German Leonberger Price Range Cost

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German Leonberger Price Range Cost

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The German Leonberger dog breed is a hard-working breed that has a gentle disposition. The dogs make excellent working dogs, yet are calm and affectionate family companions. With their distinctive mane, the dogs look something like a cross between a bear and a lion! However, we can reassure you these are canines!

Are you thinking about adopting a German Leonberger? If so, you’ll need to know how much it can cost to adopt one of these beautiful dogs. There are also some other expenses you need to keep in mind when you adopt a dog and become a pet parent!

We’ve put together information about German Leonbergers, how much it costs to adopt them, and other expenses you’ll need to consider when you get one of these amazing dogs. Let’s get started!

What is a German Leonberger Dog?

The German Leonberger is a large, working dog breed. Even though they have a strong work ethic, these dogs are also quite affectionate and gentle. They make great companion dogs! They seem to have an innate intuition about human emotions and usually form a strong bond with their families. The dogs also have a strong instinct to protect and help, which makes them great service dogs, too.

The dog breed originally came from Leonberg, Germany. The breed was developed by a man named Heinrich Essig, who is said to have bred a Landseer Newfoundland and a St. Bernard several times. The offspring were later crossed with a Pyrenees Mountain dog. It’s also possible other dog breeds were crossed later, but that’s impossible to prove. No written records remain telling the history and breeding of this amazing dog breed.

Leonbergers were purposely bred to look like a lion, mane, and all! They were supposed to resemble that lion used on the coat of arms of Leonberger. Eventually, the breed became popular with royal households in France and Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy.

The AKC breed standard for German Leonbergers says these dogs are regal, graceful, and elegant dogs. They are very large and have a black facemask, with large, furry triangular ears on the sides. They have loving and kind dark-brown eyes. These dogs have a well-developed and balanced body with firm legs that helps the dog move easily.

These dogs have a water-resistant double coat that protects them from all kinds of weather. Their outer coat is straight and durable, while the undercoat is fluffy and provides insulation for the dogs. Males usually have a larger mane that goes around their chest and neck. And Leonbergers come in the colors of red, golden to red-brown, sandy, and even lion-yellow, with a black mask.

Leonbergers are very intelligent and have a ton of energy. These traits make the dogs great at agility and obedience competitions for dogs. They also make wonderful therapy dogs and even help rescue swimmers! However, they do need plenty of exercise.

German Leonbergers love being with their families and don’t do well when left alone for long periods. They also don’t do well left in the yard alone. They need to be with their pet parents and families. Leonbergers are also great with kids and other pets; however, the dogs and kids should never be left unattended. No do breed should be left unattended with kids.

What’s more, the dogs are also extremely loyal and make wonderful watchdogs. They are OK with strangers; however, if someone threatens the dog or his family, the dog will intervene (and win in most cases!). Their deep bark and large size are usually enough to scare off intruders!

German Leonbergers usually stand between 28 to 31.5 inches tall and weigh between 90 to 170 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 7 years.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a German Leonberger?

There are several factors that can determine the adoption fee of a Leonberger, including his location. For instance, it’s usually cheaper to adopt a dog in a small town or in a rural area. Another factor is who you adopt the dog from; reputable breeders are more expensive than adopting a Leonberger from a shelter.

So, if you adopt your German Leonberger from a reputable breeder, you may expect to pay between $1,700 and $3,250.

If this adoption fee is beyond your wallet, we understand. But don’t give up! It may be possible to adopt a Leonberger from a shelter. The cost to adopt one of these large dogs from the shelter usually falls between $100 and $300.

While the shelter adoption fee can seem pretty high, remember that a shelter is a non-profit. They must pay to shelter, feed, and offer medical treatment to the pets in their care. So, your adoption fee goes to help other pets in need.

Can You Find German Leonbergers Cheaper?

Yes, it’s possible to find German Leonbergers for cheaper prices. However, the places that offer Leonbergers for cheaper prices are usually puppy mills and backyard breeders. These breeders are usually only care about the profits they make.

Dogs from these sources usually have serious health problems and behavioral issues. So, it’s best to avoid these places completely.

Other Expenses to Consider When Adopting a German Leonberger

In addition to the adoption fees, it’s also necessary to consider other expenses that go along with a German Leonberger. These are expenses for items and supplies your fur baby needs when he first comes home!

Here’s a list of the things your fur baby will need:

In addition, it’s necessary to also factor in medical costs for your large fur baby. These will include regular vet checkups, vaccinations, and more.

Summing It Up

As you can see, adoption fees for German Leonbergers can vary. However, there’s one sure thing. If you adopt a Leonberger, you’ll have a large, loving companion for years to come!

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