American Bully XL, Price, Weight and Size

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American Bully

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Would you like to know more about the American Bully dog breed? Are you preparing to adopt an American Bully? Then we’re here to help!

Our article takes a look at this breed, where the dogs come from, and also discuss some of the myths about these wonderful companion dogs. Let’s get started!

What is an American Bully?


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These dogs are sometimes mistaken for Pit Bulls; however, American Bully dogs are a distinct breed that’s quite separate from Pit Bulls. These dogs are well known for their large muscles, and their resemblance to Pit Bulls. In spite of their intimidating looks, these dogs are very affectionate and they’re even good with kids!

These dogs are considered a new breed. The bloodlines of the American Bully breed date back to the 1900s. Standard American Bully dogs were bred in the United States and these dogs are considered to be one of the most aggressive dog breeds by some. These dogs are very powerful and they’re known for their ability to intimidate other dogs. In other words, a bully. However, they’re not dangerous when they’re trained properly. They can be very friendly and well-mannered dogs. With early socialization, these dogs can become wonderful family companions.

The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the American Bully as a gentle giant breed. These dogs are friendly and very affectionate, but these dogs need plenty of exercise, and they can be destructive if they don’t get enough.

In the United States, there are some standards that must be followed in order to breed American Bully dogs. For example, Pocket American Bully dogs must have an official American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) registration number.

The American Bully Kennel Club has set up certain standards that must be followed in order to be an official American Bully dog. These dogs must have a registered parentage with the American Bully Kennel Club, and they must also be of a standard height and weight.

The American Bully breed was first developed back in 1980 and 1990. The breed was started by some American dog enthusiasts who wanted to create a dog that resembled the Pit Bull and other Bully breeds, but were bred to be companion dogs.

They bred American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier, along with a bit of French Bulldog, English Bulldog, American Bulldog. This is why they somewhat resemble Pit Bull Terriers, and are sometimes mistaken for this breed.

The American Bully is an excellent dog for people who are experienced with dogs. These dogs need lots of exercise and training to be a good pet. The breed standard of the American Bully is high and they require lots of exercise to stay healthy.

American Bully Breed Characteristics


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These dogs have a very muscled, athletic build; in fact, the American Bully dog has often been compared to a tank. That is quite an apt comparison! In addition to their muscles, American Bully dogs are also known for their square-shaped heads, large jaws, short legs and a long tail. The bone structure of the American Bully dog is very strong, but it’s not excessively heavy. The fat content of the American Bully dog is medium. Usually, they have wrinkly face and short muzzle. The hair on the American Bully dog is short and dense.

The American Bully breed has oval eyes that come in a variety of colors including hazel, brown and amber. Their noses also vary in color and can be black, Isabella (a light tan color), blue, or brown. Their fur also varies in colors, with the most common being:

The dogs come in four sizes:


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American Bullies can weigh anywhere from 66 to 88lbs and are highly adaptable. They are comfortable in an apartment, or in a house with a yard. American Bully XL weight is typically more than the other dogs. They can way between 80 to 150 lbs, making them quite a bit larger than the other types of American Bully dogs. In addition, the XL has these characteristics:

The American Bully XL bite force is very strong, coming in at 305 PSI, which is much more than a Pit Bull. And these dogs are not considered aggressive, thank goodness!

With their large muscular bodies, these dogs are suitable to be guard dogs. However, they need lots of physical activity and mental stimulation to be happy. Other breeds like the Olde English Bulldogge are very similar to American Bully dogs.

American Bully dogs are often used as a work dog. They’re well-suited for these purposes and they can be a very useful addition to any family. They’re also used as a police dog and they’re used in several sporting events such as obedience, herding, and sledding. These dogs are also used as guide dogs.

With their powerful bodies, these dogs are good for dog fighting and they’re often used as guard dogs. However, they can be very aggressive and they need to be trained carefully. These dogs have a high energy level and they need lots of exercise and attention.

American Bully Puppies

Usually, the American Bully puppies are very socialized from a young age and they’re very energetic. These dogs love to play and they’re always ready for a game of fetch. They’re very smart and well-mannered, and they can learn commands very quickly. American Bully puppies can make great pets for children, especially if the children know how to play with them properly.


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American Bully XL Temperament

While these dogs do love their pet parents and families, and are considered to be easy to train, they do need a firm hand when it comes to training. They’re very intelligent but may not be the best dog for a first-time pet parent. This is because they are so intelligent that you need patience working with them. American Bully dogs need a pet parent who can consistently work with them, too. You need to have a firm hand to ensure the dog is well trained and socialized. These dogs are also considered easy to train, as they love to please their humans.

While these dogs are great with kids, it’s never a good idea to leave children alone with any type of dog. In addition, American Bully dogs are known to be brave and outgoing.

