German Shepherd Mastiff Mix – Owner’s Guide

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German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

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One of the great things about dog breeds is the wide variety of dogs you can choose to adopt. Not only that, but hybrid dog breeds add in even more variety! So, it’s possible to find a dog that’s a mix of your favorite dog breeds rather than choosing one dog breed over the other.

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Can My Dog Be Lactose Intolerant?

That’s the case with the German Shepherd Mastiff mix. If you love German Shepherds and Mastiffs, you may want to consider adopting the German Shepherd Mastiff mix.

We’ve put together some information about the German Shepherd Mastiff mix so you can decide if this is the right dog breed for you. Let’s get started!

What is a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a hybrid dog breed that’s the result of crossing a purebred German Shepherd with a purebred Mastiff. The main thing to understand is there is no standard appearance for these dogs. They are hybrids that randomly inherit their genes from both parents.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. No waiting for appointments or office hours. No high fees. No need to worry about your furry family member.

So, when you see German Shepherd Mastiff mixes, each one may have a unique appearance. Their body size, fur coloring, and more will vary, even between puppies of the same litter. However, this shouldn’t stop you from adopting one of these beautiful dogs!

This hybrid dog breed is fairly new, so there’s not much information about these dogs. However, we can learn more about them by taking a quick look at both of their purebred parents.

Quick Overview of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was first developed in 1899 in Germany. The dogs were bred to herd and protect cattle. Today, the dogs are still used to herd cattle, but they also work in other jobs and make great family companions. German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

The dogs can do many jobs, including sniffing out illegal substances and foods, working with the police & military, visiting the sick, leading the blind, and so much more.

German Shepherds are high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercise. And because they’re also highly intelligent, these dogs require a lot of mental stimulation. German Shepherds can be wary of strangers and, for this reason, can make great watchdogs. However, if the dogs are trained and socialized from a young age, they are better equipped to deal with strangers, other animals, and new situations.

The Mastiff

The other purebred parent of the German Shepherd Mastiff mix is the Mastiff. The Mastiff is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. These dogs are descendants of the Molosser, which was a large dog that was bred to guard and herd sheep in mountainous areas.

As you may have guessed from this dog breed’s name, the Mastiff is a very large dog. This is a dog that can weigh 220 lbs or more! Because of their large size, Mastiffs can be very intimidating dogs for most people. The dogs look fierce. However, the dogs tend to have a docile temperament. However, if the dog’s family or property is threatened, he will protect them very effectively.

The good news is that Mastiffs can make wonderful family companions and love kids. They usually have a calm nature and love being with their families.

With parents like these, how can the German Shepherd Mastiff go wrong?

The German Shepherd Mastiff usually stands between 27 to 30 lbs and weighs between 130 to 190 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 9 to 11 years.

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix Appearance

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix may look like either of his purebred parents. No two of these dogs look alike; each puppy from the same litter can even look completely different from one another! In most cases, some of the puppies may resemble their Mastiff parent, while their siblings may look more like their German Shepherd parent.

What’s more, the dogs’ size and weight can also vary, even between puppies of the same litter. However, the male is usually larger than the female.

The dogs usually have a dense outer coat with a soft undercoat with short, straight hair. However, if the puppies look more like their German Shepherd parent, they may have a thicker coat and a ruff around their necks.

German Shepherd Mastiff mixes usually have coats in the following colors:

And they may have black on their faces; the dogs may look as if they’re wearing black masks. How cute is that!

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix Temperament

Both the German Shepherd and the Mastiff dog breeds love to work and have a ton of energy. So, you can expect their hybrid puppies to have the same love of working. This is a hybrid dog that needs something to do; you don’t want a bored German Shepherd Mastiff mixed dog!

These hybrid dogs are usually friendly and may be a little wary of strangers. However, as long as the stranger does not pose a threat, the dog will be relaxed around them. The dogs make great watchdogs but should be trained and socialized if they are used as guard dogs.

Are German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes Good Family Companions?

These dogs love to be with their families and don’t do well left alone for long periods. They have a tendency to develop separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

The dogs love kids and are usually patient and gentle with them.

Do German Shepherd Mastiff Mixes Get Along with Other Pets?

Yes! The German Shepherd Mastiff mix usually gets along well with other pets. However, it’s best if the dogs have been properly trained and socialized from a young age.

The dogs can get along well with other dogs and cats in the family. However, care should be used if you have small pets, such as rodents. These are large dogs that could easily harm a small pet by accident when playing.

Food Requirements

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a large dog breed that requires a lot of food. However, they have a tendency to become overweight. So, it’s necessary to closely monitor how much one of these dogs eats.

Depending on the dog’s size and weight, he could require between 6 to 10 cups of dry dog food each day. However, if your dog is smaller or not as energetic, he may require a smaller amount of food.

If you have any questions about the amount or type of dog food to feed your hybrid mixed dog, be sure to ask the vet.

Exercise  Requirements

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix requires about 60 minutes of activity a day. And make sure to provide him with a lot of mental stimulation. You don’t want a bored dog! So, it’s helpful to invest in dog puzzles, training him to do new tricks, and more to ensure he does not become bored.


When it comes to grooming, these dogs need to be brushed about three times a week. The German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a moderate shedder, so brushing your fur baby on a regular basis controls shedding. However, during the main shedding seasons (spring and summer), you may want to brush your canine companion every day. He will shed much more during shedding season.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! The German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a large, lovely dog that can make a great family companion. They’re best for active families that have time to spend with these dogs.

We’re pretty sure you’ll have a wonderful, fun companion for years to come if you adopt a German Shepherd mixed dog!

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