Dogs from Lady and the Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp is a classic animated movie put out by Disney on June 22, 1955. Over the years, many kids (and adults) have been entranced by the story of Lady and Tramp! The story is a lovely tale of doggie romance, which does have a happy ending! Of course, we won’t give away the ending, but it’s OK to say it’s a good ending!

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Have you ever wondered about the dog breeds of the main characters in the story? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some information about the main characters, their dog breeds, and then information about each canine breed featured in this lovely doggie tail (tale)!

Characters from Lady and the Tramp

Lady: Cocker Spaniel

Lady, played by Barbara Luddy, is a Cocker Spaniel in the story. She’s one of the main characters and is a Christmas present from Darling to Jim Dear. She is the center of their lives until a baby comes along! Through her adventures, Lady meets and eventually falls in love with Tramp. In the process, she learns more about the world around her and more about how to relate to her humans.

Cocker Spaniels were originally bred to be hunting dogs; however, they’ve become loving family companions over time. They’re usually happy and are very gentle, playful dogs!

This dog breed became hugely popular just after WWII. They are prized for their sweet natures and gentleness. Cockers usually weigh about 30lbs and have beautiful, soft, wavy fur. They are known for their beautiful faces and expressive eyes, as well as their long, hanging ears.

These dogs are very focused on their humans and don’t do well if left alone for long periods. If they are left alone too long, Cocker Spaniels may develop separation anxiety, which can lead to excessive barking, crying, and destructive behaviors.

Cocker Spaniels need at least 30 minutes of exercise about twice a day. This can include walks, playtime, or running in the dog park. They also enjoy training, which stimulates their mind and body at the same time.

This dog breed comes in various colors, including black, black & tan, buff, brown, silver, and more. Then there are “parti-color” Cockers, who are black and white, brown and white, red and white, or another combination of three colors.

Cocker Spaniels are intelligent, trusting dogs. While they still have the strong urge to hunt, they still make wonderful companion dogs. They can be a little wary of strangers; however, Cockers are quite loving and affectionate with their family.

Cocker Spaniels can get along well with kids and other pets, including cats and other small pets. However, they don’t do well with birds. These dogs are very trainable, but they have sensitive spirits. This means they respond best to positive reinforcement training, accompanied by plenty of praise and treat rewards!

Tramp: a Mixed Breed Dog (Mut)

In the film, Tramp is played by Larry Roberts. Tramp is a cute mixed breed dog who is considered to be a mutt. There’s nothing wrong with a mutt! It’s been suggested that Tramp does have some Terrier in him. What’s more, Tramp has the ability to dodge dog-catchers!

Tramp is a roguish character who believes that Lady is very fine but naïve. For this reason, he gives her the nickname of Pidge (short for pigeon).

Mutts are a combination of naturally bred dogs. This means that humans are not responsible for the resulting mixed-breed dog. Even though these dogs are not pedigreed, they can make wonderful companions!

Mutts come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are loving and gentle, while others are more roguish, like Tramp. Some mixed breed dogs love to run, while others are couch potatoes. You never know what you’re getting with a Mutt!

Did you know that about ¾ of all the dogs in a shelter on any given day are mutts? That’s right! And these dogs are as deserving of love and a fur ever home as other dogs.

These dogs may require some training and socialization, just like other dog breeds. Training and socialization ensure the dog is obedient and can adapt to a wide range of people and experiences. You’ll have a happy, well-rounded dog through training!

Are Mutts healthy? They are usually considered to be healthier than purebred dogs. This is because their genes come from a broader range of dog breeds than do purebreds. However, there’s no absolute guarantee a mutt is healthier than other dogs. It really depends on his ancestry.

Jock: The Scottish Terrier

Jock, the Scottish Terrier, was played by Bill Thompson. Jock lives near Lady.

Scottish Terriers are thought to be gruff dog breed; however, they are loyal and protective (just like in the movie!). These short-legged dogs were originally bred to hunt badgers, foxes, and other animals. Wouldn’t you be gruff if you had to hunt badgers? You would! And you’d need to be pretty tough and independent, too, just like a Scottie. These dogs are also brave, which is another required trait when hunting badgers.

While these dogs can be stubborn and independent, they’re also highly intelligent. They’re also wary of strangers and take their time evaluating whether they accept a person or not. Once a Scottie decides you’re a friend, you two will be friends for life!

These dogs are extremely adaptable and do well in a city apartment or living in a larger home in the country. And they love to dig holes, which naturally follows being a badger hunter. They also have a tendency to chase prey out of their territory.

Scotties are challenging to train because of their strong independent minds. They will not respond to commands until they decide to do so. The dogs are trainable; it just takes some patience and understanding to work with these amazing dogs.

These dogs can also be quite serious dogs, and they have a lot of dignity. What’s more, Scottish Terriers are pretty sensitive underneath their gruff exterior. They don’t respond well to harsh treatment and do exceedingly well with positive reinforcement training, backed with plenty of treats and praise (probably in that order!).