As this is a working breed, they do require plenty of exercise due to their high energy levels. Making sure they get enough exercise will keep them from becoming board, which can cause a dog (any dog) to become destructive.

As we said earlier, these dogs make great companions and family dogs. They’re highly loving and loyal, and reputable breeders have bred aggressive behaviors from the breed. Having said that, these dogs can have problems with other dogs. And if you have other pets, you’ll need to introduce your Bully carefully. Your family members should be taught how to interact with your Bully. And you should also teach your children how to treat these dogs properly.

There are many Bully dog breeders who have created great dogs that are loyal and loving. However, some of these dogs are also highly aggressive. With proper training, these dogs can become very friendly and they’re even good with kids. If you have a Bully dog, you’ll need to take the time to train it properly. And you should also teach your children how to interact with your Bully.

When it comes to grooming, you don’t have to worry too much. American Bully XL dogs have short, smooth fur that needs to be brushed about once a week. This short fur does make it more difficult for Bully dogs to stay warm in the winter. They will need a sweater or jacket to make sure they are warm enough when temperatures drop.


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Health of American Bully XL Dogs

Most American Bully dogs live between 10 to 13 years, which is a nice long lifespan. However, they are prone to certain health issues including:

American Bully XL Food: What They Need for a Healthy Diet

So, what does an American Bully XL dog’s diet look like? Their dietary needs are determined by their age and life stage. For example, puppies need a diet that’s high in protein and fat. They need to this in order to grow up into healthy adults and develop healthy muscles and bones.

When it comes to adult American Bully XL dogs, they require larger amounts of food than the other types of American Bullies. Expect to feed your adult Bully about 4 cups of food a day.

These dogs are somewhat prone to skin allergies, obesity and gassiness. So, it’s important to feed them a balanced diet in order to avoid these issues. Some people choose to feed their American Bully XL a raw food diet that includes vegetables, fruits, organ meat, fish, poultry and eggs instead of regular dog food. This way, if your Bully has any allergies, you can cater their diet to fit their needs, and avoid itchy food allergies.

Types of Exercise American Bully XL Dogs Enjoy


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When it comes to exercise, you’ll find the American Bully dog is ready for most anything! They have a lot of energy, and enjoy the following activities:

American Bully XXL and American Bully Pitbull Mix

American Bully breeders have a special way of producing these dogs. These dogs are very muscular and they’re powerful. Their physical appearance makes them intimidating, but their personality makes them very friendly and loyal. The body type of the American Bully is similar to that of the Pit Bull, but they’re much more muscular.

American Bully Pitl mix is a cross between the American Bully and the Pit Bull. The cross between these two breeds was used to create the huge muscular dogs that look like Pit Bulls but are quite different. The cross between these two breeds has given birth to some of the biggest and most powerful dogs in the world, the American Bully Pit.


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American Bully XL for Sale

If you’re ready to adopt an American Bully XL dog, you’ll need to adopt the him from a reputable breeder, or from a pet rescue.

When it comes to finder a good breeder, look for those that are affiliated with the UKC or ABKC. It’s a good idea to visit the kennels to see how the dogs are raised and check their living quarters. If you’re adopting a puppy, then it’s also a good idea to meet the parents and the puppy’s siblings, if possible. A reputable breeder will also be able to provide proof that their dogs have been checked and found healthy by a veterinarian. They should also offer to take the dog or puppy back if things just don’t work out.

When visiting the breeder, it’s also a good idea to ask if they are willing to provide references from previous clients. This way you can talk with people who have bought pups from the breeder and learn about their experiences with the breeder and the dog.

At all costs, avoid buying your American Bully XL dog from a puppy mill. These are run by unethical breeders, where the dogs and puppies live in deplorable conditions. They’re usually neglected and not properly socialized, and they have a tendency to have more health problems due to inbreeding or breeding mothers who are not healthy.

If you’re looking for a rescue dog, then there are some Bully Rescues you can check out including:

When it comes to American bully xl puppy price, they can range $2,000 to $7,000. However, the price will depend. Adoption fees and conditions also vary, depending on the specific Bully rescue facility. However, adoption fees will be quite lower than buying a dog or puppy from a breeder. Plus you’ll be saving the life of a precious pup by choosing to adopt.

For first time American Bully dog pet parents, we found a book that could prove very helpful! It’s called American Bully. American Bully Complete Owners Manual. This book has been written by a professional dog whisperer and dog owner, with the aim of helping you find the answers on how to manage your American Bully dog. You’ll learn everything necessary to make your Bully happy including how to care for every part of your Bully’s life.

If you choose to adopt an American Bully XL dog, then we wish you all the best! You’re sure to have a companion for many years—one who is very loving and affectionate!

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