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Have you ever heard of an Ausky? If not, that’s OK! This one was new for us, too! However, if you’re looking for a canine companion, then you may want to consider an Ausky.

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We’ve put together some information about this dog breed so you can learn more about these lovely dogs!

What is an Ausky?

An Ausky is the combination of an Australian Cattle Dog and a Siberian Husky! This combination results in the Ausky, which is a hybrid dog breed. Some also call hybrid dog breeds “designer” dogs or crossbreed dogs. No matter what you call these sweet Auskies, all you need to know is that the dogs are a cross between two purebred dogs, resulting in a hybrid dog!

The cross of two intelligent working purebred dogs results in a dog that’s extremely active and is highly intelligent. As with the parents, it’s crucial to understand your Ausky is sweet, yes. However, he will need proper training and socialization to help him become well-rounded and easy-going. More on that later!

Auskies require lots of daily exercise and activities. Just as they need to exercise their bodies, these dogs also need a lot of mental stimulation.

Auskies are large dogs that stand between 18 to 25 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 65 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Because Auskies are a hybrid dog breed, they’re not recognized by the AKC. However, these beautiful dogs are recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry.

What is a Hybrid Dog?

Keep in mind that these are hybrid dogs. This means they receive genes from both parents. When the puppies are bred, there’s no way to predict what they’ll look like, their temperament & personality, and more.

Each puppy in a litter is a unique individual. You may find that the puppies resemble one another, or each one is completely different. It depends on the genetics they’re inherited and which of those genes are dominant.

Some puppies may be more like their Husky parent, while other puppies in the same litter more strongly resemble their Blue Heeler parent. It just depends. What’s more, no hybrid puppy is exactly a 50-50 mix of their parents.

The genes are impossible to predict; however, you can gain some insights into the puppies from their two parents. If the parents are friendly, easy-going, and intelligent, it’s probable the puppies will be, too!

History of the Ausky

The Ausky is a new breed, so there’s not a lot of information available on the breeders. However, we do know plenty of information about the purebred parents of the Ausky.

The Australian Cattle Dog (also called a Blue Heeler) originally came from Australia. The dogs were bred to be sheep herding dogs. One interesting note is that these dogs are a combination of Smithfields (a British dog) Dingos (a feral canine breed by to Australia by the continent’s earliest inhabitants). From there, other breeders added in Collies and Dalmatians to create the Blue Heeler we know today! These dogs have endurance, strength, loyalty, and more. They’re amazing dogs that can withstand the sometimes harsh environment of Australia.

The Ausky’s other parent is the Siberian Husky. Most people are familiar with the Husky. These beautiful dogs originally come from Siberia, Russia. They were bred by the Chuchki people around 3000 years ago. The dogs were used as sled dogs and had the same toughness as the Blue Heeler. However, these dogs were bred for the harsh, cold temperatures of Siberia.

The Ausky is a combination of these two amazing dogs! As you can imagine, the Ausky is just as amazing in its own way!

Ausky Appearance

Auskies are medium-sized dogs that have an athletic build and muscles. They have a broad skull, pointed ears that stand up, and almond-shaped eyes. Speaking of their eyes, these dogs may have eyes that are blue, brown, or one of each!

When it comes to their coat, Auskies have a double coat with a dense undercoat. The undercoat adds a layer of protection in all weather for the dogs. Auskies that are more like their Blue Heeler parent may have an undercoat that’s a bit kinky and soft, with short guard hairs. Dogs that take after their Siberian Husky parent will have a downier undercoat with longer fur on the upper coat.

The Ausky can have a brown or black nose. When it comes to their fur, there are many coat color possibilities. The coat colors may include:

Their coats may contain any mix of these colors and various patterns.

Ausky Temperament

The Ausky comes from parents who are very active and intelligent. These dogs tend to be friendly and love their families. They’re also very loyal and protective of their people and property.

Because these dogs are so protective, they may have a tendency to herd kids and other pets. You may find this more in an Ausky that is more like their Australian Cattle Dog parent.

One note, both parents of the Ausky have a strong prey drive. The Ausky may have a similar tendency. They may chase cats and other small animals, even those in their own home. For this reason, it’s essential that your Ausky goes through obedience training and socialization. What’s more, the Ausky may be more tolerant of cats and other small pets if he grows up with them.

Another note is that these dogs require plenty of vigorous exercise every day. They may need at least about 1 hour or more of daily activity. Their day might include a couple of longer walks  (morning and evening), some vigorous play time, and other activities. These dogs also excel at dog sports such as agility, herding, and more.

Dogs that don’t receive plenty of exercise every day may become bored. Remember, these are highly intelligent working dogs! They require something to keep both mind and body busy. If these needs are not met, the dog will find his own “entertainment” and activities. His activities may include chewing up furniture, woodwork, digging, and much more. We’re not exaggerating. So, you want to make sure your Ausky has plenty of exercise every day to avoid these types of issues.

Ausky Care

So, how do you take care of an Ausky? We’ve got you covered there, too! Auskies may either take after their Siberian Husky or Australian Cattle Dog parent.

