50 German Dog Names and Their Meanings

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Are you the pet parent of a new dog that comes from a German breed? Or do you have an interest and appreciation for all things German? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you have a new fur baby and need to find just the right name, why not choose a German name for your dog?

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We’ve done the research and have come up with a list of German names, and their meanings, that we hope will be a good fit for your dog! Now we’re ready to get started with our list of German dog names for your canine companion!

German Dog Names Boy

Here are some great German names that could be perfect for a boy dog:

1). Alger: means “noble, bright”

2). Alfred: means “counselor”

3). Arvin: means “friend to all.” This could be a great name for a boy dog that really considers everyone his friend!

4). August: means “exalted, revered”

5). Axel: means “peaceful”

6). Bernard: means “brave as a bear,” this name could be a great choice if you have a large dog that resembles are bear.

7). Bruno: means “brown-haired,” which would be the perfect name for a boy dog who has a brown shade to his coat.

8). Emmett: means “industrious, strong”

9). Ellard: means “noble and brave”

10). Ferdinand: means “adventurous, courageous”

11). Felix: means “lucky,” which would make a very appropriate name for a boy dog who has been rescued from a shelter.

12). Hamlin: means “one who loves his home,” this could be just the right name for a dog who loves to stay home, rather than travel.

13). Helmar: means “famous protector,” this might be a great name if your canine companion is one that takes his protecting job seriously.

14). Hugo: means “wise man”

15). Imre: means “great king”

16). Jaeger: means “hunter,” which would be the perfect name for a dog that’s trained to hunt.

17). Keene: means “bold, sharp”

18). Meyer: means “bringer of light,” this name is quite appropriate if your fur baby has brought much light and life to your home!

19). Milo: means “beloved”

20). Otto: means “prosperous, rich”

German Dog Names Girl

If you have a girl dog, then here are some German names that may be just right for her!

21). Ada: means “noble, kind”

22). Annika: means “graceful,” this could be a great name for a Greyhound lady dog, or any girl who is very graceful.

23). Aubrey: means “noble”

24). Beate: means “happy,” which would be the perfect name for almost any lady fur baby who has just found her new fur ever home!

25). Berta: means “intelligent, glorious”

26). Britta: means “strength”

27). Dagmar: means “famous, glorious”

28). Elsa: means “noble,” and this is also the name of the main character from the Frozen movies! If you and your kids love these movies, then this is the perfect name for your fur baby!

29). Greta: means “pearl”

30). Hulda: means “sweet, lovable”

Cool German Dog Names

Here are some German names we’re sure you’ll find cool!

31). Katrin (f): means “great beauty”

32). Liebe (f): means “love”

33). Lotti: means “little woman,” which could be the perfect name for either a small lady dog, or one who is a giant!

34). Max (m): means “greatest,” we’re sure that your male canine companion is the best and greatest dog for you!

35). Ugo (m): means “mind, heart and spirit,” if you feel close to your dog, then this could be a great choice of name.

Unique German Dog Names

Here are some unique German names that could be a great fit for your fur baby!

36). Prinz (m): means “prince,” if your fur baby has a princely manner about him, why not choose this pretty boy’s name for him?

37). Schatzi (m): means “sweetheart,” we know that your dog is a sweetheart—we just know it!

38). Zelig (m): means “blessed one,” what dog wouldn’t feel blessed to finally get their fur ever home and family! What a meaningful name this is for a boy dog!

39). Mozart (m): this name comes from the famous German composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

40). Kaja (f): means “alive”

Best German Dog Names

While we think all German names are the best, we did some research and found some of the top German names for both male and female dogs! Let’s take a look!

41). Derek (m): means “ruler”

42). Adolf (m): means “noble wolf”

43). Baron (m): means a “lower ranked nobleman;” can’t you just picture this name for a German Shepherd?

44). Heinz (m): means “home of the king”

45). Marta (f): means “lady,” if you have a girl dog, and she acts like a high-born lady, or she’s graceful, this could be a pretty name for her!

46). Klara: means “bright,” if you have girl canine companion who is extremely smart, or has a very bright spirit, this could be a beautiful name for her.

47). Lara (f): means “famous,” this is such a pretty name!

48). Ula (f): means “pearl”

49). Ava (f): means “life,” when we get a new fur baby in our lives, they do indeed become our life.

50). Sonje: means “wisdom,” which would be a great name for a lady dog who is both smart and wise.

German Dog Breeds

There are several dog breeds that have originated in Germany! In fact, there are over 20 breeds that include the following:

That’s quite a list of German dog breeds! Most of the dog breeds that originate in Germany are working dogs, but these are dogs that’s we’ve all come to know and love as our family pets, too.

We hope you’ve been able to find the perfect German name for your canine companion, whether or not they are a German dog breed! We wish you both all the best and many years of happiness together!

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