Cocker Spaniel Haircuts

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Cocker Spaniel Haircuts

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Cocker Spaniels are adorable dogs and are one of the top dog breeds in the world! We’re sure it’s due to their adorable faces and lovely eyes! However, not many people realize that these dogs need to be trimmed and groomed regularly to keep their fur coats healthy and shiny.

If you have a Cocker Spaniel, have you ever thought about his haircut? Do you have a favorite style that you love on him? If not, and you’re looking for Cocker Spaniel haircut ideas, then read on!

We’ve put together a list of top Cocker Spaniel haircuts! We hope you can find a great new haircut for your Cocker Spaniel fur baby!

Top Cocker Spaniel Haircuts

1. Best-in-Show Cut

Here’s a haircut that’s really a great way of showing off a Cocker Spaniel in wonderful ways! The show cut is the same whether you have an American or English Cocker Spaniel. The hair on the dog’s ears is blended in with the back of the head and top part of the neck. The face is kept neat and clean.

The dog’s belly, chest, and legs are left long to form a sort of shirt around the bottom of his body. The “skirt” is a fringe of fur that begins just below the top of the rib cage and drapes around the body.

The show cut is a precision cut that’s best left to a groomer who knows how to properly groom Cocker Spaniels. Before the groomer cuts the dog’s fur, the dog needs to be bathed first. Then the groomer uses a dog-friendly hair dryer to dry and straighten out the dog’s curly fur. Once this is done, the groomer can then begin this precision haircut.

2. Traditional Cut

The traditional cut doesn’t call for as much precision as the show cut. This is a more practical haircut. Here, the “fringe” is left longer on the torso. The dog’s face is shaved, so your Cocker Spaniel’s adorable face and expressive eyes are clear to see! And the groomer doesn’t have to straighten the dog’s fur before trimming.

The one downside of the traditional cut for Cocker Spaniels is that it’s necessary to bathe your fur baby more often to maintain this luxurious look.

3. The Sheep Cocker Spaniel Cut

Here’s a unique haircut for a Cocker Spaniel! This haircut makes the Cocker look more like a wooly sheep! Here, the dog’s fur is cut about an inch (or a little shorter) over the dog’s entire body. His face is shaved clean, too.

When finished, your canine companion will look like a plush sheep stuffed toy! This is an adorable haircut for a Cocker Spaniel!

4. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is another popular haircut for Cocker Spaniels, and it’s not just for puppies! This haircut is perfect if you’d like a hairstyle on your fur baby that’s easy to maintain.

For this style, the dog’s fur is left about one inch long over the entire body, including the dog’s legs and ears. The good thing about this haircut is that you don’t have to brush your Cocker Spaniel every day to maintain the style and remove tangles.

Even so, this is a haircut that must be trimmed about every six to eight weeks. Otherwise, your dog wil end up with longer hair that needs to be brushed every day.

If you’re brave, you may be able to manage this style by cutting your dog’s hair at home. But if you’re not comfortable with that, then be sure to visit the groomer every couple of months or so.

5. The Cocker Cut

This style is similar to the show cut but is just a little bit shorter. The Cocker cut removes most of the dog’s body hair but leaves the skirt in place. The skirt can be left any length you desire.

The head hair is usually trimmed along with the face, so you can see your canine friend’s beautiful face. The ear fur may also be trimmed to a similar length as the body hair.

While your Cocker Spaniel may feel more comfortable with this shorter style, you will need to brush his fur daily. That’s because the fur can easily become snarled and matted. Daily brushing keeps your dog’s hair looking smooth and healthy.

Tips for Grooming a Cocker Spaniel

When it comes to keeping your fur baby looking beautiful, grooming is key. That’s because the Cocker Spaniel has long hair that easily tangles and mats. And if you go a day or so without brushing your dog, his hair will start to tangle right away. So, it’s necessary to keep up with your fur baby’s grooming routine on a daily basis.

You’ll need a dog-friendly metal comb (with teeth spaced a medium length apart) and a brush made for Cocker Spaniel fur. The key to keeping the dog’s hair tangle-free is not to brush or comb the knot. Instead, it’s necessary to gently work the knot by slowly picking it apart. Once the tangle is gone, then you can continue combing and brushing your fur baby as usual.

When brushing a Cocker Spaniel’s ears, use a gentle touch. The dog’s ears are very sensitive and the hair tends to be thicker here. The skin in this area is also very thin and can easily be damaged.

Regular Bathing is a Must

Another key to keeping your Cocker Spaniel beautiful is regular bathing. Their luxurious, silky coats need a high-quality shampoo that keeps the hair silky and includes a de-tangler. Be sure to rinse the shampoo thoroughly from the dog’s fur. Cockers tend to have sensitive skin that may react to soap residue.

One of the best ways to dry your Cocker Spaniel is with a dog-friendly brow dryer. Most dogs are OK with the dryer once they become used to the sound. What’s more, the blow dryer keeps the coat from staying wet underneath, leading to fungus buildup in the coat and ears.

Once you’ve finished drying your fur baby’s hair, it’s time to check his ear canals. The dogs can develop waxy buildups or infections because their ears hand down. So, it’s necessary to check your dog’s ears every time he has a bath.

Summing It Up

We hope the haircuts in this article will help your Cocker Spaniel to always look his best! With proper grooming and care, your fur baby’s hair will be the most luxurious and beautiful on the block!

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