Dogs That Look Like St Bernards

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Dogs That Look Like St Bernards

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The Saint Bernard is a giant dog that is intelligent, affectionate, and loved by many people around the world. The dogs have appeared in many TV shows and movies over the years. What’s more, they’re also popular family companions! But are there other dogs that look like a Saint Bernard?

The answer is yes! We’ve done the research and found some other dog breeds that look like Saint Bernards. So, let’s get started!

Dogs That Look Like Saint Bernards

1. Appenzeller Sennenhund

The Appenzeller Sennenhund (Mountain Dog) is a dog that looks somewhat like a Saint Bernard. It’s believed this is an old dog breed, though no one’s really sure. It’s though the dog dates back to the Bronze Age. However, another theory is that the Mountain  Dog is descended from the Molossus, and they went to Switzerland with the Romans.

What’s known for sure is that the dogs were bred to be herding dogs, though they were also used to pull carts. They were also used to protect the farm. The dogs are strong and well-muscled, but they’re not considered a giant dog breed.

Though the dogs love to work, they’re also quite playful! They make a great playmate, too.

Like other herding docks, the Appenzeller Sennenhund is always alert, with his dark eyes roving over everything. They have a short, double coat that keeps the dogs warm in the mountains of Switzerland. These dogs come in black or brown with white and rust markings.

This dog breed is pretty healthy and doesn’t seem to be prone to many health problems. The dogs are also quite pretty!

2. Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka (also called the Caucasian Shepherd Dog) is a giant dog! They can weigh up to 170 lbs, and they have a full, fluffy coat. And if you’re looking for a loyal dog, this may be the one for you!

The dogs help shepherds herd and protect their flocks in the Caucasus Mountains. These are large dogs who have to deal with predators such as wolves and bears. So, you know they’re pretty courageous! And they have a strong prey drive, so they don’t do well with other animals, including other dogs.

The Caucasian Ovcharka is highly intelligent and stubborn, and they don’t deal well with strangers. Because they can be headstrong, the dogs are best with a pet parent who knows how to handle an independent dog with patience and care.

Funny enough, these aren’t high-energy dogs. However, they do need quite a bit of space because of their size. This is not a dog that can live happily in an apartment. What’s more, the dogs do best in a fenced yard where they can run and play.

With the proper training and socialization, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog can make a wonderful family companion!

3. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees was originally comes from the Pyrenees Mountains, where the dogs were developed to be sheep herders and guards. These beautiful white dogs enjoy working with people and are sometimes used as therapy dogs and for rescue work.

These dogs are highly intelligent and are used to working on his own. This is a dog that can think for himself! While that can be great in some situations, these dogs can be challenging when it comes to training. For this reason, the Great Pyrenees are not recommended for inexperienced pet parents.

The dogs are calm when in the house, and they have a great sense of who is a friend or who is someone not to be trusted. These are courageous dogs that are loyal and affectionate with their families. And he will protect his family with his life.

So, if you’re looking for a very large dog who is intelligent, calm, patient, and can guard your home, this may be the dog for you!

4. Tibetan Mastiff Dog

Here’s another dog that’s like a Saint Bernard! This is the Tibetan Mastiff Dog. These dogs originally come from Tibet, where they were used as guard dogs. These dogs have a noble look with their long coat and lovely colors. And they love to work and protect their families. The Tibetan Mastiff is fearless and loyal.

The Tibetan Mastiff is used to thinking on his own, so he’s not always looking to you for queues. These dogs love their pet parents and want to be with them. This is a dog that wants to bond with his family. However, these dogs can be stubborn and challenging to train.

These dogs are quiet unless they’re left alone outside most of the time. In that case, the dogs may become barkers that keep everyone awake!

5. Leonberger Dog

The Leonberger is another dog that resembles the Saint Bernard. These are large dogs that originally came from Germany. They were bred to resemble the lion on the Leonberg (Germany) coat of arms! No wonder these dogs have such a noble bearing.

These are highly intelligent dogs that have plenty of energy and some to spare! They make great competitors in dog sports such as agility and obedience trials and more. The dogs are also used as therapy dogs and for water rescue work.

Leonbergers want nothing more than to be with their families. They’re really not good dogs to leave alone for long periods of time. What’s more, the dogs are very sensitive and don’t do well if there’s a family argument.

What a sweet dog that looks like a Saint Bernard!

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is another Swiss dog breed that sports a tricolor coat and a white “Swiss cross” on their chests. These dogs were bred to herd cattle and pull carts! However, the dogs have also been used on the farm, where they drove cattle, protected the family, and pulled carts. These dogs love to work hard!

These dogs are also famous for having wonderful temperaments. They are loyal, loving, eager to please, and highly intelligent. They’re also easy to train. The dogs can also be a bit on the goofy side at times. And they do well with kids and their families!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are a few of the dog breeds that look like Saint Bernards. We hope this article helps you find a fur baby that’s perfect for your family and looks like a Saint Bernard!

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