Different Pitbull Bloodlines

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Different Pitbull Bloodlines

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Pitbulls are considered to be highly aggressive dogs; however, the truth is a bit different. It all depends on the dog’s bloodlines and the breeder. How is the dog raised? Has the breeder trained and socialized the Pitbull from a young age? All of these points can determine whether or not a Pitbull or any other dog breed is well-behaved and loving or disobedient and possibly aggressive.

But what are a dog’s bloodlines? And what are the different bloodlines of Pitbulls? These are a couple of the questions we’ll review in this article! Read on to learn more about Pitbull bloodlines!

What are a Dog’s Bloodlines?

A dog’s bloodlines are the genetic predecessors that came together to produce the dog and/or the dog breed. This is also referred to as the dog’s pedigree. This is the dog’s or a breed’s ancestry and heritage.

Breeders may go use three to five generations of canines to produce specific physical traits, temperament, and other characteristics. Bloodlines always include genes from the father and the mother.

The bloodlines of the mother and the father are mixed together in their puppies’ genes. That’s pretty confusing!

This is how bloodlines are created and why. Breeders look for specific characteristics they want to produce consistently across generations. And this is how different Pitbull bloodlines have been developed.

What’s the Difference Between a Bloodline and a Breed?

It can be confusing when you’re talking about breeds and bloodlines. Aren’t they the same? Well, no. A dog’s breed refers to the specific family of dogs he belongs to. For instance, German Shepherds, Chow Chows, and Chihuahuas are all specific dog breeds.

A bloodline, on the other hand, is a specific dog’s pedigree or ancestry. The dog’s bloodline includes his parents, grandparents, and more.

It is true that each dog has a breed and a bloodline. The breed determines a dog’s overall characteristics and temperament; however, the bloodlines determine even more specific characteristics when it comes to temperament and appearance.

So, Pitbulls (and other dog breeds) have specific breed and bloodline characteristics. When talking about Pitbulls, there are about 10 different Pitbull bloodlines that are popular.

Here are some of the most popular Pitbull bloodlines! These are not put in any particular order!

1. Razor’s Edge Bloodline

The Razor’s Edge Bloodline sounds like a vicious dog; however, that’s not the case with these Pitbulls! These dogs have sweet, affectionate personalities, and they were bred to be canine companions. The dogs are known for being somewhat clingy and very loving. The Razor’s Edge Pitbull makes a great companion dog for families.

The dogs have large heads with short muzzles and slim bodies with broad chests. Their coats are very shiny.

This is a Pitbull bloodline that has created one of the most beautiful Pitbulls around!

2. Old Family Red Nose Pitbull

The Old Family Red Nose Pitbull has bloodlines that date all the way back to the mid-1800s. They were originally bred in Ireland. The dogs have red noses, toenails, and shiny, red coats.

The dogs are great athletes and have a great reputation for running and jumping. They’re also highly intelligent and learn fast. These are great dogs for dog sports such as agility and obedience.

The Old Family Red Nose Pitbull also makes a great family companion!

3. Carver Pitbull

The Carver Pitbull bloodline is one of the most popular, which has also been used to develop other Pitbull bloodlines. Because these bloodlines are so popular, it can be challenging to find a purebred Carver Pitbull.

The dogs are stocky and muscular; they’re also known for being pretty tough. Unfortunately, this is has led some disreputable breeders to breed the dogs for bad purposes. However, plenty of reputable breeders love the Carver Pitbull bloodline.

When properly trained and socialized, these Pitbulls can be quite loving and laidback. It depends on the dog’s bloodlines and the breeder.

4. Goliath Pitbull

The Goliath Pitbull bloodline is a large Pitbull! They can weigh up to 150 lbs or more! The first dog of this bloodline was named Mugleston’s Blue Goliath. This dog was famous for being a sweet, large dog!

Most of the dogs in this bloodline have the same temperament. So, if you choose to adopt a Goliath Pitbull, don’t be surprised if you end up with a very large, loving lap dog!

5. Colby Pitbull

The Colby Pitbull bloodline is one of the oldest and most popular of the Pitbull bloodlines. This bloodline goes back to 1889 when a breeder named John Colby developed the pedigree. Colby was a breeder in the US; however, he brought breeder stock over from England and Ireland.

Pitbulls in this bloodline have shiny coats and do shed quite a bit. So, expect to brush your dog quite a bit if you choose a Colby Pitbull.

Colby Pitbulls are known for their bulky heads and short tails. Their bodies are usually in the same proportion as their heads. The dogs are known for being especially loyal and charmer. They also excel in dog sports competitions.

6. Jeep Pitbull

The Jeep bloodline has a very bad history; however, it has overcome this dark time by producing some amazing dogs. The name of this bloodline comes from a dog named Crenshaw’s Jeep. Crenshaw was the name of the dog’s owner. Unfortunately, Crenshaw used the dog as a fighting dog. Because the dog was highly successful in dog fights, other breeders were highly interested in his genes.

Jet Pitbulls tend to be very muscular, have deep-set eyes, and have short, bristly coats. While the dogs do have a violent past, today, this Pitbull bloodline is sweet and loving. They can make wonderful family companions for the right families.

7. Monster G Pitbull

The Monster G Pitbull bloodline has also been named of the first dog in this line. The first Monster G was a large, intimidating watchdog. However, he was also very playful and loved to run in his yard. The dog was also appreciated for offering guard dog services in his neighborhood.

The Monster G is a Pitbull is a huge dog that has a wide body and large head. You might call these dogs a tank! However, their looks aren’t true to the dog’s temperament. Monster G Pitbulls are known for being gentle. And like their progenitor, they tend to love running and playing. And they make excellent watchdogs!

8. Gottiline Pitbull

The Gottiline Pitbull is a bloodline that first originated in 1997. It was developed by Richard Barajs at his kennel in Los Angeles. This bloodline was named for its progenitor, who was named The Notorious Juan Gotty.

Gottilines are usually bulkier than Pitbulls from other bloodlines. They also tend to be lower to the ground and stocky. The dogs have thick, muscled necks, too. When you see a Gottiline Pitbull, you may be pretty intimidated; however, these dogs are friendly with people and other dogs. However, they must be properly trained and socialized from a young age.

9. X-Pert Pitbull

The X-Pert Pitbull is another bloodline that goes back a bit to 1930. This bloodline was developed in Texas by two breeders named Clifford and Alberta Ormsby. They understood how the Pitbull breed had become filled with too many deformities and health problems. So, they worked to improve the breed with a female Pitbull named Madge.

X-Perts are bulky, muscular dogs that are powerful and quiet agile. They are great at dog athletics and are able to jump very well. They are usually humble dogs that don’t want to start problems with other dogs or people.

10. Budweiser Crusher Pitbull

Here’s a creatively named Pitbull bloodline! This is one that you may think was named after the famous beer, but that’s not the case. These dogs have red noses, with coats that can come in a wide range of colors, including blue and brindle.

Budweiser Crushers are sweet-natured dogs that are friendly, and they get along great with kids. They also excel at dog competitions. What’s more, these dogs are accepted into the show ring, too!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are some of the most popular Pitbull bloodlines around! This is not an exhaustive list of Pitbull bloodlines, though. There are over 100 Pitbull bloodlines currently active.

But our point is that when a Pitbull comes from excellent bloodlines and a reputable breeder, it’s possible for the dog to be sweet, loyal, and loving. It all comes down to the dog’s genetics (bloodlines) and how the breeder deals with their dogs.

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