50 Fashion Inspired Dog Names

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Are you looking for a name for an adopted puppy or dog? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have done some research to find some of the most unique dog name around.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at names that are inspired by the fashion industry! But first, let’s take a quick look at the history of fashion and doggie fashion!

Fashion history is truly interesting! Now that we’ve finished this overview, we’re ready to get on to our list of dog names inspired by fashion!

Fashion Designer Dog Names

Here are some dog names inspired by some of the most famous fashion designers from the 20th century.

1). Chanel: this name is inspired by Coco Chanel, who was a French fashion designer and founder of the famous Chanel brand. She was a modernist who believed in practical designs, as well as simplicity. She was the only fashion designer to be included on the Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century.

2). Donna: this name comes from Donna Karan, whose first collection was named Seven Easy Pieces. This collection was launched in 1984. She is popular because she understands the fashion needs/desires of modern women, plus her fashions were made available at reasonable prices.

3). Armani: is inspired by the fashion great Giorgio Armani. He is an Italian designer who is known for his tailored lines of menswear collections. He first established Armani back in 1975 and was one of the most acclaimed Italian fashion designers by 2001.

4). Calvin: this name comes from the designer Calvin Klein, who has dominated the world of fashion for over 75 years. He established his company in 1968, and created his timeless collections, which put the emphasis on classic, modern styles that were simple, but trendy.

5). Donatella: is inspired by the fashion design Donatella Versace. She took over Gianni Versace’s business in 1997—he was her brother—after he was murdered. Her goal was to make Versace stores cater to different fashion centers around the world, especially in Milan and New York.

6). Lauren: this name comes from the fashion designer Ralph Lauren, who is worth over $7.5 million! He specializes in chic, sophisticated fashions that are also innovative.

7). Dior: comes from the fashion designer Christian Dior, who became famous for his “New Look” silhouette. He established his design firm in 1947 and started creating dresses and suits that were high fashion after WWII.

8). Cardin: this name is inspired by fashion great Pierre Cardin, who was an Italian born in France. He came to fame during the space race, and his fashion clothes had just the right amount of innovation and modern lines.

9). Laurent: this name is inspired by the fashion great Yves Saint Laurent. He became famous for redesigning men’s masculine clothing into feminine versions for women. His dress suits for women became famous and trendy back in 1966.

10). Karl: this is a name that is inspired by the famous Karl Lagerfeld, who is known as one of the most famous designers in the world.

Stylish Dog Names

Here are some dog names that are very stylish today!

11). Caesar (m): this name comes from the great Gaius Julius Caesar, who was a roman general and statesmen who went on to become a dictator.

12). Colonel (m): do you love Kentucky Fried Chicken? Then you’ll probably already know this name comes from the founder of KFC, Harland Sanders. What you may not realize is that Sanders opened his first restaurant in a gas station! He was somewhat of a hothead, too. In fact, he painted advertising signs on barns for miles around the gas station where he started out. This was viewed as an aggressive move by a competitor named Matt Stewart. Steward began painting over the Colonel’s signs. When Sanders found out, he bought a gun and fatally short the district manager of the rival. While he was arrested, the charges were dropped against him and he was free to go. Who knew?

13). Mad-Max (m): is the name of an Australian dystopian action thriller that came out in 1979, and starred Mel Gibson as Mad Max. There are several movies in this series.

14). Dallas (m): is a fast-growing city in the state of Texas and is the largest city in Dallas county.

Fashion Boy Dog Names

Here are some of the most fashionable boy dog names that are currently popular:

15). Atlantis (m): is the ancient Greek name for a fictional island mentioned in an allegory written by Plato.

16). Fonzie (m): is the name of a fictional character that appeared on the sitcom Happy Days. The character’s full name was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, but he was called “Fonzie” for short.

17). Elvis (m): this name comes from the famous singer Elvis Presley. He was one of the most significant icons in the 20th century, and his tunes continue to be quite famous today. You may see men impersonating Elvis in Las Vegas!

18). Bentley (m): is a famous car manufacturer based in Crewe England. While the company is now owned by the Volkswagen Group, this British auto maker is famous for their luxury cars and SUVs.

19). Bali (m): is a province of Indonesia and is the westernmost island of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It’s a famous place for tourists to visit, with plenty of fun activities, beautiful hotels and more.

20). Litmus (m): comes from the scientific test of the same name. This is test is used in chemistry to find whether a chemical solution is basic or acidic.

Fashion Girl Dog Names

Now, here are some of the most current fashionable names for girl dogs:

21). Autumn (f): this is a season that’s also known as Fall in North America, which comes just after the summer. This would be a pretty name for a dog who was born in the Fall.

22). Blondie (f): is one of the characters of the cartoon of the same name. The lady’s name if Blondie Bumstead and her husband’s name if Dagwood. This cartoon presents marriage with a little bit of comic fun.

23). Petunia (f): is a type of flowering plant that’s commonly used in gardens and decorative planters. What a pretty name for a lady dog!

24). Gigi (f): is the name of a famous movie from 1958 which was a romance and musical. The story involves Gigi is sent off to her great aunt to be trained as a courtesan. However, she doesn’t like this type of arrangement, and comes into a platonic relationship with Gaston, who is a notorious womanizer. Eventually, Gaston must choose between his lifestyle as a womanizer or choose Gigi. Watch the movie to see how it ends! This name could be a pretty choice for a Poodle.

