Goldendoodle Rescues for Adoption

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Goldendoodle Rescues

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Goldendoodles are a popular dog breed. As such, only a few dog owners would be willing to give it out for adoptions.

Besides, you can readily find one or more Goldendoodles to buy. So, the question of adoption may not always come up because it is believed that there is a Goldendoodle for anyone.

Yet, that doesn’t change the fact some Goldendoodles can still be given up for adoption for many reasons. It could be that the owners are too busy to meet up the demands of a new pup. It could also be because the owners could no longer cope with the puppy behavior that can sometimes be frustrating.

Whatever the reason for putting up the Goldendoodle for adoption may be, the fact is that you have an opportunity to adopt the dog you want.

To that end, we present to you the best Goldendoodle rescues for adoption, and where you can look for the dogs when you want to adopt.

1.    VIP Puppies

VIP Puppies is a reliable dog breeder and rescuer. The team behind the company is conscious about dogs and continually looks out for the best ways to care for dogs.

To them, rescuing and giving up Goldendoodles for adoption is much more than a business. Instead, they view it as a selfless act to help thousands of families determine the best dog breed for their family.

Also, VIP Puppies goes the extra mile to connect breeders and the adopting families so that both parties can agree on what is best to be done to care for the doodles.

If you want to adopt a rescued Goldendoodle from VIP Puppies, you can contact them through any of the following channels:


Email Address:


2.    Doodle Rescue Collective

If there is any Goldendoodle rescue service provider that understands the nitty-gritty, it has to be Doodle Rescue Collective.

The history of this Goldendoodle rescue group dates back to 2008 when the brand was launched. Over the last 13 years, Doodle Rescue Collective has rescued over 4,000 dogs, with the help of over 800 volunteers who are posted to different parts of the country to bolster doodle rescue.

It will also interest you to know that Doodle Rescue Collective doesn’t necessarily need a facility or a centralized place of duty. Instead, the group operates on a group model whereby each member of the group is assigned responsibilities to carry at different times. That way, you can find Goldendoodle Rescue near you.

3.    Delaware Valley Rescue

Some dog rescuers or rescue groups started to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t work. That is the case with Delaware Valley Rescue. This rescue group initially started with rescuing Golden Retrievers but has since started rescuing other dogs, such as Goldendoodles.

One of the major reasons why Delaware Valley Rescue started rescuing Goldendoodles is because of the connection of the doodles to Golden Retrievers. The connection is the fact that Goldendoodles are a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Some of the reasons why expectant pet owners want to adopt Goldendoodles from Delaware Valley Rescue are because of the simplified application process and the availability of doodles to adopt.

However, you have to prove your commitment to care for the doodles because Delaware Valley Rescue has one of the strictest adoption guidelines. For example, you are expected to have a fenced yard, as well as promise not to leave the doodle unattended.

If those are something you can do, do not hesitate to contact Delaware Valley Rescue via any of the following channels:


4.    Norcal Poodle Rescue Adoption

Some rescue groups don’t mind going the extra mile to offer dogs the best treat in the world. It doesn’t matter if the dogs are rescued or if they are bred.

Norcal Poodle Rescue Adoption is one of such groups. One of the things we like the most about this group is the fact that they look out for all doodles, such as Goldendoodles.

Second, they don’t mind spending more money to rehabilitate and take care of the health concerns of the dogs they rescued. For example, this Goldendoodle rescue group rehabilitates each of the Goldendoodles in their care by neutering and paying for extensive surgery for the dogs.

You can support the activities of this non-profit Goldendoodle rescue group or adopt one of the doodles they have rescued and rehabilitated.

You can reach them via:


5.    Poo-Mix Rescue

Not all of the popular doodle rescue groups have a physical office. Some prefer to run their business online. Poo-Mix Rescue belongs to the latter category.

As an online-based Goldendoodle rescue group, Poo-Mix Rescue works by aggregating and republishing the Goldendoodle listings. This is aimed at helping prospective adopters to easily locate the Poo-Mix doodles they want to adopt.


6.    Family Bred Puppies

Family Bred Puppies is one of the best Goldendoodle adoption groups because they don’t spare any resources to take care of the doodles in their care.

This penchant for healthy Goldendoodle rescue and grooming has endeared many doodle lovers to patronize their services.

Family Bred Puppies also offers you a wide range of Goldendoodles for adoption. Some of them cut across Miniature Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, and Medium Goldendoodles.

You can contact them via their website or email address so you can discuss the modalities of adopting Goldendoodles from them. Their contact details are:



We trust that you now know where to look the next time you want to adopt Goldendoodles. We carefully selected those Goldendoodle rescue groups because they have been consistent, they look after the doodles in their custody, and they are always ready to help many families and individuals experience the dog-owner bond by allowing you to adopt Goldendoodles.

Which of those Goldendoodle rescue groups would you want to adopt a doodle from?

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