Gray Dog Breeds

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Gray Dog Breeds

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Are you interested in becoming the pet parent to a gray dog? Do you know what type of gray dog you’d like? What breed of gray dog would you prefer? If you’re asking these questions, then we’ve got you covered!

Gray is a beautiful color in dogs; however, it’s not a color found in all dog breeds. It’s also important to understand that each color of gray varies. For instance, some gray dog breeds may have a bluish tint to their gray coats, while others may have a patterned gray coat. There are still others who may have a solid gray coat.

Just as there are many types of dogs, there are many shades of gray in dogs who have gray coats. Gray dogs can be quite beautiful. However, as responsible writers, we have to say that it’s not a good idea only to choose a dog based on their color. It would help if you also considered the dog’s personality, the basic requirements for their breed, and more.

In this article, you’ll find a list of different dog breeds that have gray coats. We’ve included small, medium, and large dog breeds, too! So which one is the best for you?

1. Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is the smallest type of greyhound dog. They’re usually between 7-14 lbs and stand about 14 inches tall. These dogs have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

An Italian Greyhound has a wonderful sense of elegance and grace about them. They are typically slender dogs with muscular bodies. And like the typical greyhound, these miniature versions have the curved back and deep chest of their larger cousins. Italian Greyhounds also have a curved tail that tapers toward its end.

These dogs have a short, shiny, velvety coat in various colors and patterns, including a beautiful gray.

Along with their beautiful coat, these fantastic dogs also are known for their sweet, gentle natures. These friendly dogs can be a bit needy, however. They can become quite shy if they don’t get the attention they need. What’s more, these small, gentle dogs usually choose one favorite person. They’re also a bit wary of strangers, though they can get along well with kids.

These dogs can also get along well with dogs of a similar size, as well as cats.

2. Toy Poodles

Miniature Poodles are another dog breed that has a gray or silvery coat! There are three different sizes for Poodles, including Standard, miniature, and toy. Each of these Poodle types are about the same when it comes to their coat and coat colors, personality, and more.

Toy Poodles usually weigh between 6 to 9 lbs and stand between 8to 10 in tall. These miniature dogs have a life expectancy between 10 to 14 years.

Poodles are famous for their great personalities and their beautiful coats! A Poodle’s coat is wiry, with tight curls, though some Poodles do have softer, curly coats. The coat needs regular brushing to keep it from snarling and matting. The fur must also be clipped or groomed regularly to keep it from growing too long.

Poodles come in gray & silver, but their coats may also be black, white apricot, and chocolate. You may also see Poodles with red, cream, or even blue coats.

Poodles are highly intelligent and can be mischievous when it comes to their personality. They are active, energetic dogs who love nothing better than having fun! And they love attention! If Poodles are left alone for extended periods, they may develop unwanted behaviors such as barking too much, chewing up whatever’s on hand, and more.

Small Poodles may also be aggressive to strangers and other dogs. For this reason, they must be trained and socialized from a young age. Poodles, including Toys, are also very protective of their homes and families.

These gorgeous dogs can be a great choice for families. They’re fun, intelligent, and easy to train. They require plenty of exercise and need some stimulation for their minds to be happy and healthy.

One more note—Poodles are great at escaping! You could say these are “Houdini” dogs! They’ve been known to use a chain-linked fence to climb out of the backyard. Poodles are also great jumpers and can jump over fences or other obstacles!

3. Chinese Crested

Another small dog breed that can sport gray fur is the Chinese Crested. Talk about diminutive dogs! These are small dogs that can weigh between 5 to 12 lbs and stand between 9 and 13 inches tall. There are two different types of Chinese Crested; one is hairless, and the other is completely covered in fur.

The hairless Chinese Crested generally has hair on its head, tail, and feet. The Chinese Crested with fur looks something like a powder puff, with fur all over! Both of these Chinese Crested types are adorable!

The fur on the hairless Chinese Crested is usually very soft and silky. Left to grow too long, their fur can flow to longer lengths. Their skin is soft and smooth, and these dogs may also have crooked or missing teeth.

These small dogs are quite to grab your heart when it comes to personality! They make a highly affectionate companion dog. These dogs are also very lively, though they do also enjoy sitting on your lap (especially the hairless variety).

Chinese Crested can do well with children; however, they do best with an older child. It’s essential children are taught how to properly treat and interact with these small dogs. Another issue is that these are very small dogs that can be easily hurt. Stepping on them can easily break bones and more. So, if you have babies or young children, it’s best not to have a Chinese Crested.

Chinese Cresteds are also very protective of their family and home! What’s more, they don’t always get along well with other dogs. They need property training and socialization so they become more well-rounded, happy dogs.

One more note, these dogs are also known to be escape artists! If left in the backyard unattended, they can climb fences, dig under fencing, and more. So, never leave your Chinese Crested out unattended or for too long.

Medium-Sized Grey Dogs

In this section, we’ve included information about medium-sized dogs!

4. Standard Schnauzer

Here’s our first medium-sized dog breed on the list—the Standard Schnauzer! These dogs don’t have a solid gray coat; instead, they have what’s called a “salt & pepper” coat. The color can vary from gray to silver, specked with black. Schnauzers may also be entirely black. These dogs also have an undercoat that may be gray, tan, or fawn.

Schnauzers are famous for being extremely intelligent dogs. Yet, they’re also known for being courageous, easy to train, and very loyal to their families. They were originally bred in Germany to be hunting dogs and even ratters. They also make wonderful guard dogs. Even so, these super-smart canines also make great family dogs. As family dogs, they want nothing more than to be with their family most of the time. They don’t do well alone in the backyard or a kennel.

