65 Flower Dog Names

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flower dog names

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Dogs and nature go hand in hand. They love to be outside running and playing, especially with their favorite people! Dogs express their joy when outside. They’re alert, sniffing and exploring everything. Some dogs may try to sniff out that squirrel that teases them on the deck every morning!

If you’ve recently adopted a dog or puppy, you may be looking for that special name that is both uncommon and meaningful. Why not consider a flower name for your canine companion? Flowers are beautiful and there are some that have masculine names that would be a good fit for male dogs. And there are flowers with names that sound very feminine for girl dogs.

We’ve done the research for you to find that special, unique name for your dog. In this article, we’ll take a look at 50 dog names that come from flowers! Let’s get started!

Blue Flower Names for Dogs

Here we’ve put together a list of blue flowers that could be a great name for your fur baby. Did you know the color blue is considered a royal color? It’s a primary color, which we can see in the ocean and the sky. The color blue can signify peace, serenity, wisdom, and more. It’s also thought to be a calming color.

1). Delphinium: is can symbolize strong attachments. In a garden, they’re usually supported by a wall or fence. They add a touch of beauty to any garden. While they do love the sun, they don’t do well in the heart. Delphinium like summers that are cooler and less dry. For a boy dog, you could shorten this name to “Delphi.”

2). Star: this name is inspired by the Blue Star flower; its flowers have a star-shape. The Blue Stars are small and are often used in a garden with other flowers. Gardeners say this is a flower that easy to care of, and they prefer full sun (for at least part of the day). These flowers bloom in late spring and early summer.

3). Clem: this is a name inspired by the Clematis, which is a climbing plant that is often used against a fence or wall. They are very decorative in the garden. While this flower does come in other colors, the blue is beautiful and symbolizes courage and faithfulness. What a great name for your dog!

4). Peri: this name is inspired by the Periwinkle. These flowers grow on a short bush and create a beautiful bank of color in the garden. Because its is close to the ground, this flower is often used as a ground cover. These flowers are easy to grow and care for.

5). Brunnera: this is a five-petal flower that blooms in the early in the spring. It offers a touch of color amidst all the new green.

6). Gent: this name comes from the Gentian flower, which is mostly found in Europe. The flowers are a bell-shape and their blue color pops, making this a beautiful addition to gardens. Gentians attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

7). Sal: is taken from the name of the Salvia. This is a flower that is also called wild sage. It can come in other colors, but the blue is said to be the most beautiful of all. Did you know that Salvias are part of the mint family? Some people even use this flower as an ingredient in tea.

8). Oxford: comes from the name of the Oxford flower. This is a very distinctive flower that somewhat resembles the spiky head of a thistle plant. This is another flower that attracts all kinds of attention from birds, butterflies, and bees.

9). Veron: is inspired by the Veronica flower. These plants can grow to be 3ft high, and there are many spikes around the small blue flowers. This flower can grow in three seasons: spring, summer, and autumn.

10). Indigo: this name comes from the Blue False Indigo, which has sometimes been used for making natural dye. The flowers are a deep blue.

Flower Dog Names Male

Next, we have some more flower names that can work for boy dogs!

11). Admon: this is a type of red peony flower, which comes from the Hebrew language. This would also be cute shortened to “Ad” or even “Adm” (pronounced “Adam.”

12). Aster: these flowers resemble daisies and come in a wide range of colors. They bloom from late summer to fall and are easy to grow. They also attract bees and other pollinators.

13). Clover: this is the name of a plant and flower that usually has three leaves. These are small flowers that are annual, biennial or even perennial. Not many people realize that these pretty flowers related to the legume or pea family! The flowers have spikey petals that generally come in white, red, purple, or even yellow. This is the plant that also brings you luck, if you can find one that has 4 leaves, that is!

14). Mimosa: these trees can grow wild in the southern part of the US. In fact, many people feel that these trees are weeds. They’re not native to the US but were originally brought from the Middle East and Asia back in 1785. The trees can grow up to 30-40 feet tall, and bloom with lovely stringy pink flowers. The flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and others. You could shorten this name to “Mim,” how cute is that?

15). Poppy: these are flowering plants which are often grown in gardens. These beautiful flowers come in vibrant red and yellow. In some parts of the Czech Republic, these flowers grow in vast fields that are lying fallow. What a cute name this could be for a small dog that has a lot of energy!

Cute Flower Names for Female Dogs

Here are some flower dog names girl dogs that are cute!

16). Alyssum: the p lants are used in gardening as borders, in planters, and even hanging baskets. The plants are small and produce a tiny clump of flowers. The flowers come in pink, salmon, purple, white and yellow. They bloom from June to October.