Scotties are usually healthy dogs; however, they are prone to certain health conditions, including:

Trusty: Bloodhound

Our next character is Trusty, the Bloodhound, played by Bill Baucom. This character once tracked criminals with his grandfather, Old Reliable, until he lost his sense of smell!

The Bloodhound, just like Trusty, does depend on his strong sense of smell to hunt down prey. The dogs were originally bred in medieval Europe to hunt deer and wild boar. Today, the dogs are used by police departments, search and rescue work, and more because of their wonderful sense of smell.

The amazing thing about Bloodhounds is that they don’t attack once they’ve found their person or prey! Who knew?

These are large dogs that tend to drool quite a bit. They are also said to smell like hounds, though we’re not sure exactly what a hound smells like. The dogs are highly focused on tracking scents from the time they’re puppies.

Bloodhounds tend to be stubborn, determined dogs who can also be laid-back and easy-going. They can also be affectionate, though they are wary of strangers. Some Bloodhounds can be pretty noisy when they bark and become excited; however, there are others who are quieter.

While Bloodhounds are usually easy-going, they still require training and socialization from a young age. They respond best to positive reinforcement training methods. Be sure to have praise and treats on hand for when the dog does what he should!

Bloodhounds are considered healthy dogs but can develop certain health conditions, including:

Bull: Bulldog

Bull is a Bulldog, played by Bill Thompson. In the story, Bull is a stray Bulldog who speaks with a Cockney accent. We’re not quite sure what type of Bulldog Bull is, but we’ll take a look at the regular Bulldog.

The Bulldog was originally bred in England as a bull-baiting dog. The very first mention of this dog breed was back in 1500. Thankfully, the bloody sport was ended with the Animal Cruelty Act in 1835. The Bulldogs of that time were different than today’s dogs. They were taller and heavier, for one thing. But they did have a short nose, like today’s Bulldogs.

Today, Bulldogs are companion dogs, and they’re no longer aggressive like their ancestors. These dogs tend to have a short muzzle, with a pushed-in nose, and a massive, square head. The dogs also have broad chests and shoulders, with short, thick legs. They’re also quite muscular. Bulldogs also have foreheads that are very wrinkly. What’s more, this dog breed tends to have an undershot lower jaw with massive jaws.

Bulldogs are popular dogs in the US and make great companions. They prefer to play for short periods and then head to the house, where they can snuggle down into their dog bed or blankets.

Bulldogs are not able to tolerate warm, humid climates. This is because of their pushed-in noses. They can have a very hard time breathing in hot, humid weather. They’re also very sensitive to cold temperatures.

Peg: Pekingese

Peg, the Pekingese, is played by Peggy Lee. Peg was a stray Pekingese who became friends with Lady at the dog pound.

Pekingese are beautiful small dogs who have a ton of attitude. And no wonder! These dogs were once the companions to the imperial court of China! These are dogs full of dignity and pride. This dog breed is highly intelligent, too, and has a very independent personality. Pekingese believe they’re the ones in charge and do things when they choose to!

While these dogs may have very royal attitudes, they are known to be very affectionate and loving with their family. They are wary of strangers, though. They make great watchdogs who will let you know when strangers are nearby!

Pekingese don’t always get along with other dogs; however, they do tend to get along with their own breed for the most part.

These dogs are also known for their long, silky, flowing hair! It’s due to their hair that this breed needs to be brushed daily. Some pet parents choose to keep their Pekingese’s coat trimmed to keep grooming to a minimum.

Pekingese can be somewhat challenging to train due to their independent natures. However, they are trainable and respond best to positive reinforcement training. They also need to be socialized from a young age.

Pekingese are usually pretty health; however, they can develop the following health issues:

Dachsie: Dachshund

Dachsie is played by Bill Thompson in the movie. Dachsie is a stray dachshund at the pound who can speak with a German accent! No wonder, since these little dogs originally came from Germany!

Dachshunds go by many names, including wiener dogs, sausage dogs, Doxie, and many more. Just about everyone is familiar with these unique small dogs. They’re the ones that look like a hotdog walking on four short legs! Doxies are famous for their long, low bodies and short legs!

These dogs were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers and other small critters. Experts believe the breed dates as far back as the 15th century when the dogs are first mentioned. These small dogs were also, surprisingly, used to hunt foxes and wild boar!

Doxies are confident small dogs who carry themselves quite proudly. They’re highly intelligent and extremely cute! Even so, their short legs were developed to make it easier for the dogs to dig out prey and maneuver in tunnels. These are brave dogs, which should come as no surprise when they were used to hunt boars.

Today, Dachshunds make wonderful family companions. They’re known for being very playful, and they love nothing better than to be near their favorite pet parent. What’s more, they make great dogs for apartment dwellers and those who don’t have access to a backyard.

The main problem with these dogs is their tendency to become overweight. They love to eat, and being too fat can lead to back injuries and other health problems.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! We’ve covered the dog breeds that are represented in the movie Lady and the Tramp! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about each of these dog breeds!

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