50 Wolf Names For Your Dog

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Do you have a dog that strongly resembles a wolf? Or are you the proud parent of a wolf dog hybrid? Perhaps you’d just like to choose a wolf-related name for your fur baby! Whatever the reason, we hope you enjoy this list of wolf-inspired names for dogs!

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We’ve combed the Internet to put together a list of 50 dog names that would be perfect for a wolf dog, a dog that looks like a wolf, and more. Let’s get started!

Wolf Names in Mythology

Here are some wolf names taken from the mythology of several cultures around the world. These would make beautiful, unique names for any fur baby!

1). Amarok: this is the name of a giant wolf in Inuit mythology. He was said to lurk in wait for humans that went out to hunt alone in the night. Doesn’t that just make you shiver? Still, this would be a pretty name for a boy or girl wolf dog, or any dog that acts or looks like a wolf!

2). Asena: is a female wolf that from the Oghuz Turkic myth. This wolf found a young boy who happened to survive a battle. Asena finds the boy and nurses him back to health. She has many adventures, and eventually is the mother of 10 ten half-wolf and half-human boys.

3). Fenris: is the name of a wolf gold of the Norse, who is a giant wolf. Fenrir is the father of the wolves Skoll and Hati and is a son of Loki. It is foretold in the myths that Fenrir would eventually kill the god Odin during Ragnorok, but then he will be killed by Odin’s son. This name seems to carry a lot of violence with it but could still be a great name for a very valiant husky.

4). Lupa: is the famous mother wolf in Roman mythology that nursed and sheltered the boy twins Romulus and Remus. Lupa cared for them in her den, until the twins were later discovered by Faustulus. Romulus would later become the founder of Rome, and its first king.

5). Warg: this is a type of wolf in Norse mythology, in fact, Fenrir and his sons were wargs. This would make quite an unusual name for your canine companion!

Native American Wolf Names

If you love Native American culture, or are a descendant of Native Americans, then we hope you’ll find a great name for your wolf-like dog in this list!

6). Hemene: from the Nez Perce tribe, meaning “wolf”

7). Tikanni: from the Inuit tribe, meaning “wolf”

8). Kiyaya: from the Yakima tribe, meaning “howling wolf”

9). Amarog: from the Inuit tribe, meaning “wolf”

10). Honi: from the Arapaho tribe, meaning “wolf”

11). Honiahaka: from the Cheyne tribe, meaning “little wolf”

12). Maikoh: from the Navajo tribe, meaning “wolf”

13). Maheegan: from the Algonquin tribe, meaning “wolf”

14). Desna: from the Inuit tribe, meaning “boss”

15). Akiak: from the Inuit tribe, meaning “brave”

16). Micco: from the Seminole tribe, meaning “chief”

17). Alii: from the Hawaiian language, meaning “chief”

18). Kahuna: from the Hawaiian language, meaning “held in high esteem”

19). Yuma: from the Navajo tribe, meaning “son of the chief”

20). Bidziil: from the Navajo tribe, meaning “he who is strong”

Gaelic Wolf Names

Do you love all things Gaelic? Then why not choose one of these names inspired by the Gaelic language?

21). Faolan: means “little wolf”

22). Phelan (m): means “like a wolf”

We only found two Gaelic names, but we did manage to find several Celtic wolf names. Check these out:

23). Olcan means “wolf|

24). Weylyn (m): means “the son of the wolf”

25). Maccon: means “son of a wolf”

Anime Wolf Names

If you’re a fan of anime, then you know there are many anime characters that are wolves. We did some research and found these were the most popular wolf names inspired by anime characters!

26). Kiba: from Wolf’s Rain

27). Holo (f): from Spice and Wolf

28). Moro: from Princesss Mononoke

29). Blue: from Wolf’s Rain

30). Toboe: from Wolf’s Rain

31). Tsume: from Wolf’s Rain

32). Amaterasu: from Oookami

33). Hige: from Wolf’s Rain

34). Tiger: from Monster Rancher

35). San: from Princess Mononoke

36). Frey: from Unbreakable Machine-Doll

37). Koga: from Inu Yasha

38). Grey Wolf: from Kemono Friends

39). Yatsufusa: from Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

40). Yuki: from Sister of Ame

Wolf Names Generator

Are you still looking for the right name for your fur baby? Then why not try out a generator that can come up with ideas for wolf names? This way you’d have a very unique wolf-name for your canine companion. These are also a great option if you love the fantasy genre, such as Lord of the Rings, amongst others. Let’s see what our name generator can come up with!

These names are a good fit for either male or female dogs:

41). Silver: if your dog has a beautiful silvery coat, this could be the perfect name for him or her.

42). Atlas

43). Blitz

44). Rebel: if your dog has a rebellious spirit, then this could be a great choice for him or her!

45). Midnight: what name could be more mysterious for a wolf than this? Midnight could be a great name for lady dog but could also be a great choice for a boy dog.

46). Crystal: if your fur baby has eyes that glow like crystals, this would be a fitting name for a girl dog.

47). Comet: here’s another name with a hint of the mysterious. If you have a boy dog that somehow resembles a wolf comet, then this would be a great name for him!

48). Khan: here’s an apt name for a dog who thinks he’s king, whether or not he’s a wolf!

49). Laika: a beautiful name for a girl dog or a wolf dog hybrid.

50). Queen: if you have a pair of dogs, a male and female, you could choose the name “Khan” for the boy, and “Queen” for the girl!

This finishes our list of inspiring wolf names for your fur baby. We hope you’ve found just the right wolf name for your canine companion!

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