Chow Chow Price Range Cost

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Chow Chow Price Range Cost

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Chow chows are beautiful, independent dogs that look somewhat like a lion or a bear. They’re also known for their black tongues!

Are you thinking about adopting a Chow Chow? If so, then you’ll need to know how much it costs to adopt these dogs. In addition, it’s also essential to know how much it costs for the items and supplies your dog needs.

We’ve put together some information about Chow Chows, how much they cost, and the other costs associated with these dogs.

What’s a Chow Chow?

Chow Chows originally came from China and are an ancient dog breed. There are records dating back to 206 BC for Chow Chows! The dogs were used to guard temples, hunt, and more. Eventually, the dogs came to the notice of English merchants in the 1700s. They bought the dogs to take back to England. There, the dogs soon became popular. Queen Victoria loved these dogs.

Chow Chows are highly intelligent, independent dogs. Pet parents sometimes describe these dogs as being somewhat cat-like because of their independent natures. The dogs are also dominant and protective. They make great watchdogs.

Chow Chows usually have one favorite person to whom they are very loyal; however, with proper training and socialization, they can get along with everyone, including kids.

These dogs have a very distinctive appearance. They strongly resemble lions or bears! And they have a very proud bearing. The dogs also have deep-set eyes with a large mane of hair on the head. While these dogs look like big, huggable teddy bears, they really don’t like being hugged too much.

Chow Chows do well with kids, especially those he’s been raised with. However, the dogs are not very tolerant. For this reason, Chow Chows do better with older kids, who know how to properly treat a dog.

What’s more, Chow Chows can be extremely territorial and protective. They are not fond of strangers and will give a warning if someone approaches.

When it comes to the dogs’ black tongue, the Chinese have an interesting legend. It’s said the dogs’ black done got its coloring during the creation of the world. A Chow licked drops of color as the sky was being painted, resulting in his tongue becoming a blue-black color. How cool is that?

When it comes to training, Chows do best with positive reinforcement training. They don’t do well with being hit, and they will respond to physical abuse in a negative way. However, if a pet parent knows how to be firm and consistent when training a Chow, the dog will respond in a positive manner. They’re also quick to learn!

Chows can live in apartments and other small homes but they require daily exercise to keep excess energy controlled.

Chow Chows usually stand between 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 70 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Chow Chow Cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of a Chow Chow. For instance, if you adopt from a reputable breeder, the dog will be more expensive than one from a shelter. In addition, adopting dogs in urban areas is more expensive than adopting them from a small town or rural area.

The cost of a Chow from a reputable breeder is also determined by these factors:

For Chows from a reputable breeder, you may pay between $850 to $3,800. These are dogs meant to be pets. However, if you plan to show your Chow Chow, expect to pay more.

Other Costs of Adopting a Chow Chow

Next, it’s essential to consider other costs of adopting a Chow Chow. We highly recommend buying your dog’s items and supplies before you bring him home for the first time. Noting is more welcoming than a home that’s all set up for your new fur baby!

Here’s a short list of items you’ll need to welcome your Chow Home:

Chow Chow Medical Costs

Chow Chows are usually pretty healthy; however, they are prone to the following health issues:

Medical costs can go as high as $760 a year for Chow Chows. This price includes regular vet checkups, flea & tick treatments, vaccinations, and more.

One way to help cover the cost of medical expenses is to purchase pet health insurance. Several different pet health insurance policies cover everything from regular checkups, vaccinations, and more. So, if your fur baby becomes ill, you’ll have financial help right away to cover the costs.

Summing It Up

Chow Chows are beautiful dogs that look like small lions or bears. The dogs make great family companions, especially families that have older kids. Chows may be somewhat standoffish and not like hugging, but that’s OK. However, these dogs are extremely affectionate and loyal to their pet parents.

If you decide to adopt a Chow Chow, we’re sure you’ll have a loving companion for years to come!

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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