50 Coffee Inspired Dog Names

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Coffee Dog Names

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If you enjoy the brisk smell and the amazing flavors offered by coffee, then you’ve come to the right place. Do you love all things coffee? Have you gotten a new dog that doesn’t have a name yet? Then coffee related dog names may be just what you need to review to find your fur baby’s new name! What could be better than a coffee-inspired name for your new canine companion? We’ve put together some names that are sure to please. You’ll find great coffee-inspired names for both boys and girls in our list! Grab a mug of your favorite coffee and let’s get started!

How to Choose a Coffee Name for Your Dog

Pet parents sometimes have a hard time finding just the right name for their dogs. It may be hard for first-time pet parents who have never had to name a pet before. So, how do you go about finding the right name for your fur baby?

Here are some things to consider before naming your dog:

Another consideration is that dogs respond best to names that are two syllables or less. They also answer best to names that end in a vowel. If you choose to use one of the coffee dog names below, the ones that are short and sweet are best.

Avoid dog names that sound similar to cues, as these can cause confusion.

The final consideration is choosing a coffee name for your dog that can be used in public. It’s best to avoid dog names that have negative connotations and/or are inappropriate to use in public spaces.

Now, let’s get on to our list of 50 coffee-themed dog names and have some fun!

Coffee Dog Names Male

If you have a boy dog who needs a name, this is the list for you. Maybe one of these names will be just the right fit for your male dog!

1). Mocha: this drink is a mix of coffee and chocolate. Two of the best flavors combined into one luscious hot beverage! If you have a chocolate lab, a dog that’s a rich brown color, or if this if your favorite type of coffee, this could be the name for your fur baby!

2). Caramel: another popular coffee flavor is rich caramel. This adds a sweet touch to coffee and could be just the right name for a dog with a caramel-colored coat and a sweet temper.

3). Venti: at Starbucks, they once offered this popular size—20 oz of caffeinated deliciousness. This could be a great name for a large dog, such as a Great Dane, or maybe if you like opposite, this could be just the perfect name for a tiny dog such as a Yorkie or a Chihuahua.

4). Cappuccino: who doesn’t love the rich Italian coffee made using espresso and steamed milk foam? Some coffee houses even put artsy designs into the foam! If you have a taste for cappuccino, or you have a lively Italian breed dog, this may be a great name for him!

5). Brewer: this name is actually the name of the process of making amazing coffee. You might choose this name for a large dog, such as Neapolitan mastiff or even a St. Bernard.

6). Dunkin: what do many people dunk into the coffee? Why, donuts of course! Just like the name of the famous place for donuts, Dunkin could be the perfect name for your new precious fur baby!

7). Breve: this is a coffee that is somewhat similar to Cappuccino; however, it’s made with steamed cream, rather than milk. The foam is thick and creamy on top. This is another Italian coffee favorite served in many coffee places. Sometimes served with a sweetener, many people find it rich enough to drink on its own. This could be a great name for a cream-colored, fluffy dog!

8). Cortado: this is a coffee that originates in Spain and is a highly popular in cafes everywhere. This is a type of espresso, made with steamed milk that creates a micro-foam. In Spain, it’s possible to choose milk that’s hot, cold or even choose condensed milk to make this wonderful drink. If you love all things Spanish or have a dog that belongs to a Spanish breed, then this is a great name for him!

9). Mazargan: this is a type of iced coffee that originated in Algeria but has since become famous in places such as Portugal. It’s made with espresso, brown sugar, lemon and ice. However, you can even find variations of this recipe that include rum. If you’re a fan of this sweet, iced coffee, and have a boy dog who needs a name, this could be a great choice of name for him!

10). Ristretto: this is a type of Italian espresso coffee drink. In Italian, ristretto means “restricted,” which means that the espresso short should be short (not really restricted). This is usually made with less hot water and fewer grounds, making this a sweeter, concentrated coffee. Do you have a fur baby who is short and sweet? This could be a great name for him if he’s a Dachshund, a Yorkie, or even a Toy Fox Terrier.

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Female Dog Names Coffee

If you happen to have a fur baby that’s a girl, then this list has some great coffee-related names for her!