17). Angelica: this name comes from the flowers of the same name. They are grown in the Northern Hemisphere, and the plants can grow up to 4-6 feet! The flowers of the plant are serrated and a bright green color.

18). Azalea: these plants are flowering shrubs that bloom from May until June in the Northern Hemisphere. These are long-lasting flowers that come in a wide variety vibrant colors.

19). Begonia: this name comes from the plant of the same name. While they’re used as decorative houseplants, they can be grown outside in some areas. The flowers come in a wide range of colors that are very bright.

20). Bell: this name is inspired by the Bellflower. This is a plant that has beautiful bell-shaped flowers that come in reds, pinks, white, lavender, and blue. These hardy plants are used in many gardens, and typically bloom about midsummer. They are best suited to warmer climates.

21). Buttercup: these pretty flowers that have bright yellow but can also sometimes be yellow. They usually bloom in the spring but can also flower in the summertime.

22). Celosia: this is a pretty, spikey flower that is related to amaranth! There are over 60 species of this flower that originate in parts of Asia and Africa. The flowers look like flames and burning fire. They’re very pretty and can come in crimson or yellow.

23). Daisy: this is a cute name that comes from the plant of the same name. The plant blooms in flowers that are white, and have come to symbolize innocence and purity, or even new beginnings. The daisy’s meaning is loyal love.

24). Erica: there are over 857 species of erica, which includes English heath and heather. They’re often referred to as “winter heather” in order to keep them from being mixed up with the Calluna, which is the summer type of heather.

25). Hyacinth: this name comes from the hyacinth plant, which comes up from bulbs in the spring. The flowers are extremely fragrant, and the blooms are in tight clusters.

26). Leilani: this is a flower that’s called Plumeria Leilani and is native to the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. These beautiful flowers are very fragrant and come in colors of red, yellow, pink, and white. They’re also commercially grown and used in leis, worn behind the ear, or in a Haku lei, which is worn as a headdress.

27). Mai: this is a type of plant from Vietnam, which blooms in early Spring. In fact, it’s often used for Tet (the Vietnamese New Year). These 5-petaled flowers are a brilliant yellow color.

28). Pansy: is a type of garden flower that is related to Violas. They come in purple, lavender and even yellow.

29). Primrose: this is a type of flowering plant that comes in over 490-600 species! They primarily grow in the Norther Hemisphere and are low-growing plants. They bloom in early spring and continue blooming all through the summer. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

30). Rosemary: is a perennial evergreen shrub that blooms in blue flowers. It’s also an herb used in cooking.

Red Flower Dog Names

Here are some names for dogs that are inspired by red flowers!

31). Amaryllis: these plants grow from bulbs and are generally easier to grow than other bulbs. This flower is often used at Christmas time as a decorative touch with their showy red flowers.

32). Dahlia: this name is inspired by the plants of the same name. They are beautiful flowers that come in vibrant colors, including red. They grow and bloom from midsummer into the Fall.

33). Hibiscus: this is a name that comes from a flowering plant, which is in the mallow family. These are tropical flowers, sometimes also called rose mallow. Did you know it’s possible to make tea from these flowers? It’s red and contains vitamin C, making this a healthy drink from a beautiful red flower!

34). Poinsettia: these are another plant that is commonly used to add a decorative, festive touch at Christmas time. The plant looks like it has flowers, but these are actually leaves that come in white, yellow, pink, red, and other colors.

35). Peony: is a blooming shrub that are extremely appreciated gardeners. They have lovely, large flowers that smell sweet. Did you know that if a peony is placed in a location it likes, it can bloom for 10 years on its own, with little attention!

36). Rose: is a bush that is a perennial. The flowers come in various colors, including red. The flowers have become popular in floral arrangements to express love and more. The stems of the flowers come with sharp barbs that the plant uses to climb on a fence, trellis, and more.

37). Sweet pea: these elegant flowers, which are also extremely beautiful. This flower is highly prized for it’s beauty and sweet smell. It’s also often used in floral arrangements.

38). Tulip: these are extremely popular flowers around the world. The flowers have a cup-shape and come in various colors and shades, including red. Tulips symbolize perfect love, which describes the relationship between you and your fur baby.

39). Verbena: these plants grow close to the ground and trail. They’re common in gardens and have tiny, sweet smelling flowers that have saucer-shaped clusters that are about 3in across. They come in red, pink, purple, coral and other colors.

40). Yarrow: is a medicinal flower, which symbolizes spiritual and physical protection. These delicate flowers are another favorite for floral arrangements.

Other Flower Names for Dogs

If you haven’t found the right name for your fur baby, here are some more that may be a good choice!

41). Lily: this is another well-known flower that is famous for its trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers.

