50 Yoga Inspired Dog Names

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Yoga is becoming popular all around the world, and is called a practice that helps with increasing both your physical and spiritual strength. It’s a way many people use to stay fit and free of stress.

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Are you really into yoga? Do you enjoy everything about yoga? If so, then if you’re the parent of a new adopted fur baby, perhaps a name inspired by yoga would be a great option for your dog! We’ve put together a list of 50 dog yoga dog names, but before we get to the list, we’ll take a look at the history and practice of yoga.

OK—now we’re ready to get started on our list of 50 yoga-related dog names! Let’s get started!

Yoga Pose Dog Names

Here are some great names for dogs inspired by yoga!

1). Satsag (m): means “selfless service.” This would be an excellent name for a service dog.

2). Japa (m): is the recitation of a word or mantra.

3). Mudra (m): is a symbolic hand gesture that means  “seal, gesture or mark.” This might be a great name for a male dog who has a unique mark of color somewhere on his body.

4). Ajna (m): is the third eye chakra, which has to do with intuition. Does your dog seem to be extremely sensitive and intuitive? This could be a great name for him.

5). Deva: means “male divine energy.” What a unique name for any boy dog!

6). Anusara (f): means “flowing with grace.” This type of yoga focuses on feeling blissful during practice. Does your fur baby bring bliss to your life? Then this is the best name for her!

7). Prajna (f): means wisdom at a spiritual level. If your fur baby seems especially wise and spiritual, then why not choose this name for her?

8). Prana (f): breath is seen as a life-giving force. This would make a very pretty name for a lady canine companion.

9). Vidya (f): means “knowledge,” and would be the perfect name for a lady dog who is highly intelligent.

10). Prakriti (f): is the primary energy that forms all matter. This is a really interesting meaning, and a very pretty name for any girl dog.

Yoga Girl Dog Names

Still looking for the right name for your girl dog? Then take a look at these to see if one is a great fit for your fur baby!

11). Prema: means “divine love.” We know you love your fur baby, so why not give her this pretty name?

12). Satya: means “truthfulness,” which is a beautiful name for any girl dog.

13). Kali: is the Hindu goddess of protection and would make a great name if your fur baby is protective of your home and family.

14). Ashtanga: this is a type of yoga that is based on a series of poses that are done in a specific order. If you have lady dog who needs to have her day aligned with a specific schedule, then this is a great name for her!

15). Mantra: this is a word or sound, which is repeated to aid concentration during meditation. If you have a quiet lady dog, who seems mindful, then this could be the perfect name for her!

16). Samskara: is the purification ceremony that marks a very important event in your life. This name would fit adopting your precious fur baby—what better name could you choose for her?

17). Shanti: means “peace,” and could be a great name for a dog who is relaxed, easy going and gets along with everyone.

18). Pranayama: means “life force or breath extension.” It’s also a pretty name for a girl dog!

19). Sadhvi: is the feminine form of yogi. Does your dog try to do yoga with you? Then this would be a great name for her!

20). Svadhyaya: means “self-study,” could be the perfect name for a dog who seems to understand herself and learns quickly.

Dog Names for Yoga Lovers

If you love both dogs and yoga, then you’ll love these dog names! Maybe one of these will be the best name for your canine companion!

21). Vishnu (m): the Hindu god of preservation; this could be a great name for a dog who is protective and keeps you safe.

22). Dashan (m): means “spiritual vision, seeing, and being seen as divine.” If you feel your dog is a little bit of heaven in your life, this could be the perfect name for him!

23). Sahy (m): is the masculine word for yogi, and could be a great name for any male dog.

24). Satnam (m): is truth as the highest identity. We think this may be a great name for a boy dog who really knows himself and is wise.

25). Tathasthu (m): means “so it is.” What a great name for your boy dog!

26). Dhyana (m): means “meditation.” Does your fur baby lay near you and just watch you? Then maybe this would be a fitting name for her!