12). Latte: if you order a café latte, then you’re one of millions who love the sweet, mellow taste of this great coffee. It’s mixed with one shot of espresso to 6-8 oz of steamed milk. It’s always topped foam, or without if you don’t care for the foam. In fact, when it’s made without the foam, a Latte is called a “Flat White.” This could be a great name for a lady Poodle, a Chow Chow or even a Pomeranian.

13). Java: is another name for coffee; however, the name truly originates with the Island of Java. When the Dutch first brought coffee to Southeast Asia in the 1600s, they visited an island where they began to plan coffee. You guessed it—the place was the island of Java! This would make a lovely name for any girl canine companion.

14). Kona: this is another type of coffee based on a place. This world-renowned coffee is only grown on the slopes of two volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii. The environment on these volcanoes is just right for growing awesome coffee. It has cloudy, rainy afternoons with little wind and mild nights. The mornings, however, are often sunny. All of these factors give Kona coffee it’s distinctive taste. If you love Hawaii and all things Hawaiian, this could be just the right name for your lady dog!

14). Borgia: when you hear this name, you may think of the infamous Italian family of the Borgias. However, this is the name of an Italian coffee made with espresso, hot chocolate, whipped cream and a little bit of citrus. This might be a great name for a lady dog who is a Cane Corso, a Bracco, or another Italian dog breed.

15). Vienna: this is a highly popular traditional coffee that first appeared in the 70s. This classic drink is made with a combination of black coffee and cream. However, you can also add chocolate and other flavors to this hot beverage as desired. This is a beautiful European name for any lady dog!

17). Sugar: while this isn’t a type of coffee, it is often used as a sweetener in many types of coffees. This could be a great name for your lady dog if she’s adorably sweet, and/or is she’s light-colored. You could also use this name for a black lady fur baby if you happen to enjoy opposites!

18). Chai: while many people think of tea when they hear this word, it’s also the name of a dirty chia tea beverage, which includes espresso. What a pretty name for your girl pup! If you wonder when your puppy will stop growing, search our website.

19). Cocoa: this is another popular ingredient when it comes to making various types of coffee. It adds a sweet, chocolatey flavor that you’re sure to enjoy. This may be the perfect name for a dark brown dog, or for a light-colored lady fur baby if you like to have fun with opposites.

20). Kaldi: this is a name some people may not be familiar with; however, if you enjoy coffee history, you may recognize this name. It’s the name of the person, a goat herder, who is thought to have first discovered the coffee plant and eaten its berries. This is a cute name, also unique, which would be great for your lady dog.

Coffee Themed Dog Names

If you still haven’t found just the right name for your canine companion, we’ve put together another list for all things coffee themed! These are great names for boy or girl dogs.

21). Joe: while this is a simple name, we often refer to coffee as “joe” or “cup of joe.” This might be a great name for your fur baby, or maybe you could use the “joe” as part of your dog’s name. For instance, you could call a boy dog “Joseph” or a girl dog “Josephine.” Another couple of cute ideas would be “Joanna” for a girl or “Joey” for a boy. What about “Bobby Jo,” or even “Mary Jo”? Use your imagination!

22). Vanilla: this is another common coffee ingredient. It’s a great name for a girl dog, too! You could also shorten the name to something like “Nilla,” which could be perfect if your female canine companion is something of a diva. It’s so cute!

23). Lait (pronounced “lay”): this is a word that means milk in French. It’s used in the famous French coffee Café au lait. While it’s a fancy name, it truly only refers to milk in coffee. This would be a great name for a girl or boy dog who is light-colored, or who maybe has a white mark on their chest, tail, or ears.

24). Affrogato: this is an Italian word that means “drowned.” For coffee, this is an Italian beverage that’s a coffee-based dessert. It often includes a wonderful scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato, “drowned” (topped) with a shot of espresso. If you love this unique Italian coffee, this could be a great name for a boy or girl fur baby. For more, check out our Italian dog names selection!

25). Bombon: this is an espresso served with sweetened condensed milk. What could be more rich or tastey? This would be a great name for your canine fur baby—boy or girl!

26). Corretto: another Italian word that means “corrected.” In regard to coffee, the drink is a shot of espresso that’s been corrected with a short of alcohol! What a fun name for a fur baby!

27). Crema: this is an old-fashioned name for espresso. It brings up images of cream and light-colors, making this the perfect, sweet name for a lady dog.

28). Freddo: this Italian coffee is a mix of cold espresso, served in a shot glass. What a cute name for a boy fur baby!

