German Shepherd Lab Mix Owner’s Guide

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Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility. But it is one that is fun and exciting, with a furry friend making your life complete. When it comes to choosing the breed of dog you want, you need to consider your lifestyle. Then you need to do your research to find a canine that is going to fit your daily routine. If you are someone that loves to be active, have you considered the German Shepherd Lab Mix? Let’s learn more about this fantastic breed. 

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What does the German Shepherd Lab Mix Look like?

Or course, the German Shepherd Lab Mix is a crossbreed, with the parents being a German Shepherd and a Labrador. They are not recognized by the American Kennel Club and there is no standard way that they will look. Every canine is going to look different, with some taking more physical characteristics from the German Shepherd and others from the Labrador. In general, they can weight anything from 60 to 95 pounds. They can also grow up to 27 inches in height.

There are a variety of colors you can expect from the German Shepherd Lab Mix. This includes black, red, grey, white and blue. Of course, your furry friend can also be a combination of these colors depending on the parents.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

If you have family, the first thing you will want to know about the German Shepherd Lab Mix is whether they are good with children. The hybrid breed is definitely going to fit right into the family. They are gentle and affectionate, loving to spend time with their pack. As they can be quite excitable, make sure that you teach your children and your pup how to be patient and caring around each other.

In addition, the German Shepherd Lab Mix is going to make a good watchdog. They are a protective canine and this means that they will have your back. But you have to make sure that they are trained to welcome other people into the home. They can be wary of strangers if they are approaching.

One thing to know about the German Shepherd Lab Mix is that they can be mouthy. They take this have Labrador Retriever parents. This means that they are going to love something to carry around. In addition, they will need tough toys that can satisfy their chewing needs. When you provide them with mental stimulation, they will not become destructive in the home. The last thing you want is your furniture chewed up.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

When it comes to the German Shepherd Lab Mix and their coat, there is going to be some maintenance involved. You can expect them to have a long and dense coat. This means that you will have to brush their fur a few times every week. This is going to ensure that no knots or tangles occur, which can be uncomfortable for your beloved companion. The German Shepherd Lab Mix also has a double coat. So, you can expect them to shed a lot of hair during the year. This means that they are not going to be the best breed for anybody that has allergies. In addition, you will have to vacuum regularly in the home.

Always remember that any dog that has a double coat will have to be monitored in the summer months. They are going to find it hot and they may struggle having daytime walks. The best thing you can do is look at the weather in advance and walk your canine in the morning and evening if you live somewhere hot. The good news is that they are going to stay warm in colder weather and when the temperature plummets in the winter.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

The German Shepherd Lab Mix is going to need a lot of exercise every day to be happy and content. Both of the parent breeds are known as working dogs. This means that they need a job to do and to be active. You can provide this through exercise, as well as training. For example, your pooch can carry a backpack or a toy with them on walks. But the German Shepherd Lab Mix is not a breed that will be satisfied with a quick 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Instead, they will want to explore and burn some energy. For example, running and hiking are two activities that the German Shepherd Lab Mix is going to love.

Again, the German Shepherd Lab Mix can become easily bored if they do not have a job to do. So, you will need to provide your pooch with mental stimulation during the day when you are in the house. You can do this through training sessions and teaching them new commands and tricks. If you have a treat for every positive interaction, this is going to be very rewarding and encouraging. In addition, there are treat puzzles that you can leave your canine with, as well as toys. This is going to allow them to exercise their brains, which I just as important as physical exercise.

How Do I Find a German Shepherd Lab Mix?

If you have decided that the German Shepherd Lab Mix is the perfect canine for you, you will want to know where you can find one. First of all, head to your local animal shelter. They are going to help you find the pooch that is perfect for you. It is likely that there will be some German Shepherd Lab Mixes available. But you may not know for definite that this is the crossbreed. Alternatively, you can look online and see if there are any organizations that can help you or owners trying to re-home their German Shepherd Lab Mix. Another option you have is to look for a breeder that offers German Shepherd Lab Mix puppies. You should be prepared to pay more money for a puppy.

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