Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

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Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

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There’s nothing cuter than a dog with long, floppy ears! But what is it about dogs with floppy ears? They seem very friendly, loving, and kind, even if the dog is from a breed that’s not quite as passive as his ears may suggest.

Floppy dog ears usually drape down and frame the dog’s face in the most adorable way! And the dog’s eyes look even more soulful and loving than ever!

Are you looking to adopt a dog with floppy ears but aren’t sure which dog breed to choose? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some information about floppy-eared dog breeds to help you find the right fur baby for you and your family!

Dog Breeds with Floppy Ears

1. Black & Tan Coonhound

The Black & Tan Coonhound was originally developed in the 1900s in the US. The dogs were bred for hunting and their long ears are actually helpful to track the dogs’ prey.

These dogs love to work, but when they’re done hunting, they love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with you. What’s more, these dogs tend to develop separation anxiety if left alone too long. They may howl or develop other unwanted behaviors.

Coonhounds are friendly dogs and make great family companions!

2. Afghan Hound

The next on our list of dog breeds with floppy ears is the Afghan Hound. These dogs look very glamorous and are sometimes called the “Kind of Dogs” for this reason. They have long, flowing ears and fur. You might say these dogs look like movie stars!

Afghan Hounds are very noble and regal. However, these dogs primarily hunt by sight and love to run. They’re highly intelligent canines that have a more independent spirit. This aspect of their temperament can make Afghan Hounds somewhat challenging to train.

In addition, Afghan Hounds also require plenty of attention when it comes to grooming. That’s because they have such long fur, so it’s necessary to brush these dogs regularly.

3. Setter

There are four Setter dog breeds that have floppy ears! These dogs include the Irish Setter, Gordon Setter, English Setter, and the Irish Red & White Setter.

Setters are sporting dogs that are used for hunting. They have a tendency to crouch (also called “setting”) when they find their prey. The setter usually takes a low body stance, almost touching the ground, with the dog’s attention on its prey.

One thing to know about setters is that they don’t get along well with small pets. That’s because the dogs have a strong prey drive. The dogs may even chase cats and other small dogs. However, with proper training and socialization, the dogs can learn to get along with other pets and animals.

The Irish Setter is a dog most people can quickly identify. That’s because the Irish Setter has long, luxurious red hair! They also have feathering on the chest, legs, tummy, and tail.

Next is the setter is the Gordon Setter. These dogs are the largest of the setter breeds and tend to have a large bone structure. The dogs are also easy to spot with their black & tan coats. These dogs originally came from Scotland, where they were originally developed by Alexander the Fourth, Duke of Gordon.

The English setter, like the other setter breeds, has floppy ears. They’re smaller than the Gordon and Irish Setters and usually have long fur and a freckled coat. The dog’s coat is white, with either orange or black markings.

The last of the setters is the Irish Red & White Setter. These dogs also have floppy ears and were first developed in Ireland. Irish Red & White setters are usually smaller than Irish Setters; however, they’re very strong, durable, and athletic dogs.

4. Cocker Spaniel

Next up on our list of dog breeds with floppy ears is the beloved Cocker Spaniel! Many pet parents love the Cocker Spaniel. This dog was featured in the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp, where Lady was a posh Cocker Spaniel.

These small dogs are mild and docile and make great family companions. These dogs are also very friendly with strangers and kids. They’re easily adaptable, too. The dogs are famous for being gentle, which makes them a favorite for seniors and kids.

Cockers are the smallest sporting dogs on the AKC’s list of dogs. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs. However, today, these special dogs are usually family companions. These dogs can be a little bit nervous; however, dogs from reputable breeders are usually trained and socialized. This makes the dogs more confident and well-behaved in numerous circumstances and with other animals.

5. Beagle

Everyone loves a Beagle and his floppy ears! Here, think of the cartoon character Snoopy, who appears in the famous Peanuts cartoons! These dogs have dark brown or hazel eyes that just melt your heart! The dogs are usually happy and outgoing, with a balanced nature. What’s more, Beagles are curious, determined, and highly focused on food!

Beagles are also famous for their excellent noses. That’s because these dogs are scent hounds. They primarily hunt by scent. A Beagle has about 220 million scent receptors in his nose, while we only have about 5 million. With more scent receptors, the dogs make excellent hunting dogs.

These dogs are often used for different jobs, such as sniffing luggage at the airport, sniffing out drugs, and more. In addition, the dogs are small and gentle, which makes them very adaptable to living in apartments and other small homes.

6. Basset Hound

The last dog on our list of dog breeds with floppy ears is the Basset Hound! These dogs have some of the floppiest ears in the dog world! The adult dogs are very laid back and gentle. They also don’t require that much exercise.

Basset Hounds need to be with their families. Otherwise, they can develop separation anxiety. This can lead to the dogs barking excessively or even digging up everything in the yard! So, be sure to spend plenty of time with your Basset Hound to ensure he’s happy and not bored.

Summing It Up

As you can see, there are a number of different dog breeds that have floppy ears! Each breed is unique and has their own personality. However, each of these floppy-eared dog breeds makes loving, gentle, loyal family companions!

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