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An unwritten opinion states that dog owners tend to behave or have similar traits to the dogs they own. For example, if your dog is affectionate or always disposed to help other pets, you may develop a similar caring trait.

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Many dog lovers prefer to invest in Boxadors because this dog breed is active (full of life), protective and loyal. The kindness and the adventurous nature of a Boxador also make it one of the perfect dogs for small and large families.

As a dog lover, you want to adopt a Boxador. While there are several Boxador rescue groups and organizations, you want to adopt the pet from the right source.

Before that, we would like to let you know that the Boxador is a dog breed that is bred because of the mating between the two parents – a Labrador Retriever dog breed and a Boxer Lab.

We want to make the journey easier for you. So, here are some of the best and most reliable Boxador rescue groups and organizations where you can find a kind and friendly Boxador to adopt.

1.    Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

This is a Boxador rescue organization that sees Rescue as much more than just a word. The organization takes it to be a promise that must be fulfilled.

So far, they have been doing well because they have not only rescued many Boxers; they have also helped many of those pets to find perfect adoption matches.

Before Boxadors are given up for adoption, the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue team takes the time to test the dogs’ reactions to different environments and situations. This is in addition to the re-training sessions. All those are aimed at helping the rescued Boxadors to start becoming acquainted with the possible adoption to adopters who want to start taking care of the dogs.

The organization also partners with many foster homes and foster parents where the rescued Boxadors will be kept for a while until the organization finds a perfect match to adopt the dogs.

You can as well become a partner of Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue by donating cash or dog-related items so that the organization will have more resources to save the lives of more dogs that are exposed to danger.

You can start your Boxador adoption process at Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue by visiting their website or sending them an email for enquiries via the links below:

Email Address:

2.    Boxer Rescue Ontario

Ontario is not left out by dog rescue organizations that help take many dogs out of pitiful and saddening situations. Boxer Rescue Ontario is the dog rescue organization that offers rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing services for Boxers in Ontario.

It is exciting to note that this organization doesn’t release the Boxadors in its custody to any Tom, Dick and Harry that claims to love Boxadors and take care of the dogs.

Instead, you will be subjected to a wide range of checks and pre-stated adoption processes so that your application can be accepted or declined.

First, you will be required to complete the Foster or Adoption application form, depending on the one you want.

Second, the Boxer Rescue Ontario representative will call you to confirm the application you submitted. The 30-minute call session sometimes includes the details of your home, as well as the reasons why you want to adopt a Boxador.

Third, you will be matched to a Boxador only if your answers to the telephone interview are reasonable.

After the matching, you will be contacted again, this time, to set up a home interview so that a volunteer from Boxer Rescue Ontario will visit your home for the final assessments.

If the outcome of the assessments is favorable, you will be allowed to adopt a Boxador from Boxer Rescue Ontario. Note that you are required to pay an adoption fee of $600 for Boxadors between 0 and 6 months; $500 for fully vetted and 2-years old Boxadors, and about $250 for Boxadors between 7 years and older.

Email Address:

Address: P.O. Box 68510, Great Lakes, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6R 0J8

3.    New Jersey Boxer Rescue

New Jersey Boxer Rescue has been rescuing Boxers since 2003. It is now 18 years since the 501(c)(3 non-profit organization started Boxers rescue.

The volunteers believe that every dog deserves a second chance at life and love. That is why they work tirelessly to rescue, train and remodel the previous behaviors of the rescued dogs.

Besides, most of the volunteers have excellent backgrounds because they have either owned or currently own a Boxer. So, they are in a better position to attend to the needs of the rescued Boxadors because they are already familiar with the breed.

The organization also offers a wide range of Boxador rescue services, such as adoption, volunteer, and surrender by the previous Boxador owners.

Telephone Number: 1-877-233-9594

4.    Green Acres Boxers Rescue

Green Acres Boxers Rescue has an outstanding track-record in its commitment to offer abandoned, hurt, sick and abused Boxers a second chance at life.

The organization does only focus on the rescue or Boxers but also covers most of the important aspects, such as vetting the rescued dogs, putting up the rescued dogs for adoptions and tending to the needs of the dogs. At the same time, the pets are still in their care.

Besides, Green Acres Boxers Rescue has helped rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever, loving homes for 1,023 dogs.

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 608-561-7377

Address: 124 W. Freistadt Road, #563 Thiensville, WI 53092

Boxadors are your best friend – and you need to show the dogs that you care about them. Ensure that you adopt a Boxador from the right source, such as the organizations on the list.

Which dog rescues do you always think of when you want to adopt a Boxador?

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