Akita Dog Price Range

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Akita Dog Price Range

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Are you thinking about adopting an Akita? If so, it’s a good idea first to stop and consider how much an Akita will cost.

We’ve put together some information about these amazing dogs and how much it costs to adopt an Akita. Let’s get started!

What is an Akita?

The Akita is a large dog breed that originally comes from Japan. The dogs were bred to guard royalty and nobility in ancient feudal Japan. However, the dogs were also used to hunt black boar, deer, and wild boar. Any dog that hunts wild boar has to be strong and courageous! Yet the Akita has a noble bearing that fits with their ancient past.

Once the hunters of wild boar, Akitas today have the same spirit when facing a challenge. These dogs don’t back down and they don’t frighten easily. For these reasons, the dogs make excellent guardians and family companions. While they can be fearless, the Akita can also be respectful, affectionate, and a bit mischievous. Even so, these are dogs that require proper training and socialization.

Akitas do shed a lot, so be prepared! They also drool quite a bit. So, be ready to wipe his face as necessary. In addition, these dogs are highly intelligent and can be stubborn. They’re also not very friendly with strangers. So, Akitas are not the right dog for an inexperienced pet parent. These dogs need a pet parent who is experienced with training a dog of this nature.

For the right pet parent, the Akita makes a faithful, loving companion. But bear in mind these beautiful dogs don’t adapt well to apartment living. In addition, Akitas don’t do well left for long hours. They can develop separation anxiety that causes them to become destructive or develop other undesirable habits.

Akitas also tolerate cold areas; however, they should never be left out alone in the cold. An Akita needs to be inside with his family in order to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. On the other hand, these dogs don’t do well in hot, humid climates. That’s because Akitas have a thick double coat, which keeps the dogs warm in frigid temperatures.

While Akitas get along great with pet parents, they don’t do so well with young kids. These dogs don’t have a tolerant nature and don’t like the noise and confusion small kids can generate. So, if you have small kids, this isn’t the best dog for you. However, if you have older kids who know how to respect and treat a dog, the Akita will be a great family addition.

Akitas are not friendly with other dogs, as they may try to be dominant over them.

This dog breed has some specific considerations if you have a family or are around other dogs and strangers very often. However, Akitas can be a wonderful dog breed for the right family!

How much Does an Akita Cost?

The cost of an Akita can vary widely depending on your location and state. Dogs in a state that has high demand tend to be more expensive, as do dogs from urban areas. However, Akitas adopted from a small town or rural area are usually cheaper.

In addition, adopting from a reputable breeder costs more than from a shelter. So, costs can vary widely.

On average, an Akita puppy can cost between $600 to $1,980 from a reputable breeder. However, if you adopt from a shelter, the adoption fee may be between $100 and $300.

It’s also best to adopt your Akita from a reputable breeder or shelter. For one thing, reputable breeders care about their dogs and usually specialize in one dog breed. These breeders truly love their dogs and ensure they have the medical care, training, and socialization needed to make them healthy, well-balanced dogs.

A reputable shelter may have more than one dog breed or even mixed mutts, but they truly care for their dogs. Dogs should look healthy and have any medical treatment they need. In addition, the shelter will be clean, with no dirty water or food bowls, pests, or dog poop everywhere. All dogs should be clean and have comfortable accommodations (at comfortable as is possible in a shelter).

Other Factors Affecting the Adoption Price of an Akita

There are additional factors that can influence the price of an Akita, including:

Purebred or mixed: purebred dogs are usually more expensive than mixed-breeds.

Bloodline & breeder’s reputation: dogs whose parents were show quality dogs and come from a reputable breeder will be much more expensive. These breeders invest a lot of money into their dogs and truly care about their dogs’ wellbeing. So, expect to pay more for dogs with excellent bloodlines from a reputable breeder.

Registration & pedigree: breeders of kennel clubs (such as the American Kennel Club) usually register their dogs and puppies with the club. That costs money, so registered, pedigreed dogs are more expensive.

Health & medical expenses: reputable breeders ensure their breeding pairs and other puppies/dogs have received all the medical care they require. In addition, the breeder may have their dogs and puppies evaluated for different medical conditions. Puppies also require a lot of medical care when they’re young, including vaccinations, microchipping, and more. So, this is another reason an Akita may be more expensive when adopting from a reputable breeder.

Other Costs of Adopting an Akita

In addition to the costs of adopting the Akita, it’s also important to remember the other costs that go with having a fur baby.

Once you’ve paid the adoption fee, then it’s time to pay for dog food, water & food bowls, medical care (including regular checkups at the vet’s), a dog bed, toys, and more. Remember to factor these costs into your budget, too.

Being a pet parent is a lot like being having a baby. It’s great once the baby comes, but there are ongoing costs to consider when caring for your child. Adopting a dog is much the same in many ways. So, be sure you can afford to pay the adoption fee, and for everything your canine companion will need over his life.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! There’s no doubt an Akita can be an expensive dog to adopt. However, if you are the right type of pet parent, then this may be the right dog for you and your family (as long as you don’t have small kids).

Akitas can be loving, affectionate, loyal guard dogs for the right family!

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