How to Find The Right Dog Breed For You and Your Family

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Dogs are considered as one of the best friends of human beings after their domestication. Nowadays, we are observing an increasing rate in the number of dogs in American households. According to a survey of pet owners, approximately 38.4% of households in the United States own a dog. Right now, there are almost 197 dog breeds in the world registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Also, these dogs are classified into several groups according to their body weight, types, and purposes.

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As a pet lover, you may wonder to adopt or buy a lovely dog for you and your family. With so many options before buying a dog, it’s always difficult to pick the right one. This article will give insight into the valuable tips regarding the best way to find suitable dog breeds for you and your family. Let’s start….

1.    Make your own research

It’s important to choose a dog that fits you and your family’s requirements. There is no alternative way of research to find a suitable breed for you. You can find countless guidelines from several websites, books, and other sources to pick the right one based on your interest. A detailed profile of each breed is easily accessible on every reputable dog website, which helps you to narrow down your search. From these resources, you need to look after the basic information ranges from their health, exercise requirements, nutrition, training ability, grooming needs, certain hereditary diseases, etc. Many breeds are susceptible to specific conditions, whether it is hereditary or not. As a responsible dog owner, you need to be careful about these before choosing that particular breed.

2.    Choose a dog breed according to your lifestyle

After doing suitable research regarding your dog, now it’s time to focus on your own lifestyle. You never wanted a dog that doesn’t match your lifestyle and puts you under extra pressure. To figure out the best dog breeds, you need to be honest about your lifestyle while searching.

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities like walking, or hiking, probably Labrador retriever is the best option for you. These dogs are great on weekly hikes. In contrast, a person who likes to stay in the city may consider Chihuahua as a toy breed. Also, you need to consider your exercise options to choose a suitable breed. If you’re a person who exercised regularly on the outside, it’s wise not to choose an English Bulldog. Because an English Bulldog doesn’t require vigorous exercise in their regular life.

3.    Think about your family

Before getting a dog into the house, it’s essential to consider the needs and personalities of other members of the family. You need to make sure that every member of the family loves the dog and eagerly waiting to welcome the new member of the family. Additionally, if you have young kids in your house, you need to choose a friendly dog that can easily adapt to your children. Examples of such breeds may include Labrador, Golden retriever, Beagle, Poodle, Pug, Boxer, Spitz, etc. You can also choose a new type of dog, named Cavoodle, which is an excellent family dog that is highly energetic, friendly, and requires fewer grooming needs.

4.    Consider your home environment

The indoor environment is essential for every breed of dog. This largely impacts your dog’s temperament and personality. Before getting a dog, consider your living settings, whether it is in urban or rural? Tiny or large apartment? Your dog needs to get adequate space inside your house.  Small living space may not cause any problem to a small type of breed, but for a large breed, this will definitely create some extra headache. For example, you can live with a small breed like Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier in a one-bedroom house, but for larger breeds like Boxer, you need to live in a larger apartment.

A person who lives in a rural area with a lot of room for a dog to run and enjoy themselves can consider some herding breeds. These include Border Collier, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, etc. In a rural area, there is a lot of space for proper training and exercise of a dog, so, considering a herding type of dog is the best option for you.

5.    Considering special purposes

A wide variety of conditions may pop up when you decide to get a dog for yourself and your family. Some people want to have a dog that can guard their house at night. For this purpose, obviously, a guard type of dog such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Boxer, Mastiff, Great Dane, etc. are suitable for any dog lover. Also, some people love traveling and sometimes you may wonder to take your dog with you. But are all types of breeds suitable for traveling? Obviously not! Depending upon the adjustable ability, you may choose Labrador, a Golden retriever type of dog that enjoys a lot of outdoor activities. Besides these, these dogs are good family dogs and can easily adjust to new environments.

To sum up, you need to visit reputable breeders to choose good quality dogs for you. You can select a puppy or an adult dog based on your preferences. For any information, contact with your nearest veterinarian.

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