42). Petunia: these are plants that belong to the nightshade family and are native in South America. They’re also popular in the US and are used in gardens, hanging baskets, and more.

43). Violet: are those beautiful small purple flowers that bloom in the spring. They originate in the Northern Hemisphere but are also found in Hawaii and parts of Asia and South America. They usually grown in moist, shady locations.

44). Aubrieta: is a type of flowering cabbage! It comes from southern parts of Europe and is a great favorite in European gardens.

45). Cleome: this is a type of flowering plant, which are also called spider flowers, spider plants, or bee plants. The flowers grow in clump and have seedpods that project out. They come in pink, purple or white flowers.

46). Cosmos: these are annual plants that bloom all through the season. They attract bees, butterflies and birds to the garden. You might say these are the typical cottage flower.

47). Freesia: these plants have tall leaves and a spike of flowers. The flowers are shaped like funnels and have a sweet fragrance.

48). Jonquil: these flowers bear a strong resemblance to daffodils and are sometimes mistaken for these plants. Jonquils have clusters of bright yellow flowers and have a strong smell.

49). Marigold: these are plants that produce bright yellow, orange-yellow flowers. They’re commonly used in gardens to add a pop of color, as well as keeping certain pests away.

50). Zinnia: are related to daisies and have long stems that produce brightly colored flowers. They’re another favorite of gardeners due to their eye-catching, vibrant colors and showy blooms.

51). Carnation: these plants are popular in the garden because of their sweet, white flowers. Carnations are used as bedding plants, too.

52). Dandelion: these plants are known for their long, thick leaves and white flowers. They’re popular as an ornamental plant and a medicinal herb.

53). Honeysuckle: these plants are popular for their colorful, long stems and bright flowers. They’re also known for their strong scent.

54). Iris: Iris are perennial plants that are popular for their showy flowers. They’re also known for their purple or blue colors.

55). Jasmine: are related to the genus Jasminum and have fragrant flowers. They are great for a tropical garden and make a wonderful addition to any garden.

56). Bluebells: are related to the genus Mertensia and have clusters of tiny flowers on stems that range in color from white to blue.

57). Calla: these lilies are related to the genus Calceolaria and have flat, broad leaves. The leaves are often used in Chinese medicine and are fragrant when crushed.

58). Lilac: are grown for their fragrance, which is often described as “strong” and “pleasant.” Lilacs have large, showy flowers that are frequently used in bouquets.

59). Magnolia: are beautiful, tall plants that produce fragrant flowers. They are often used in bouquets, with the flowers usually white or pink.

60). Orchid: are plants that produce beautiful flowers. They’re popular because of their rich color and unusual beauty.

61). Camellia: are grown for their fragrant flowers, which are often white or pink.

62). Chrysanthemum: are popular for their large, bright flowers. They can be grown in containers, but they also make excellent additions to flower beds.

63). Geranium: are popular because of their bright, cheerful colors and bold leaves.

64). Moniker: is a type of sedum. It’s a hardy perennial that can grow in most climates.

65). Snapdragon: is a common name for the Malabar rose. It’s a shrub that can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Other unique names for your dog include Wisteria, Gardenia, or Fleur.

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed the article and that you’ve found a favorite flower name for your pooch!

Tips for Naming Your Dog

When it comes to finding the right name for your fur baby, there are so many options! You can look to inspiration from your favorite movies, books, music, your garden, and more. It can be challenging to find an uncommon, yet meaningful name. Here are some tips to guide the search for your dog’s name

Try to find a two-syllable name: dogs respond and can better hear a word or name that has two syllables. Not only is it easier to call your dog from a distance, but you an also add inflections. Your dog will respond positively.

Avoid names that sound like a cue: some people choose a name for their dog that sounds like a training cue. If the name and the cue sound too much alike, it can be confusing for the dog. If your dog’s name is something like Bo, he may have a difficult time deciding if you’re saying his name or “no.”

Do a test of the nickname name: many pet parents give their dogs a cute name, and then shorten it into a nickname. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, when you find a name that may be a good fit for your dog, try to do a test by shortening the name. Then say this nickname over and over again. Is it easy to say? Can you easily call your dog using the nickname? If not, then you may want to consider a different name.

Inspiration from dog: when looking for the best name for your canine companion be sure to consider his personality and characteristics. These can be great inspiration for what your dog’s name should be. Does your fur baby have a comedic personality? Is he serious? Does he have spots or freckles? These can all help guide you to the best name for your dog.

We hope these tips will help you come up with the best name for your dog! To get you started, we’ve put together a list of dog names inspired by flowers! If you’re a gardener, a lover of flowers and nature, then this list may offer a name that fits your canine companion. Let’s get started!

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