Corgi Basset Hound Mix – Owner’s Guide

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Corgi Basset Hound Mix

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Have you ever heard of the Corgi Basset Hound mix? Are you looking for a dog to adopt? Then you may want to consider one of these beautiful dogs! If you adopt a Corgi Basset Hound mix, you’ll have one very loyal, intelligent dog!

If you’d like to learn more about this dog mix, then read on! We’ve put together information to help you learn all the basics about this dog breed. That way, you’ll have the information to make an informed opinion about whether a Corgi Basset Hound mix is right for you or not! Let’s get started!

What is a Corgi Basset Hound Mix?

The Corgi Basset Hound mix is a cross between two purebred dogs—a Welsh Corgi and a Basset Hound. The result is a hybrid dog breed, which may also be referred to as a “designer dog.” No one is quite sure who first bred these dogs; however, they were probably first developed in the 1990s. At about that time, breeders were trying to experiment with breeding different dog breeds. The goal, for some, was to create a healthier hybrid dog that had the best qualities from both parents.

Speaking of qualities, it’s important to understand what a hybrid dog is. Some people have the mistaken idea that a hybrid dog is a 50/50 mix of their purebred parents. However, that’s not the case. In reality, hybrid dogs randomly inherit genes from both parents. The result is each puppy in a litter is a unique individual. However, it can also happen that some of the puppies more resemble their Basset Hound parent, while others look more like their Corgi parent. There could even be puppies that look like both!

So, you never know for sure what a hybrid dog will be like. However, you can tell some things from the parents. Here, we can help you with some information about the purebred dogs used to create the Corgi Basset Hound hybrid!

The Corgi originally came from Wales in Britain. They were bred to be working dogs that helped tend the cattle. The dogs are highly intelligent and strong herders. These dogs can be of various colors, including red, sable, fawn, and tri-colored. They usually have white markings on their chest, neck, legs, muzzle, and belly. They may also have a white blaze on their heads. They also have erect ears and oval-shaped, dark eyes. Corgis tend to be very lively and strong dogs!

The other purebred parent of the Corgi Basset Hound mix is the Basset Hound. These dogs are thought to be descendants of the St. Hubert Hound (an ancestor of the Bloodhound). The dogs date back to about 1585 when they were first shown in an illustrated book about hunting.

These dogs originally come from France, where they were used as hunting dogs. From there, the dogs were taken to Britain and later the US. These dogs tend to have a laidback personality and are short, like the Corgi. They have heavy bones and muscular bodies, though they are short. The dogs are scent hounds, meaning they follow the scent of their prey when hunting.

Basset Hounds have rounded heads, with a long muzzle and loose skin around their faces. The dogs look as if they have wrinkles! When they’re not hunting, these dogs are calm and may even be a little bit lazy. They’re very loyal to their families, too. And they do well with other pets.

So, these are the purebred parents of the Corgi Basset Hound. Now you have a little background on these dogs, let’s move on to their hybrid mix!

Appearance of the Corgi Basset Hound Mix

So, what does a Corgi Basset Hound mix look like? Remember, as a hybrid dog, he may look like either his purebred parents or a combination of the two dog breeds. So, the appearance of your Corgi Basset Hound may vary.

However, we can say that the Corgi Basset Hound mix is a medium-sized dog. They usually have a rough, dense coat that comes in white, black & tan, tan, red & blue. Those are some very pretty colors!

When it comes to their face, the Corgi Basset hybrid may look more like a Corgi, with long floppy ears like his Bassett Hound parent. The body may be slightly longer than a Corgi and be a little big taller, too. However, these dogs usually have short, stubby legs. They’re usually very alert dogs who are ready to go!

Corgi Basset Hybrid Size, Weight, & Height

When it comes to their size, weight, and height, the Corgi Basset hybrid is a medium-sized dog (as mentioned earlier). They stand between 13 to 20 inches tall. And they weigh between 41 and 65 lbs.

The males (as in most dog breeds) are usually larger than the females. So, these dogs are a little larger than their Corgi parents and about the same size as a Basset Hound.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix Personality & Temperament

When it comes to personality and temperament, you’ll find these dogs are a great mix! Each dog is an individual; however, the Corgi Basset Hound mix is a great cross between their purebred parents.

For one thing, these dogs are very loving. They love to spend time with their pet parents as much as possible. And they’re loving and loyal to the entire family.

These dogs need plenty of love and attention for all their devotion. They truly want nothing more than to be with their families having fun and loving them.

Next, Corgi Basset Hound hybrids are very intelligent dogs. Because of this, they can also be a little stubborn and think on their own. For this reason, these dogs are not the best for first-time or inexperienced pet parents. Corgi Basset mixes need a pet parent that understands how to handle these dogs. They also need to be patient and be committed to the consistent training of their dogs.