29). Guillermo: this is a French word that means “William,” but for coffee, it refers to one or two shots of hot espresso served over lime slices. If you’re a fan of this unique coffee, then it could be a great name for your male canine companion.

30). Moccona: this is a brand of coffee that’s made by the Dutch company of Douwe Egberts. This coffee is a bland of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, giving the drink a sweet fruity, rich flavor. This is a great name for your fur baby if you love this coffee or enjoy all things Dutch!

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Dog Names for Coffee Lovers

Still haven’t found the right name for your dog? Don’t despair, we’ve got some more names for you to choose from! These names are for those who love coffee!

31). Coffea: this is the genus of the coffee plant—what a cute name for a girl canine companion, who has a lot of energy and a sweet, smart disposition?

32). Cherry: coffee plants have berries, and they’re cherries. Isn’t that confusing? It’s the cherries that contain the coffee beans, which make your coffee! This could be a cute name for any dog who has a red-colored coat, or who is highly active and energetic!

33). Bean: we just mentioned where the coffee beans come from, so next we thought this was a great name. Bean is such a cute name for any dog! Who could resist a fur baby named Bean?

35). Maxwell: do you love this brand of coffee? Why not consider using this name for your male dog? You could even shorten the name to “Max!” How could is that?

36). Kalua: is a key ingredient in some coffees. In fact, you can use it to flavor any type of coffee you choose! What a pretty name for a dog!

37). Melitta: the name of a German company that makes coffee and coffee filters. This is a beautiful name for a female canine companion.

38). Star: OK—you can bet where the inspiration for this dog name comes from. Starbucks, of course! This could be a great name for a boy or a girl dog of any color. Or maybe a great name for a dog who has a star shape on their back or chest.

39). Capucine: this French name means “nasturtium,” and sounds quite similar to “cappuccino.” A cute name for any fur baby!

40). Valencia: actually, Valencia Mocha, is a coffee made with small bits of orange peel and mocha. What a pretty name for a boy or girl dog!

Dog Names Based on Types of Coffee Beans

Here are some names that might be great for your dog—they’re based on the different types of beans used to make tasty coffee! If you wonder if your dog can eat beans, search our website for more information.

41).  Robusta: grown in Vietnam, this coffee has a very strong taste. This cold be a great name for big strong dog such as a Dogue de Bordeaux, an English Mastiff, Leonberger, etc.

42). Arabica: this is a type of bean that’s grown in Brazil and other countries around the world. What a pretty name for your fur baby—boy or girl!

43). Arusha: this is a type of Arabica bean grown in Papua, New Guinea.

44). Bernardina: another type of Arabica bean which is grown in El Salvador. If you have a girl St. Bernard dog, what coffee-inspired name could be better?

45). Bourbon: this is another type of Arabica bean that’s grown in Rwanda and Latin America. This is a pretty name for a girl or boy, especially if you enjoy coffee made with this bean.

46). Geisha: another type of Arabica bean that’s grown in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and Peru. What a pretty name for a lady dog!

47). Mundo Novo: you guessed it—this is another type of Arabica coffee bean! This bean is grown in Latin America and is a hybrid of the Bourbon and Typica coffee beans. If you have a large dog, this is a great name!

48). Pacas: yes, another type of Arabica bean, which is grown in Latin America. It’s a mutation of the Bourbon bean. This could be a great name for a girl or a boy canine companion.

49). Santos: is another Arabica coffee bean that’s grown in Brazil. It also means “Saint,” so if you have a saintly fur baby boy, this could be the perfect name for him.

50). Brutte: this is our final coffee-related dog name, which is the name of a type of Arabica bean grown in India. If you have a boy dog who has an attitude, what a great name this could be for him!

51). Americano: Nothing like that italian classic! Perfect for a golden retriever if you are looking for name ideas.

52). Barista: We all have our favorite coffee shop and a barista that knows us by name don’t we?

53). Macchiato: That traditional cup of coffee is savored by true coffee fans. It counts among the most unique dog names you can come up with!

54). Frappuccino: Among the best coffee names for your furry friend.

55). Keurig: The famous maker of coffee machines could make a great name for your new puppy pooch.

56). Lungo: Nothing like a long coffee even better with Irish cream!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coffee-inspired names for dogs and that you were able to find a great name for your fur baby here, in our lists!

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