So, if the dog takes after his Australian Cattle Dog parent, then he only requires a bath once in a while and regular brushing. The brushing is important, as it distributes the oil from the skin over the dog’s coat. With regular brushing, your fur baby’s coat will be shiny and clean. Brushing also gets rid of detached fur, dirt, and debris.

If your fur baby takes after his Husky parent, then he won’t need a bath quite as often. However, he will need to be brushed every day. This is necessary because, like his Husky parent, the Ausky may shed more. Daily brushing helps cut down on the amount of fur all over your clothes and the house. It can also reduce some of the dog dander in the home for those who have allergies. Brushing each day also keeps the dog’s fur from matting or snarling.

Ausky Healthy Issues

Auskies are usually pretty healthy; however, like any dog, they may be prone to some of the health issues that may be genetically inherited from the parents. Some of the health issues that may be a problem in these dogs include:

One note on deafness. Both the Siberian Husky and the Australian Cattle Dog carry the gene for a merle (blue to bluish-gray) coat and for different colored eyes. The genes can result in distinctive features for these dogs; however, the genes are also responsible for deafness. However, these conditions are rarer than they are common. Still, it’s good to be aware of these issues.

One way to keep your Ausky healthy is through regular checkups with the vet. Taking him to the vet for checkups helps spot health problems (or potential issues) before they become more serious. In many cases, early diagnosis and treatment can keep a condition from getting worse. So, make sure you get your canine companion to the vet for checkups. And do be sure your dog gets the required vaccinations. These are all great ways to keep your dog healthy for years to come!

Another option to consider is purchasing pet health insurance. There are policies available that cover just about everything, including regular checkups, vaccinations, and more. Be sure to read through the policy information to understand exactly what’s covered (or not). Then you’ll have help if your dog does develop a more serious condition.

Ausky Diet

Auskies are highly active dogs and require the right nutrition to stay happy and healthy! They require dog high-quality dog food every day and should be fed about 2-3 meals a day. Each meal is about 2-3 cups of dog food.

However, the amount of food your dog needs each day depends on his age, activity level, and weight. For instance, a puppy will have different nutritional requirements than a senior dog. So, if you’re not sure about the type of food or how much food your fur baby needs, contact the vet or the breeder. They’ll know what’s best for your dog!

Finally, make sure your dog has access to fresh, clean water all throughout the day. He needs water to stay hydrated and to help his digestive system function correctly.

Ausky Training & Socialization

Auskies are intelligent dogs, just like their Australian Cattle Dog & Siberian Husky parents! Another thing the Ausky shares with his parents is a stubborn streak and independent thinking. Both parents have to make decisions when working. The Ausky will have inherited this trait.

The Ausky is highly trainable; however, they can be stubborn. They respond best to positive reinforcement training, lots of praise, and treats. Don’t forget those treats!

Another essential part of Ausky training is socialization. Socialization is the process of teaching a puppy how to behave correctly around other animals, humans, and in different situations. The puppy learns how to handle himself in new environments and stays confident at all times.

Socialization begins when the puppy is young and may continue up to about three months of age or longer. After this period, the dog may still continue with socialization. This is important for both his wellbeing and his safety.

When dogs are properly socialized, they’re well-behaved, relaxed, and safer. They stay safer, but the other animals and humans around him are also safer. Dogs that have not been socialized can be dangerous and cause injuries or worse.

So, make sure your Ausky dog/puppy receives obedience training and socialization. Both of these are highly important for his wellbeing and happiness. These are also crucial for the animals and humans he’ll encounter throughout his life. 

Where to Find an Ausky?

If you’re interested in an Ausky, you can choose to adopt through a reputable breeder or a shelter. These are the best options when adopting any dog. Be sure to avoid any facility that appears to be a puppy mill or backyard breeder.

The reason is that puppy mills are only in it for the money. They really don’t care about the health and happiness of their dogs and puppies. Dogs from these sources often have serious health and behavioral issues due to poor breeding practices, lack of training & socialization, and more.

Backyard breeders may love their dogs; however, they really don’t have knowledge of proper breeding practices. Their dogs may be a mix that’s not truly an Ausky. The puppies may also have genetic defects, be unhealthy, and not receive the right training and socialization.

So, if you’d like an Ausky, then a breeder or a shelter is the best choice. A reputable breeder cares about his dogs and usually specializes in one breed or hybrid. In addition, the dogs and puppies receive health care, training, and socialization needed to make them happy, healthy dogs.

When you adopt from a shelter, you never know what you’re getting for sure. However, these are dogs that have no one to love them or give them a home. They receive food, medical care, and more at the shelter. However, they need and deserve a home just like any other dog.

Is an Ausky the Right Choice for You?

We hope this article has helped you decide if an Ausky might be the right dog for you!

If you choose an Ausky, make sure you can spend plenty of time with him, ensure he gets the right amount of exercise and has healthy food to eat. If you can do all of this and give him plenty of love and attention, then an Ausky might be the right dog for you!

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