physical characteristics and temperament.

OK, now let’s take a look at the characteristics of each parent! We’ll start with the Greyhound. These dogs are strong runners who are skinny and lanky. In fact, Greyhounds are one of the fastest dog breeds in the world and are often used in canine races. They’re an active breed that has plenty of energy!

What’s more, Greyhounds are usually friendly dogs. The problem is they’re friendly with just about everyone, which means they may not be a good watch dog. Even so, this makes them a great choice for families who have kids and other dogs.

While Greyhounds are great dogs, they’re not the best choice for inexperienced pet parents. They also require a fenced area that’s monitored when the dogs are outside. Otherwise, they will run after anything that looks interesting. This is because they have a strong prey drive.

The other parent of the Greyhound Pit mix is the American Pitbull Terrier. Unfortunately, these dogs have a bad reputation for being aggressive. It’s true the dogs’ history comes from medieval times in England, where they were used in sports such as bear and bull-baiting. However, these practices were outlawed in 1835. Since that time, the dogs have been used as working dogs for herding and other work.

While Pitbulls have a reputation for being aggressive and dangerous, the truth is these dogs are pretty friendly with strangers and their families. However, they must be trained and socialized from a young age.

In some families, the dogs are called “Nanny” dogs because they watch over the family’s kids. However, it’s never good to leave your kids alone with any type of dog.

It is true that Pitbulls can have trouble accepting and socializing with other dogs. They want to be dominant. And there are people who have irresponsibly bred these dogs. Then there are others who deliberately train their Pitbulls to be aggressive. This is a huge mistake and often where the breed’s bad reputation comes from.

As you can see, the Greyhound Pit has parents who are very unique!

Greybull Pit Dog Breed History

The Greybull Pit is a hybrid dog, and no one is entirely sure of its history. The breed’s parent breeds do have long, recognized histories. However, we’re just not sure where and when the Greybull Pit was first bred.

Greybull Pit Dog Appearance

The appearance of this hybrid dog breed has no recognized standards. As mentioned earlier, it really depends on which parent the puppy resembles. For instance, if the puppy looks more like his Pitbull parent, he may have a broader head and a muscular neck. The dog may have a stocky body that’s quite agile. These dogs tend to have round eyes and a smooth, short, thick coat. They can come in a wide range of colors.

On the other hand, if the puppy strongly resembles their Greyhound parent, then he may have a long, narrow head and small ears that fold back. He may have an arched neck and dark eyes. They also usually have a longer body like the Greyhound; however, it’s possible the body could resemble both purebred parents. These dogs also come in a wide range of colors, and they may have a square-shaped head and thick neck like their Pitbull parent.

It all depends on the dog’s genetics!

Greybull Pit Mix Temperament

When it comes to temperament, the Greybull Pit mix can inherit a combination of characteristics from both parents, or he may be more like one parent than the other. Again, it depends on the dog’s unique genetics.

Pitbulls tend to be brave and confident. They love people and may be quite excited when meeting a visitor! If a stranger is near your home, a Pitbull will let you know it. They will also protect you and your home against the intruder. These dogs can also be very stubborn and are very intelligent. They require training and socialization from a young age. The dogs are extremely loyal and love their families.

Greyhounds are very social dogs and not aggressive. They’re quite intelligent and stubborn, much like the Pitbull. The dogs are also extremely sensitive; if there’s a lot of stress in the home, these dogs pick up on it right away. Greyhounds are wonderful with kids and very friendly.

As a hybrid of these dogs, the Greybull Pit may be a great mixture of both parents. These dogs tend to be intelligent and stubborn, much like both parents! However, they can also be very sensitive, gentle, and affectionate. They love being with their families, too. Greybull Pit mixes don’t do well when left alone for long periods. They become upset and may suffer from separation anxiety. If you’re away from home quite a bit, this is probably not the best dog for you.

Greybull Pit Care

Greybull Pits have short hair that’s easy to care for! They shed a little bit; however, this can be somewhat controlled by daily brushing to remove loose fur. These dogs also don’t need baths very often, unless they become dirty and smelly!

Greybull Pits do have a tendency to drool quite a bit. This characteristic is usually inherited from the dog’s Pitbull parent. So, if you don’t like dealing with drool all over the house, this may not be the right dog for you.

As a hybrid dog breed, Greybull Pits also tend to suffer from poor dental health. They can also gain weight quite easily. For this reason, vets recommend daily brushing your dog’s teeth and monitoring what he eats.

