Australian Shepherd Price Range Cost

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Australian Shepherd Price Range Cost

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Are you looking to adopt an Australian Shepherd? Then you’ll need to consider how much it can cost to adopt one of these beautiful dogs!

We’ve put together some information about the adoption fees and various factors that determine the price for one of these hard-working dogs. Let’s get started!

What is an Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is an athletic dog that’s about medium-sized. They are muscular and powerful, too. They have the stamina to work all day long and easily maintain their speed and agility! How amazing is that?

These working dogs were originally bred to herd cattle. For that reason, Aussies (another name for Australian Shepherds) are fast and can change direction on a dime! These dogs are also highly intelligent and love to have a job to do.

Aussies are popular in the US but are mainly used by farmers and ranchers. These dogs need a lot of space to wear off all the energy they have!

Australian Shepherd Adoption Fee: Reputable Breeder

You can adopt one of these beauties from a reputable breeder. The average cost for this type of adoption is between $650 and $850. However, there are other factors that can determine the adoption fee for an Australian Shepherd.

Here are some of the main factors that can determine an Aussie’s adoption fee:

Australian Shepherd Reputable Breeders

Dogs that some from reputable breeders are usually sought after. These are professional breeders who love their dogs and usually specialize in one breed only. Reputable breeders use best practices for breeding, caring for their dogs, and ensuring they have the medical care they need. Breeders also provide training and socialization for dogs from puppyhood. So, you get a lot of your money.

You can find a reputable breeder through the AKC’s Breeder of Merit Program. The program has requirements that must be met by the breeders before they’re accepted. The breeders in this program must pay attention to the health, temperament, genetic screening, and more for their dogs.

Aussie Colors & Price

Another factor in the price of adopting an Aussie is the dog’s color. Reputable breeders usually don’t charge more for different color coats. However, it is possible they will, if one color becomes more popular than others, for instance.

Pedigree of Aussies

The pedigree of an Australian Shepherd can also factor into the dog’s adoption cost. Dogs that come from excellent bloodlines and/or have parents that were show dogs will cost more.

In addition, dogs that have been registered with kennel clubs (such as the AKC) will cost more. These dogs have papers establishing their bloodlines.

Pedigreed dogs may have a specific skill, excellent parents, and more. If you see a pedigreed Aussie dog you’d like to adopt; you may notice a “CH” next to their name. The “CH” stands for “champion.” The dog may have competed in competitions and won. These may be herding, agility, or other types of competitions.

Keep in mind that the more champions a puppy has in his line, the more he will cost to adopt.

Healthy Dogs Cost More

In addition, the healthier a dog is, the more he will cost to adopt. An example of this is if you find an “OFA” in regard to hip dysplasia in the dog’s record. This is a common problem in many dogs, which is a deformation of the hip socket. Dogs are examined and graded in this way: Excellent (E), Good (G), or Fair (F).

You may also find other health information about a dog’s eyes and more.


The location of an Australian Shepherd can also affect his adoption fees. You may find this price variation by doing a search for Aussies across the country. The adoption fee varies by state and location.

For instance, if Aussies are in higher demand in a certain area, you can count on the adoption fees being higher.

Australian Shepherd Adoption Cost: Shelter

Another place to find purebred or even missed Aussies is at the shelter. You may want to consider this if your budget doesn’t have room to buy from a reputable breeder. Keep in mind that these dogs are in high demand, so shelters usually don’t have a high number of Aussies. However, it can happen. But keep in mind that it may take some time and patience to find one of these beautiful dogs in a shelter.

It’s also possible to find shelters that specialize only in this dog breed. Australian Shepherd rescues are another great place to find a dog.

Generally, adopting an Aussie from a shelter may run between $100 to $300. What’s more, dogs in cities tend to cost more than dogs in small towns or rural areas.

Remember that adoption fees are used to cover the price of keeping the dog. Adoption fees cover housing, dog food, and medical care (such as vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and more). And remember that shelters are non-profit organizations. They have invested a lot of time and money into the dogs and need to recoup their costs for other dogs that end up in their shelter.

Other Costs That Come with Adopting an Australian Shepherd

Remember, there are other costs involved with adopting an Aussie, too! Before you bring your fur baby home, it’s best to have bought everything you’ll need to care for him. Here’s a quick list that your dog will need when he first comes home:

Summing It Up

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into factoring in the adoption cost of an Australian Shepherd. Going with a reputable breeder may mean the adoption fee is higher, but then you’re assured of a healthy, well-rounded dog. On the other hand, adopting from a shelter can be more affordable.

No matter where you adopt your fur baby, we’re quite sure you two will have many happy years together!

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