Top 10 Dog Breeds with Long Life Expectancy – Guide

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Dog Breeds with Long Life Expectancy

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When you breed dog, you will have to measure its life span. Dogs are varied. All the puppies can’t have longer life span. Depending on their sizes and health, they get longer lives. Usually, small size dogs are lucky to live over decades comparing to medium and large size dogs. In the world, you will find top 10 dog species whose aging process is time-consuming.

What to Check When You Breed Dogs with Longer Life Span

Necessity of nestling long life span breeds is not overlooked. Every year, many innocent dogs face the untimely death. They receive infections and germs. Malnutrition is also a factor which affects the health of the dogs. Researchers have collected around 30 thousand records confirming the deaths due to negligence. If masters are careful, they can avoid the mishap. Dogs which have no health issue can have strong bodies. They have awesome resistance power. When you go to any dog sale market, you will have to put emphasis on the specific breeds with the least risk of death. Their aging is slow and they can outperform any top species. For this reason, buyers have to select the breeds through a thorough survey. According to experts, there are approximately 18 breeds which struggle for longer life expectancy.

One of the conditions of buying the breed with long life span is health. Measure the wellness and fitness of the breeds. If the dog eats nutritious foods, he or she can restore the dynamic energy and speed. The immune system of the puppy should be strong. Review and evaluate the health conditions of the breeds which are expected to spend a few more springs.

Behavior is also a great influencer for controlling aging of the breeds. Aggressive and wild dogs lose energy fast. They are not friendly. Dog owners have to treat them in a different way. If these dogs bark loudly round the clock, they can’t stay safe with cool mind. For this reason, modern vets and researchers’ study on the behavioral patterns of dogs to have a link with the aging process. Genome culture and blood analysis are also conducted. These analytical reports state that dogs have connection with the behavioral systems to regulate the life span. That’s why, you need to find the best breeds which have controlled emotion, and homely nature. All the dogs breeds have similar traits. They have no sign of arrogance and excessive anger. It is a prominent sign of good behavior. If they behave well, they also extend their life span. Check the list of top 10 breeds with high rate of durable lives.

Chihuahua Has Dynamic Life Span

Dog breeds like Chihuahua have the strength to resist aging. They eat nutrients and do physical activities to get more energy. Experts hope that Chihuahua breed lives over 20 years if they are kept healthy and bold. However, surveys have proved that these dogs suffer from heart diseases and eye infections.

Toy Poodle – Energetic to Make Long Stays

Toy Poodle is energetic and brave. The four to six pounds weighty dog has well-built muscles. On an average basis, Toy Poodle is evergreen with stamina to live vigorously. This breed is stronger than large animal. 10 to 18 years life span of this breed takes place.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is youthful and smart. Though it is in small size, it has awesome lengthy life span up to 16 years. This special breed is not weak but it can cope with top dog breeds. Jack Russell Terrier is one of the best breeds for grooming. Height of this breed is 14 inches. Recorded weight is 13 to 17 pounds. Black and white colored coat of the dog is vigorous, young and salubrious.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is commonly known as a little sweetheart due to its amicable nature. Easily it can befriend neighbors. This is a good sociable pet dog. Moreover, its life force is excellent as it has winning spirit with sportiveness to attract others. This special breed is an asset to a family member who has the interest in small dog breeding. This 9 to 15 pounds Tzu breed has double color coats ranging from white, black, blue to silver.


Maltese is a typical breed which does not want separation. It is lovely and adorable. You can rear it up comfortably. The average life span is 13 years. However, this sweetheart is prone to anxiety and emotional detachment. Its height is 9 inches max with seven pounds weight. This is a tiny healthy creature which prefers the social mixing and association.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is not lap sensitive. That means, it is a bold and over active breed. If you prod it, there will be quick reply from this dog. It runs restlessly hankering after you. This chasing tendency makes it more aggressive. Readiness of mind is excellent. Experts confirm that Yorkshire Terrie is not short-lived but it has durable life. It lives up to 16 years maximum if it receives timely dog care and treatment.


Pomeranians are brave soldiers with loyalty in nature. They can do anything for your safety. The prowess of this breed is appreciable. People like to buy Pomeranians for home protection and nocturnal surveillance. In the list of longer life span dog breeds, Pomeranians is one of the best species. 7 pounds weighty dogs like community and friendship. Their life expectancy ranges from 12 to 16 years.

Shiba Inue

If masters want peace, they can choose Shiba Inue breed. It is reticent and cool. However, this particular breed has the courage to face untoward situation. Shiba Inue is also a good breed with higher level of energy and youthfulness. The life span is around 16 years.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dog is comparatively powerful and self-reliant. You can depend on this breed. Many dogs of this species are able to live for 20 years. The overall size of the dog is 17 – 20 inches max.


Dachshund is a remarkable breed with longer life span. Short trimmed hairs of Dachshund species give the dog extra gloss. You can groom this dog for more swiftness and boldness. Usually, its coat colors are chocolate and tan.

All the dogs are small and healthy.  They have awesome life force and energy. However, before making any purchase online, you should visit Puppy Heaven for unique information about top breeds with longer life potential.

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