27). Tantra (f): means “loom” and is seen as the key to healthy living and awareness that brings you to be the person you are meant to be. This sounds like the perfect name for a dog who really grounds you and makes you feel happy.

28). Devi (f): is the divine mother energy or a goddess, plus it could be a pretty and unique name for a lady dog.

29). Ananda (f): is the condition of utter joy. What a perfect name for a lady dog who fills your days with complete happiness!

30). Samadhi (f): means “union,” and is another very great name for a dog who has become a part of your life.

Here are some more names that are Yoga themed dog names related to yoga!

31). Ahimsa (m)

32). Avatar (m)

33). Baba (m)

34). Deva (m)

35). Om (m): the sound of the universe and symbol of ultimate reality

36). Sivananda (m)

37). Ganesha: the Hindu elephant dog—remover of obstacles

38). Garuda (m): Hindu god of strength and service—a great name for a service dog!

39). Kundalini (m)

40). Ojas (m)

41). Dhyana (f)

42). Shakti (f)

43). Nadi (f)

44). Mandala (f)

45). Samadhi (f)

46). Citta (f)

47). Vinyasa (m/f)

48). Ujjayi (m)

49). Drishti (m)

50). Akasha (m/f)

Quick Overview of History of Yoga

While yoga does involve spiritual practice, it is not tied to any specific religion or religious practice. Yoga is used as a way to connect to your physical and spiritual parts, and develop inner strength through breading techniques, mindfulness and physical exercise. There’s no definite date that we can point to in the origins of yoga, but it’s believed the practice started out over 5,000 years ago. However, there are some experts that believe yoga could even be over 10,000 years old.

Yoga was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India. The word “yoga” was first mentioned in ancient sacred text called the Rig Veda. This text is a collection of songs, mantras, and rituals use by Brahmans, who are Vedic priests. Eventually, the Vedics and Rishis (mystics) documented their practices and beliefs in the Upanishads, which is a work that contains over 200 scriptures. One of the most famous scriptures about is the Bhagavad-Gita, which was written about 500 BCD.

In the 1800s, yoga masters first travelled to the West, where they gained quite a huge following. One of the first yoga teachers to gain importance in the West was Swami Vivekananda, who believed in the universality of world religions. From that time to now, yoga has become a practice more geared to physical fitness, relief of stress and as a relaxation technique.

Interesting Yoga Facts

Here are some fun facts about yoga that you may not know!

1). About 36 million people in the US practice yoga on a regular basis.

2). In the last four years, the number of Americans practicing yoga has grown by over 50% just in the last four years alone!

3). Most yoga practitioners are women—in fact, about 72% of people doing yoga are women.

4). Most yoga practitioners are under the age of 44.

5). Female yoga practitioners are known as “yoginis,” while male practitioners are called “yogis.”

6). Yoga is the most often used complementary health technique used in the US.

7). There are over 100 different styles of yoga!

8). Back in 2016, there were over 52,000 registered yoga instructors.

9). There are currently over 18,000 registered yoga schools in the US.

10). Studies have shown that practicing yoga can slow down aging in humans.

11). Americans spend $16 billion on yoga equipment and classes every year.

12). The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit and means “union.”

13). Yoga is considered to be one of the oldest physical disciplines in the world.

14). Yoga was originally used as a form of healing.

15). Did you know that yoga can work every muscle in your body?

16). Studies have shown that yoga can boost your immune system.

17). Research has also shown that taking a yoga class two times a week can help ease depression.

18). Yoga is also helpful for those suffering from anxiety disorders.

19). Studies have also shown that yoga can help people who suffer with low back pain.

20). Yoga’s also been found to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a truly ancient practice that comes with many benefits. As you can see, yoga can be a great way to help with many physical and spiritual issues of the mind and body. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some facts about the practice of yoga and that you’ve found the ultimate best name for your fur baby!

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