Greybull Pit Mix Health Issues

Just like other dogs, the Greybull Pit mix can suffer from certain health issues. They may inherit genetic health problems from either of their parents. There’s no way to predict what conditions the dog could develop. However, Greybull Pits may develop the following health problems:

One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is to arrange checkups with the vet. The vet can check and monitor your dog for health problems. If they find something early, it’s much easier to treat and cure the problem. Waiting until the problem is worse may make it harder for the vet to treat the issue.

When you take your fur baby to the vet for checkups, make sure your dog receives all the required vaccinations, too!

If you’re worried your dog could develop serious health problems, then you may want to consider purchasing pet health insurance. There are pet healthcare policies that pay for checkups, vaccines, tests, and more. This type of policy can save you quite a bit of money if your dog does become seriously ill.

Greybull Pit Mixes Exercise Requirements

Greybull Pit mixes are active dogs that have a ton of energy! They require daily exercise to wear off most of this energy. Your dog will need at least one hour of exercise a day, though more is better. These dogs love to run, walk, play, and more.

Be sure to keep your canine companion busy and active. If he becomes bored, you may find that he becomes destructive and/or develops other unwanted behaviors.

Greybull Pits have a strong prey drive and will chase small animals. So, when you walk or play with your dog, make sure he stays on the leash or in his fenced yard. It’s strongly recommended that you have a large garden or backyard where this dog can run and play! The dogs are not really suited for smaller homes or apartments.

When it comes to cold weather, Greybull Pits don’t tolerate cold weather well. This is because they have short fur that can’t keep them warm. So, never leave your dog outside for long periods. And when you take him for a walk, dress him for the cold. You can choose a doggie coat or sweater made for colder temperatures.

Greybull Pit Mix Diet

The Greybull Pit mixed dog requires high-quality dog food that contains plenty of protein. Be sure to choose a premium dog food that lists the first ingredient as meat. The food should be formulated for large, active dog breeds.

Your canine companion will need about 3 cups of dry kibble a day, best divided between two meals. However, the amount of food and number of feedings depends on your dog’s age, activity level, and his health.

Never give your fur baby junk food or leftovers. These can be very bad for the dogs. Remember, these dogs can also suffer from allergies. Feeding your dog a new food could cause him to have an allergic reaction or even an anaphylactic reaction.

If you’re not sure how much to feed your fur baby or which dog food is best, then it’s a good idea to contact the breeder or vet. Either of these individuals will have the knowledge and experience needed to help you choose the best, most nutritious food for your canine companion!

Are Greybull Pits a Good Choice for Families?

The answer depends. Greybull Pits love people and being around them. They can make wonderful family companions. They are extremely loving and loyal to their families and don’t like being alone for extended periods.

However, these dogs can be quite assertive. They require an experience pet parent who understands how to deal with intelligent, stubborn dogs.

Another note is that Greybull Pits can also become quite excited when playing with kids. They may accidentally injure a child if playing too rough.

Remember, too, that Greybull Pits do have a strong prey drive. If not properly trained and socialized, they may go after and kill other pets, such as cats and other small animals.

Where to Find Greybull Pit Mix Dogs

Greybull Pit mixes are usually hard to find in shelters. They do exist, of course, but they’re not quite as common. So, it may be necessary to adopt your fur baby from a reputable breeder.

Be sure to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders. These individuals are only interested in making money rather than breeding healthy dogs and puppies.

It may take time to find a breeder with Greybull Pit puppies available; however, you’ll be happy to learn that these dogs are not usually expensive to adopt. You may need to do some research before finding a reputable breeder, but you’ll have a happy, healthier dog adopting from a breeder of this type.

The average cost of a hybrid Greybull Pit dog is between $200 and $800!

Is the Greybull Pit Mix Right for You?

That’s a tough question, and you’re the only one who can answer it. If you’d love to adopt one of these lovely dogs, then make sure you have a large home with a large fenced yard. Ask yourself if you have the time to exercise this hybrid dog every day.

Next, do you have babies or young children at home? If so, it’s necessary to adopt a puppy or dog that has been trained and socialized from a young age. You’ll need to keep up his training and socialization process, too. Even so, if you have young children or babies at home, it’s either better to wait until your kid(s) are older or choose another dog breed that’s easier to manage and is safe with kids.

Do you have other pets at home? Here, again, you will need to adopt a dog or puppy that’s been trained and socialized from a young age. Greybull Pit mixes have a strong prey drive and will try to chase and kill cats and other small animals.

If you feel the Greybull Pit mix is the right dog for you, then we’d like to say, “Congratulations!”

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