25). Blossom (f): is an English name, which means “fresh.”

26). Raven (f): if you have a completely black dog, then this would be a great name for her! This name comes from the large black birds of the same name. These birds are known for being extremely intelligent.

27). Doodle (f): if you have a poodle hybrid, then this would be a great choice of name!

28). Glitter (f): is extremely popular in fashion these days. It’s thought that glitter adds a positive touch to clothing with its sparkle and shine. If you have a very smart dog who has a bright personality, then this would be a great name for her

29). Geisha (f): refers to the beautiful Japanese women who are trained to perform traditional Japanese art forms. They wear beautiful garment known as kimono, which are made from silk and embroidered with amazing designs.

30). Diamond (f): have their own unique fashion trend. These beautiful gems are famous for their colors and extreme brilliance.

Model Dog Names

Here are some dog names inspired by famous fashion models!

31). Kellan (m): comes from the name of a male model called Kellan Lutz.

32). Shemar (m): is a male model who is famous for his role on the TV series Criminal Minds.

33). Tomas (m): is inspired by a Czech male model, Tomas Skoludik, who is based in Prague, the country’s capital.

34). Alessio (m): this beautiful name comes from the male Italian model Alessio Pozzi.

35). Lucky (m): while this is a traditional dog name, it’s also the name of model Lucky Blue Smith, who models for brands such as CK One and H&M.

36). Piero (m): this is a Spanish name which comes from the male Spanish model, Piero Mendez, who models for Calvin Klein.

37). Rhys (m): is the first name of a British model, Rhys Pickering, who was a YouTube star before becoming a model.

38). Xavier (m): is first name of French model Xavier Buestel.

39). Thibaud (m): this name is inspired by famous model Thiabaud Charon, who has worked for Prada, Dior Homme, and Louis Vuitton.

40). Tyson (m): this is the name of a male American model, Tyson Beckford, who has worked for Gucci and Calvin Kline.

41). Twiggy (f): this is the name of a famous lady model from the 1960s. She was known for being thin and having long eyelashes.

42). Tyra (f): is inspired by the famous model Tyra Banks who has a reality TV show to find upcoming models.

43). Gisele (f): comes from the famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen.

44). Gigi (f): this name is inspired by Gigi Hadid, who is currently one of the most popular models.

45). Heidi (f): this name comes from the famous German model, Heidi Klum, who is also a fashion designer.

46). Iman (f): is a famous model from Somali.

46). Chrissy (f): this name is inspired by Chrissy Teigen, who is a model and is married to John Legend.

47). Lauren (f): is a name inspired by the famous model Lauren Hutton, who has appeared on the cover of Vogue a total of 41 times.

48). Zoe (f): this name comes from Zoe Tamerlis Lund, who was an American model and actress.

49). Coco (f): this name comes from Coco Rocha, who is known as the Queen of Posing! Do you have a dog that likes to pose for photos? Then this would be a great name for her!

50). Veruschka (f): this is the name of famous Russian model who was widely popular in the 1960s.

There you have it! Dog names based on fashion! We hope you’ve found a great, unique name for your fur baby!

History of Fashion

If you love fashion, then this is a great inspiration for your dog’s name! Fashion is the style of clothing that is currently popular, which means fashion is always changing and/or going back to styles used back in the day. This is what makes fashion history so very interesting.

Did you know that fashion is thought to have first developed with the ancient Romans and Egyptians? They took a lot of care with their appearance and put a lot of effort into fashion and style. This is when wearing a certain type of clothing first communicated the status of the wearer, along with their wealth and occupation.

Fashion was also a major concern for the wealthy during the Dark Ages, medieval times, the Tudor and Stuart periods. The centers of fashion moved around Europe during these periods, and then moved to Italy in during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and then back to France again.

For many years, Britain, as well as other European countries, influenced fashion around the world during the country’s colonial period.

Fashion was mostly driven by what was viewed as popular in royal courts. There were times when fashion was somewhat outlandish, as the nobility and aristocrats were in competition to see who could dress more stylishly and have elaborate clothing.

The center has fashion has shifted over the years and has included such cities as Paris, London, New York, and Milan. However, these days some other cities are joining the fashion ranks including Barcelona, Rome, Los Angeles, Berlin, and others.

Doggie Fashions

Dog fashions involve the styling of clothing and accessory for dogs. Have you seen the number of doggie sweatshirts and sweaters available at pet shops? People tend to dress their canine friends for various reasons.

Did you know that dog fashion began with the ancient Egyptians? During the pre-dynastic period, people started using decorative collars for their dogs. Some collars were richly embellished. In fact, in a nobleman’s tomb, a dog collar was found that including hunting scenes that had been embossed in to the leather, along with the dog’s name, which was Tantanouit.

Then during the Renaissance, it was fashionable to have dog companions. And you guessed it—pet parents wanted collars that were fitted out with padlocks. This was done to keep anyone from stealing the dog—only the dog’s pet parent had the key to the lock.

Over the centuries, there are paintings that show people have been dressing their dogs. And there are photos that show people in the 1900s even dressed their dogs in human clothing!

Today, dog fashion continues to be popular. Many pet parents dress up their dogs, especially smaller dogs. Dog fashion has become a global industry! And in 2011, there was even a doggie fashion show in New York, which was called Last Park at Bryant Park.

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