While these hybrid dogs are working dogs, they still love to have fun! They enjoy having playtime with their family and pet parents. This is key because the dogs can easily become bored and then start digging holes in the yard. So, it’s essential to ensure Corgi Basset Hound mixes get plenty of attention and exercise every day.

These dogs do tend to bark. Both the Corgi and the Basset Hound are barkers, so it only stands to reason their puppies will be barkers, too! However, these hybrid dogs are extremely trainable, so it’s possible to train them when to use their bark.

While they do bark, Corgi Basset Hound mixes are not very good watchdogs. They tend to be very friendly with everyone. So, a robber or intruder may be barked at and then licked to death after entering your home!

Are Corgi Basset Hound Mixes Good with Kids & Other Pets?

The Corgi Basset Hound mix is an excellent dog for families. They’re friendly and affectionate and love to be with their families. They’re also eager to please and love socializing with humans (even strangers!). What’s more, Corgi Basset Hound mixes also tend to do well with kids.

However, it’s essential that your Corgi Basset Hound mix has been properly trained and socialized from a young age. Otherwise, the dog may try to “herd” young children! They may do this by nipping the kids’ ankles, which is what Corgis do when herding cattle. So, be aware of this. And it’s not a good idea to leave these (or other) dogs alone with your kids.

Also, with socialization and training, these hybrid dogs can get along well with other pets.

Corgi Basset Hound Health Issues

Corgi Basset Hound mixes are usually very healthy dogs; however, they are prone to some of the same health issues that affect their parents, including:

One of the best things you can do to keep your dog healthy is to make regular visits to the vet. Regular vet checkups can help stop health issues before they become serious. Many conditions are more easily treated and cured in the early stage. Also, be sure your dog gets all his required vaccinations.

These dogs have a life expectancy between 12 to 15 years. The right dog food and regular vet visits can help keep your fur baby healthier for longer.

In addition, if you’re concerned your fur baby could develop a serious health condition, you may want to consider buying pet health insurance. There are many pet health insurance policies available that cover routine care (such as checkups), medications, vaccinations, emergencies, and more. With a pet insurance policy, you’ll have the comfort of knowing there’s financial help available if your canine companion becomes seriously ill. A pet health insurance policy can really help in these cases.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix Diet

When it comes to their food, these dogs tend to eat quite a bit for their size. For this reason, these hybrid dogs need high-quality dog food. They need to eat about 2.5. to 3 cups of dog food every day, which can be divided into two or three smaller meals.

If you’re not sure which dog food is best for your dog, be sure to ask the breeder or the vet. They have knowledge of the breed and understand your dog’s nutritional needs.

One more note—try not to overfeed your Corgi Basset Hound mix. These dogs may overeat and become overweight or even obese. This can lead to some serious health issues in the dogs.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix Exercise Requirements

These hybrid dogs are extremely active and love to run and play! They require a large area to play and move around, combined with daily walks.

Your fur baby will need about 40 minutes of exercise each day; however, more is better.

Your Corgi Basset Hybrid mix will love to play fetch, learn tricks, attend obedience training classes, and more. Plus, they love all the love and attention you shower on them in the process!

Remember Corgi Basset Hound hybrid dogs are also very intelligent. They require plenty of mental stimulation, too. You can provide this through activities by using interactive dog toys and dog puzzles, and more.

Without the right mix of mental stimulation and plenty of exercise, these dogs may develop negative behaviors. A bored dog is never a good thing! They will come up with their own ideas on how to relieve that boredom!


Corgi Basset Hound mixes are known to shed quite a bit. So, they should be brushed about once a day; however, they should be brushed at the least once a week. Brushing helps remove shed hair, dirt, and debris from the dog’s body. It also helps control shedding in the house! Brushing means that fur doesn’t end up on your furniture and clothes.

These dogs need to be bathed only when necessary. If your dog becomes dirty and stinky, it’s time for a bath! Bathing them too often may cause skin irritation and infections. Bathing removes the protective oil from the dogs’ skin and coats, leading to dry, irritated skin.

In addition, these hybrid dogs have long ears that also need attention. It’s necessary to check their ears for dirt and pests.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix Puppies for Sale

Where can you find a Corgi Basset Hound mix puppy for sale? You can either find them at a reputable breeder’s or adopt one of these wonderful dogs from a shelter.

What’s more, in the shelter, you’ll probably find more adult dogs than puppies. But that’s OK! Adult dogs need and deserve a loving home, too!

When it comes to cost, adopting from a breeder can run between $600 to $800 or more. Adopting from a shelter may cost between $100 to $300.

In addition, adopting from an urban area usually costs more than adopting a dog from a smaller town or rural area.

Summing It Up

As you can see, Corgi Basset Hound mixes can make wonderful family companions! Just be sure they’ve had plenty of training and socialization. With this hybrid dog breed, you’ll have a loving, affectionate, loyal dog for years to come!

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