These dogs have a ton of energy, so be prepared to give your dog all the exercise he needs. They love to walk, play, run, and more! If Schnauzers don’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation, they can easily become bored. This may lead a dog to develop unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, and more.

While they have a beautiful coat, Schnauzers require plenty of grooming to keep it that way. These dogs do shed quite a bit. So, if you choose a Schnauzer, expect to spend a lot of time keeping him brushed. His coat also requires regular trimming and bathing.

5. American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is another dog breed that can have a gray coat. These dogs can weigh between 45 to 70 lbs and stand between 18 to 19 inches. The dogs’ life expectancy is between 12 to 16 years.

American Staffordshire Terriers are sometimes mistaken for Pitbulls; however, they are different dog breed entirely. Some of the confusion may be due to the American Staffordshire’s muscular body, which does resemble that of a Pitbull. These dogs also have broad heads and powerful jaws. Even so, these are very happy dogs!

This dog breed features a short coat that can come in a variety of colors, including gray. Most dogs are white, black & tan, or liver. However, they can also be gray. Their costs are easy to care for—just wash and rinse. That’s about it!

When it comes to personality, the American Staffordshire Terrier doesn’t disappoint! They are gentle, playful dogs that can be very tolerant. However, while they can be tolerant, these dogs must be socialized from a young age in order to be comfortable around young children.

These dogs can be stubborn and not easy to train. They’re not the best dogs for first-time pet parents for these reasons. However, they love their families and want to be loved in return!

American Staffies require plenty of exercise each day to wear off energy and keep their minds stimulated. They love to play, too!

6. Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is another medium-sized dog breed that can have gray fur. These dogs weigh between 35 to 75 lbs and stand 20 to 24 inches tall. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

The typical colors for a Thai Ridgeback are black, blue, red, and light fawn. However, they can also have brindle, white, or grey coats. Their fur is smooth and short. These canines may also have a crest of hair running along their spine.

Because these dogs originally come from a warm climate, their short coats are not suitable for cold weather. For this reason, it’s important to keep your fur baby wrapped up in a coat or sweater in the colder months. And never leave him outside for long periods in the summer or winter months. A Thai Ridgeback needs protective sunscreen on their light or patchy spots in the summer months.

Thai Ridgebacks are said to be one of the most loyal dog breeds around! They make lovely companion dogs; however, they can be a bit stubborn. These dogs require a human who knows how to handle difficult dog breeds. This dog breed does respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.

Thai Ridgebacks also tend to choose one person as their favorite. Once you become their favorite, your fur baby will stick to you like Velcro. These dogs are extremely loyal and want to be by your side. They can also be overprotective and aggressive toward strangers. Your canine companion will need obedience training and socialization to become an outgoing, friendly dog.

Another important note about Thai Ridgebacks is that they have a strong prey drive. For this reason, your dog should never be allowed to run off the leash. These dogs are fast. When they see something interesting, they’ll run off before you can even call them back. If they see a small animal, they will chase it.

Large Gray Dog Breeds

Here are a couple of large gray dog breeds to check out!

7. Weimaraner

Weimaraners originally come from Germany and normally come in shades of silver-gray. However, they can also sport charcoal-blue coats or even red.

This is a very active dog breed, which requires plenty of daily exercise to release pent-up energy. Without daily exercise and activity, these dogs can become destructive. Remember, these are large dogs who are very strong. You may come home from work to find your couch, woodwork, and more completely chewed up! They have a tendency to develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. Not only can they become destructive, but these dogs may also bark excessively and more.

Weimaraners usually weigh between 70 to 85 lbs and stand between 24 to 26 inches tall. They have a life expectancy of 11-14 years.

This dog breed was originally developed to be hunting dogs. For this reason, the dogs tend to be independent thinkers. They are known to push boundaries, too. Weimaraners require plenty of obedience training and socialization to be well-rounded, friendly dogs.

However, they do have a strong prey drive. Weimaraners are not great for families who have cats and other small pets.

These dogs are also loyal and love their families. They are very protective of their home and families and may be aggressive toward strangers. This is another reason they must receive regular obedience training and socialization from a young age.

8. Great Dane

Finally, we end our list of gray dogs with the Great Dane! Most people are familiar with Great Danes. These are the largest dog around! They may feature a gray coat or different shades of gray and other coat colors.

Great Danes weigh between 100 to 120 lbs and sand between 30 to 32 inches tall. They have a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years, which is one of the shortest in our canine companions.

This dog breed is huge, strong, and elegant! They have large heads with long bodies and muscular legs. Luckily, Great Danes are considered to be gentle giants. They do love to play and are affectionate dogs. The breed also does well with children. Great Danes are also protective of their homes and families. They love nothing more than to be with their families most of the time.

Great Danes can get another with other dogs and others; however, they must be trained and socialized from a young age. Even so, some of the dogs may be aggressive towards dogs they’re not familiar with.

The breed is usually considered easy to train; however, there are some who can be a bit stubborn. Even so, they love to please, and most Great Danes are quite trainable.

This dog breed also doesn’t shed very much and is easy to care for! Brush, wash, rinse, and that’s about it when it comes to grooming and bathing a Great Dane!

Summing It Up

As you can see, there are several types and sizes of dog breeds that have gray coats! We hope this list helps you to find the fur baby who is right for you and your family!

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